Title: We Are All On Drugs

Author: Jasmine Starlight

Word Count: 440

Universe: Hana Yori Dango Live Action

Disclaimer: What, bitch?

Warnings: yaoi. No real spoilers

Pairings: Soujirou/Yuki

Rating: K

Time Started: 12:24 AM 3/13/08

Time Completed: 5:55 PM 3/31/0

A/N: I love them.

It was February, Soujirou hated February, and the only kind of light that filtered through his penthouse blinds was gray. This bastard child of a month was so drab and cold, old man winter gripping precariously with his chilly fingers while an over grown muskrat decided when he was to slip away.

It was February and Soujirou had stopped sleeping in late August. His elite business school had started. The work load was strenuous, the institution elitist, the people snobbish, and Yuki thinner.

Soujirou surveyed his girlfriend's silhouette in the wan gray light. She was currently slipping into the button down shirt he'd worn out of his apartment that day. Soujirou had always been thin. But Yuki had gotten thinner, it seemed.

Yuki caught his eyes and smiled. Soujirou exhaled a ribbon of gray; he'd replaced one vice with another. Monogamy hadn't been a hard pill to swallow but stress placed him in extenuating circumstances for relief.

She climbed back into bed and rested on his chest. Yuki had the endearing quality of listening to his heartbeat post-coitus. His chest rose and fell, dimly registering when Yuki adroitly marauded his cigarette and blew a smoke ring before gingerly returning it to his fingers.

He stubbed his stick out on the nearby ashtray and wrapped his arms tighter around Yuki. She sighed breathily and said: "How was class?"

Subconsciously, Soujirou moved his fingers through her dark hair, "Boring, my professor thinks he's the greatest thing since canned oden. The people in my class make me worry about the economic future of our country with their idiocy."

"Same old, same old?" she asked giggling.

Soujirou smiled darkly, "I guess. I can't wait to get my degree and get the fuck out of there."

Yuki smiled, "How's it going for you?"

"I hate my Feminism in Modern Times class. My teacher's such a—man hating bitch. Everything that has ever happened in the world has been a man's fault."

"Why are taking this class then?"

"It's part of my Humanities requirement." Yuki mumbled miserably.

Soujirou smiled.

They remained silent for awhile, quietly enjoying each other's company.

Their silence was interrupted by the shrieking of Soujirou's alarm clock. Yuki got up to turn it off. When she settled back against his chest she murmured, "It's the first day of March."

Soujirou smiled and tugged his fingers through her waves.