by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenjho Tenge or Ai Yori Aoshi.

Summary: Masataka rescues a beautiful young girl from being raped, only to discover that she is his future wife!



Chapter 1

Iinazuke (Betrothed)

Masataka stretched his neck muscles as he walked through the gates of Todo Academy, still upset at the way his life had turned out.

His big brother thought almost nothing of him, his father was rather aloof and Aya Natsume, his crush, still thought of him as a loser. She still chased after Souichiro Nagi, the spiky blond-haired punk who she was only planning to marry because her older sister Maya had knocked the blond boy into the shower and saw her in her underwear.

Add to that he wasn't sure just what his place amongst the Juken Club was. Maya told him that he was the groups strongest fighter, their strong right arm. And while he wasn't doubting that he could take Bob and Nagi in a fight, he wasn't the leader of their little team. Maya was, and even now that was in dispute because she had beaten up one of the Executive Committee members.

That ultimately ended up getting Maya suspended from Todo, only to later get her reinstated when the case was brought before the Student Council.

It still boggled Masataka's mind how Ryuzaki Tsutomu, the sadistic fire-user who raped Chiaki Kounoike, the girlfriend of Bob Makihara, one of the 'Knuckle Bombs', was still in school after that stunt he pulled. Blowing up Bob's motorcycle as punishment for his serial violence was one thing, but raping his girlfriend was over the limit.

And that was another issue: girlfriends.

Bob had Chiaki. Aya continued chasing Souichiro, much to his chagrin, and Souichiro apparently had a thing for Maya. The only one out of the loop in the relationship game was him.

Yeah right. What kind of girl do I want? He thought. At first I thought Aya was the one, but that was just a crush. Sure she's beautiful and graceful, and has some impressive fighting skills... (sigh) why do I keep thinking about her? She doesn't like me. Doesn't care if I was alive or dead. That thought made him even more depressed, that someone he liked didn't care about him at all. But what kind of girl would like me? Heck if I know. But I guess if I had my way... I'd want her to be kind... and loving... loyal... like Aya is to Souichiro... talented... I guess being a good cook wouldn't be bad... and pretty. Real pretty. A real classic beauty. And traditional. That would actually be a novelty around this place. He smirked as he continued to walk into the Academy.

He paused as he heard a feminine gasp and turned around to notice a young woman on the ground in a form-fitting purple kimono with short purplish hair.

"Are you alright?" he asked as he held out his hand to the girl.

"Oh. Yes. Thank you." the woman said in a soft voice, accepting his hand and being gently pulled to her feet. He froze as he noticed how lovely the girl seemed. "Oh no!" she gasped.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"My hanao!" she said, gesturing to the broken strap on her sandal.

"Oh. I can fix that." he replied.

"Really?" she asked.

"Sure." he said, leaning down to take the sandal from her foot. "Hold onto my shoulders so you don't trip." he replied as he turned around.

"O-okay." she replied, gently gripping his shoulders for support.

While Masataka refits the strap into the sandal he casually talks to the girl.

"I haven't seen a lot of girls wearing a tsumugi around here." he said.

She blushed as she felt her hands dig into his shoulders. "Oh. Well it's always been a tradition in my family."

"Really. Are you starting school here?" he asked.

"Oh, no. I am here to meet my fiancée." she replied.

"Fiancée?" he said, finally getting the strap secured.

"Yes. I was told that Takayanagi-sama attends this school."

He stared at her. She's here to marry my brother? "Oh. Well, if you like I can take you to the Executive Committee office. They're pretty much the admissions office around here. They can direct you to the person you're looking for."

"Thank you kindly." she smiled.

Wonderful. I meet a kind, beautiful, traditional girl and I lose her faster than Aya. And to Mitsuomi of all people. He depressingly thought as he escorted the girl to the office. Least she doesn't hate me.


"Thank you kindly for your help." she said once they arrived at the office. "May I ask your name?"

"Masataka." he said, feeling little reason to give his last name.

"I am Aoi Sakuraba." she bowed. "Thank you again."

Masataka walked away, leaving the girl to find her fiancée.

"Hello." Aoi said as she stepped into the office.

"Hello. Can I help you?" a reddish-haired girl in a school uniform at the front desk said, looking up from her paperwork.

"Yes. My name is Aoi Sakuraba. I am here to meet my fiancée." she said.

"Fiancée?" the girl asked looking up, a little shocked at the inquiry.

"Yes. His name is 'Takayanagi-sama'."

At that Emi Isuzu froze.

"You're here to... marry Takayanagi-sama?" Emi asked.


"Are you sure?"

"Yes. It was arranged by our two families many years ago. I am quite anxious to meet my fiancée so that I may start to serve him as a truly devoted wife."

No. No! Maya was bad enough, but this girl... wait! Sakuraba? That's one of the largest Fortune 500 family's in Japan! She's rich, beautiful and sounds like she's been trained for this her entire life! Mitsuomi will take her in a second! Emi internally growled. I have to get rid of her!

"Uh... Miss?" Aoi asked, wondering why she was grinding her teeth.

"Oh. Sorry. I'll have one of my associates take you too him." Emi said, picking up the phone to call one of the Executive Committee members.


Within a few minutes, a blond-haired young man with tinted glasses and a toothpick in his mouth arrived. He paused as he stared at the young woman in the purplish kimono waiting patiently in one of the chairs in the office.

Well! She looks young and fresh! Ryuzaki Tsutomu thought as he stared at her. Thank you, Emi!

"Miss? Ryuzaki will take care of you." Emi said with a slightly sadistic smile.

"Thank you kindly." Aoi said with a bow to the woman and followed the man out.

Within a few minutes Ryuzaki had lead the young woman to a small secluded area behind the school where he turned around and grabbed her.

"Wha... what are you doing?" she gasped as he reached around and placed his hand over her mouth.

"Very soon... you!" he whispered, his hands struggling to get her kimono off.

"No! Stop! Please stop!" she cried through his hand, struggling in panic.

"Be quiet!" he said as he tightened his hand over her mouth. "You're gonna enjoy this." he hissed, forcing her against the wall and tugging down fiercely on her obi, exposing her cleavage once her Eri was opened and down past her shoulders.

"Help!" she cried, her mouth muffled by his hand, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"No one's gonna come by an disturb us." he grinned.

"HEY! LET HER GO!" a sudden voice shouted.


(A couple minutes earlier)

Masataka was on his way to the library to get a reference book for his class when he noticed a familiar kimono-clad woman walking at the opposite end of the school.

What the... it's Ms Sakuraba. With Ryuzaki?? Uh-oh. Masataka gasped as he remembered what had happened to Bob's girlfriend, Chiaki, at the hands of Ryuzaki.

Dropping his book bag he took off into a dead run towards the pair.

He arrived just as Ryuzaki had pulled open her kimono, exposing her cleavage.

He heard what sounded like a muffled 'help' followed by Ryuzaki saying no one was going to come by and disturb them.

"HEY! LET HER GO!" Masataka shouted.

"What the..." the blond guy gasped as he turned back to see the brown-haired young man.

Masataka-kun! Aoi gasped as she saw the boy who had fixed her sandal.

"Get out of here you Juken lap-dog." Ryuzaki spat. "This doesn't concern you!"

"I don't care! I'm making it my business, now let her go!" she repeated.

"Get lost, or get hurt!"

"Let her go of her or I'll hurt you!"

Ryuzaki growled. "Fine. You wanna get into this, kid, you got it!"

He shoved Aoi against the wall as his fists exploded with his elemental ki-powers. Which happened to be fire.

From her sitting position against the wall, Aoi just watched in stunned shock as both Masataka and Ryuzaki exploded towards each other with incredible strength and speed, unleashing a torrent of incredible martial arts moves that dazzled the kimono-clad woman.

They have special powers? Aoi gasped as she saw Ryuzaki throw what looked like a fireball at Masataka, only to have him dodge it and ignite a tree that was behind him. She was further shocked when he jumped back to the tree and placed his hand over it, a strange wave of energy washing over the tree itself and extinguishing the fire. He used his power to prevent the tree from burning.

Masataka then flew back towards the blond haired rapist, throwing a series of fierce punches that Ryuzaki managed to block, until one of the punches actually got through, connecting with his chin and causing him to stumble backwards.

Masataka didn't stop, however.

"THIRTY-TWO WAY FRACAS STRIKE!" Masataka shouted, landing 32-hard punches to both Ryuzaki's face and body, before spinning around and throwing a powerful finishing kick that sent the blond-haired rapist right through the nearest concrete wall.

Aoi continued to stare, unblinking, as Masataka ended the fight, winning.

His opponent defeated, Masataka raced over to Aoi, who was still sitting on the ground, her kimono draped off her shoulders and just dipping down past her cleavage.

"Aoi-san! Are you alright?" Masataka asked the girl, blushing as he tried to keep his eyes above her neck, which looked tempting enough to kiss as well.

"Y-Yes. I am." she said clearly shocked, but managed to regain herself as the brown-haired boy filled her vision. "You... YOU WERE AMAZING!" she gasped.

"Oh. Thanks." he replied, feeling somewhat embarrassed at her praise. "But are you alright? He didn't get anything, did he?"

"No. You arrived in time." she replied

Masataka sighed in relief as he helped her off the ground. She adjusted her kimono and obi until she was once again presentable.

"Oh! My hanao came loose again." Aoi said.

"Here, let me fix it." Masataka offered.

Aoi smiled as she once again held onto Masataka's shoulder as he fixed the sandal strap. A blush went across her cheeks as she felt the safety that seemed to radiate from the young man.

"Hey, what's going on here?" a voice caught the pair's attention.

Masataka and Aoi looked over and Tawara Bunshichi, the perverted laid-back advisor of the Executive Committee, staring at them, as well as the unconscious Ryuzaki on the other side of the concrete wall.

"What the hell happened?" Tawara asked them.

"I stopped Ryuzaki from raping Ms Sakuraba." Masataka answered.

"You stopped... did you say Ms Sakuraba?" the unshaven man asked.

"Yes." he replied.

"Oh boy!" he said as he grabbed his cellphone. "Wait here a sec, please?"


In less than an hour, both The Juken Club and The Executive Committee had gathered around the wall that Masataka had made using Ryuzaki. The punk rapist had been toted away by the school medics several minutes ago, with the whole Juken Club in attendance.

Wow! Maya grinned as she stared at the gasping hole. Nicely done, Masa-kun.

"Yeah! Now that's what I'm talking 'bout!" Bob cheered after Ryuzaki was carried out. "Way to go, Sempai!"

"Took him out pretty easy, didn't he?" Souichiro asked, glaring at the bloody blond.

"What The Hell Is Going On Here?" Mitsuomi asked once he had arrived.

Oh god! Emi shuddered as the tall, muscular and intimidating leader of the Executive Committee stepped through the crowd of people.

Masataka and Aoi then explain what happened, and needless to say, everyone was a bit shocked.

"She's here to marry Mitsuomi?" Maya gasped.

"And nearly gets raped by Ryuzaki." Aya said.

"Only to get saved by sempai." Bob said.

"She's really cute." Souichiro said, causing Aya to look at the blond boy as if hurt.

"And so I came to fulfill our families pledge, Takayanagi-sama." Aoi said to Mitsuomi, though she felt more than a little apprehensive about this after meeting the imposing leader of the Executive Committee. He seemed rather cold and unapproachable, unlike Masataka who was warm, kind and had already saved her from one of his own henchmen.

"I'm afraid not." Mitsuomi said to the girl.

"What? But why?" she asked, obviously confused.

"Because you're not here to marry me. You're here to marry my brother." he said, looking at the young man still standing next to her.

"WHAT?" Emi gasped.

"Excuse me?" Masataka gasped.

"She's supposed to marry..." Maya started to say.

"Sempai?" Bob gasped.

The intended pair looked at each other, blushing at bit at this.

"You mean you're... Takayanagi-sama?" Aoi asked the boy.

"Well, yes." Masataka replied.

"Why didn't you tell me?" she asked.

"Because I thought you were here to marry my brother, not me, so there wouldn't have been much point in telling you my name since... well, I'm sorry about that." he apologized.

"Do you object to this, Masataka?" Mitsuomi asked.

"Well, yes!" he snapped. "I mean, no!" he blushed, realizing how that sounded. "What I mean is, you didn't tell ME about this! I didn't know anything about this girl coming to see me, and I sent her to Emi, and then she nearly got raped by Ryuzaki, and..."

"Wait!" Mitsuomi said, holding up his hand to stop his younger brother. "You sent her to Emi, and she assigned Ryuzaki to escort Aoi to see me... hmm. Emi!"

(Gulp) "Yes, sir?" the pink-haired young woman replied.

"I want to have a little talk with you." he glared.

"Yes, sir." she shrunk under his gaze.

"Masataka, take Aoi away from here." he said, then turning to everyone else. "The rest of you are dismissed!"

"SIR!" the Executive Committee shouted.

The Juken Club just looked at Mitsuomi as if he was nuts trying to order them away.

"So... I am to be your wife." Aoi said to Masataka as Mitsuomi and Emi walked away.

"Yeah. I guess so." Masataka replied, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly.

Suddenly, Aoi smiled widely, her entire attitude immensely cheerful as her tears of happiness, not fear or sadness, rolled down her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" he asked, wondering why she was smiling and crying.

"Never before have I felt destiny so strongly!" she said as she lunged forward and threw her arms around his chest, hugging him tightly.

"What?" he gasped in confusion.

"For the one who treated me so kindly, who came to my aid and protected me when I was in danger, to be the man I am to marry!" she explained. "It has to be destiny!"

Destiny? Masataka wondered. I mean sure I saved her from Ryuzaki but she just met me, so how can she say that it's destiny? He paused for a second looking down at the beautiful young woman who continued to hug him tightly. Then again... she didn't seem too impressed with my brother... and she is really pretty and nice. Maybe... I should take the chance.

Masataka looked at her again and just stared, taking in her delicate features. Her flawless cream-like skin; her short, silky-smooth purplish-blue hair; her soft bluish eyes that radiated both warmth and kindness; her perfect shell-like ears; her cute little angular nose; her full, soft pouty lips; and her warm, kind smile.

A smile that, for the first time he could remember, he returned.


Author's Notes:

Hope everyone liked this story. I wrote this story as a kind of prototype. I intend for there to be about three or four more chapters, depending on the kind of reviews I get for this first chapter.

Ai Yori Aoshi is one of my favorite manga's, and out of Tenjho Tenge Masataka is my favorite, and rather underplayed, character. So I thought 'How would it be possible to write up a crossover'? The main trouble was 'who would I use'?

I could have used Tina or Taeko or even Miyabi. Ultimately, even though Kaoru Hanabishi is the male lead in Ai Yori Aoshi, I decided to integrate Masataka into a similar role. Though with less troubles than Kaoru faced.

Also, I should let everyone know that I'm writing a bunch of other Tenjho Tenge stories that I plan to post sometime next month, so keep an eye out for them.

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