by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Tenjho Tenge, Ai Yori Aoshi, or their characters.

Summary: Masataka and Aoi get to know each others friends, while Nagi and Bob face the wrath of Miyabi Kagurazaki.


Chapter 3
Dousei (Cohabitation)

Outside on the front lawn of the Sakuraba Mansion, a pair of thugs known as The Knuckle Bombs, were pleading and scraping to one Masataka Takayanagi. The reason shocking everyone who heard it.

"You want to live here?" Masataka asked. "Why?"

"Well... mostly because we got kicked out of our apartment." Chiaki explained to him.

"Yeah. Landlord found out about our fighting and everything..." Bob said.

"I still think that Executive Committee had something to do with it." Souichiro grumbled.

"At least they didn't firebomb the building." Bob snapped to the blond.

"But why here? I would have thought Aya-chan would have offered to put you up at their house." Masataka said.

"Oh, she did, but..." Bob said, pointing to Souichiro. "Lover boy here wasn't going for it."

"Don't Call Me That!" Souichiro shouted. "And she is way too clingy for me."

"I don't believe this!" Masataka groaned.

While this was going on, Aoi and the others were watching.

"So... what do you think?" Tina asked.

"Don't know. But they don't seem too much like trouble." Taeko said.

"But Masataka-sama said they were trouble." Miyabi said.

"I guess we will have to wait and see." Aoi said.

"How exactly did you find me?" Masataka asked.

"Maya overheard that you were transferring to another school and asked us to find out where."

Masataka looked at him skeptically for a few second.

"No." he said, making the pair cringe, like they had been caught. "If the Captain had wanted to know where I was going, she would have asked me herself. You two are here for another reason."

The pair looked at each other guiltily before Bob answered.

"We heard you were transferring to another school, so we thought..." Bob said.

"We thought... you might know a good place to stay around here. But, after seeing where you were living, we figured..." Souichiro said.

"You figured you could just move in here with me?" Masataka asked.

"Well..." Bob said.

"Uh..." Souichiro said.

"Yes." Chiaki said.

"Wait here." Masataka said as he walked back over to the group.

"What's going on, Taka?" Tina asked, shortening his name for the sake of convenience. Her's mostly.

"They want to live here." Masataka said.

"Why?" Taeko asked.

"Apparently they got kicked out of their last apartment." he explained.

"Do you know them?" Aoi asked.

"Yes." Masataka said.

"How do you know them?" Miyabi asked.

"They're members of the Juken Club, the martial arts club I'm also a part of."

"So, they're good people." Taeko said.

"Not... really." he said hesitantly.


"It's a complicated issue. Our captain let them join because we've also had a... difference of opinion with the Executive Committee at Todo Academy as well."

"A difference of opinion?" Miyabi said and just glared at the boy.

"Long story." he said.

"What are their names?"

"The blond one is Souichiro Nagi, the African-American is Bob Makahari. They called themselves 'The Knuckle Bombs'. The girl is Chiaki Kounoike, she's Bob's girlfriend."

"Just how good a fighters are these two?" Miyabi asked.

"Well... Bob's more a Capoearia fighter. Souichiro is more for using his fists and wrestling moves. I don't think Ms Chiaki can fight."

"Are they as skilled as you are?" Tina asked.

"Not really. I usually end up training them."

"Have either of them beat you?" Miyabi asked.

"No." Masataka said. "Souichiro has potential, but he's more a brawler than a serious martial artist."

"I see." Miyabi said, rubbing her chin as if in thought. "And... what kind of people were they, before they joined the Juken Club?"

"You're basic street punks. They came to Todo Academy to take it over. Starting beating up people left and right, until they were beaten themselves. Mostly by the Juken Clubs Captain and me."

At this, Tina and Taeko looked hesitant, even scared, of letting these people stay with them. Kaoru was in the same boat as them. Aoi was also apprehensive, but she felt at ease with Masataka around. If what he said was true, he would be able to keep them in line. Maybe even shape them up.

"Introduce me to them." Miyabi said to Masataka. "The rest of you wait here." she said firmly to Aoi, Tina, Taeko and Kaoru.

Masataka takes Miyabi over to the trio.

"I am Miyabi Kagurazaki, the boarding house manager. Masataka-sama has informed us of your situation. And reputation."

"Reputation?" Bob asked.

"The Knuckle Bombs." she said.


"In order for me to determine if you should live here, or not, I am going to have to ask you to do something." Miyabi said.

"Okay. What?" Bob asked.

"Hit me." Miyabi said.

"What?" Bob, Souichiro and Masataka gasped.

"I want you," she said, pointing to Souichiro, "To hit me, as hard as you can."

Bob and Souichiro looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders, as Souichiro turned back to the older woman, shooting his arm up, striking Miyabi in the ribs.

"OOOMMMPPPPPHHHHH!!" Miyabi gasped, stumbling backwards.

The group gasps, but for different reasons. Aoi, Tina, Taeko and Kaoru gasped that Miyabi had been hit. But Bob, Souichiro and Masataka gasped at the fast she was still standing, and grinning.

"Is that the best you got?" Miyabi asked as she walked over to Souichiro and threw a hard punch to his face, causing him to stumble backwards and trip, falling onto his butt.

"Whoa!" Tina gasped.

"Amazing!" Taeko gasped.

"I'm impressed." Kaoru said.

While Miyabi was grinning on the outside, internally she winced. Damn it! I think that kid broke a rib!

Freaking wench, I think she cracked a tooth! Souichiro groaned from the ground.

"Are you alright, Miyabi-san?" Masataka asked as he quickly went to her side.

"Fine, fine." she said, standing straight so as to give the impression she wasn't hurt at all.

"I'm not sure that's right." he said skeptically.

"What?" she asked.

"You're hurt. I can tell." he stated.

"I said I was fine, Masataka-sama." she assured him.

"Alright, but if you want to, I can heal you later."

"Heal me? You can do that?" she asked, interest in her voice.

"Yes. Let me show you." He said as he place his hand next to her ribs as his hand glowed, sending a surge of energy into her side.

Within a few seconds, Miyabi felt the pain disappear as her breathing started to ease.

"Wha... it doesn't hurt anymore. How did you..." she started to ask.

"I'll be happy to tell you later. If you want." he said with a small bow.


"Didn't think you'd get your ass handed to you by a house manager." Bob said, looming over the blond-haired boy.

"She surprised me!" Souichiro stated. Damn woman's tougher than she looks.


While Miyabi talked to Chiaki, who seemed to be the more level-headed of the trio, another pair of individuals arrived at the mansion.

"SOUI-CHAN!" Aya Natsume suddenly shouted.

"Oh, lord!" Souichiro shouted as the shapely brown-haired girl latched herself onto the spiky-blond boy.

"Honestly, Aya-chan." a young girl with lilac hair of about 4-5 years said as she walked up to them. "You would think that you would learn to curb your enthusiasm when around him."

"Oh, look at what a cute girl you are!" Tina said as she quickly swept the young lilac-haired girl into her arms.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Maya groaned as she was manhandled by the blond American.

"Captain! What are you doing here?" Masataka asked the child.

"Captain?" Tina gasped. "Who, this kid?"

"You mean... she's the leader of your Juken Club?" Miyabi asked.

"Yes. This is Maya Natsume and her younger sister, Aya." Masataka said.

"Younger sister?" Taeko asked, looking at the 19-year old girl and then back to the small child in Tina's arms. "But she's so cute!" Tina gushed as she squeezed the girl like a stuffed doll.

Suddenly, the young, struggling child in her arms started to expand and enlarge, until she was once again a shapely and busty 21-year old woman.

And Tina was still holding her.

"Well, are you going to hold me all day, miss?" Maya asked.

Tina looked confused for a second, then reached her hands up to grab her breasts.

"HEY!" Maya shouted as the blond girl molested her.

"Wow! They're almost as big as Tae-chans!" Tina said.

"HEY!" Taeko shouted.


Aoi had decided to break the tension and invited everyone inside to get to know them. She prepared snacks and drinks for them.

While they waited in the comfortable living room, Masataka was making introductions and telling everyone how they knew each other.

Aoi and Miyabi returned to the living room with the refreshments as Tina and Taeko were recounting Masataka's fight with the 15 drunk punks from yesterday.

The others were impressed, but Bob and Souichiro laughed as Maya held her tongue.

"Why are you laughing?" Tina asked the two boys.

"We're not making this up." Taeko said.

"Yeah! It's the truth!" Tina shouted.

"Oh, I'm sure it is." Souichiro said.

"We're laughing because you actually think that Sempai beating up 15 guys, on his own, is impressive." Bob said.

"It's not?" Kaoru asked, clearly bewildered.

"Not compared to the 80 he beat up a couple months back." Bob said.

Tina, Taeko, Miyabi, Kaoru and Aoi all sprayed their drinks at hearing that.

"HE WHAT?" Kaoru gasped.

"EIGHTY?!" Tina gasped.

"ON HIS OWN?" Taeko gasped.

"Oh, yeah!" Chiaki said with a grin.

"We could barely touch these guys." Bob admitted.

"Heck, we could take em now, but... back then..." Souichiro said.

"Yeah." Bob added. "We got hurt pretty bad by a couple of these guys, but Sempai here takes on all 80 and doesn't even get a scratch."

Aoi just looked at her fiancée with an even greater respect than before. Miyabi was now feeling more comfortable with Aoi's safety in Masataka's hands. The young man was a fiancé and a bodyguard with a small army.

"After he punches a hole in the floor of the bowling alley for us to get away, he starts kicking butt left and right." Souichiro said.

"Beat em all down in less than ten minutes, and still had enough strength to help carry my sorry ass out of there." Bob said.

"Yeah, right before his brother showed up." Chiaki said.

"Slapped him down and called him weak." Bob grunted. "And then big brother got laid out faster after taking a few of Souichiro's hits."

"Arrogant, condescending prick!" Souichiro growled.

Everyone looked at Masataka, who had a fairly neutral expression on his face. As if he was trying not to remember what happened when Mitsuomi had arrived at the bowling alley. He was on the verge of defeating Kagurazaka, his brother's bodyguard, when Mitsuomi intervened and slapped him down, and from behind no less.

He still wondered why his brother had done that.

While the group continued to talk and socialize, Maya had stood up and asked to speak with Aoi.

"Aoi-san? Would you mind showing me your beautiful home?" Maya asked.

"Oh. Of course." Aoi said.

"Is this a good idea?" Miyabi asked.

"Don't worry. Maya is trustworthy." Masataka assured her. "Besides, I think you're gonna be needed here." he said, looking over at Tina, who was now blitzed, and Souichiro and Bob who were starting to get drunk.

"Right." she huffed.

While the pair walked off, with Miyabi and Masataka doing their best to keep Souichiro, Bob and Tina under control, Maya and Aoi walked the halls of the mansion.

"This is a beautiful place you have here." Maya said as she clutched her sword in her hand.

"Thank you. It's one of the Sakuraba summer homes that was not in use. I used to spend time here when I was little." Aoi said, demurely keeping her hands in front of her.

"You're too different from each other, you know that." she said, catching the young woman off-guard with the statement.

"What? You mean..."

"You and Masataka. Forgive me for being blunt and all, but...he's strong, you're soft. He's a trained martial artist, you're a trained wife. He possesses ki-force powers, you possess the taught traditions of Japan."

Aoi said nothing as she continued to listen.

"I know him better than you do, yet you are the one who's going to marry him."

"You... object to this."

"Don't misunderstand my intentions. Masa-kun... is important to me, in many ways. Though I never told him that. But it's more that... you would be good for him."

"Good for him?"

"He's a good person, Aoi-san. But he's been pretty much alone in the world, even though he has friends." Maya said, then paused, shaking her head. "Actually... that might not be accurate."

"Masa-kun has no friends?"

"No real friends. Not people he pals around with, hangs out with, etc. His closest friends are in the Juken Club, and... well, Bob has a girlfriend, Souichiro often finds himself on the other side of the board from him, Aya is completely oblivious to him most of the time, and I'm... well... busy with other matters. And as for his family, let's just say they don't interact with him at all nowadays."

"That's... so sad." Aoi said, placing her hand over her heart.

"He deserves better than he's been given, and I hope you're up to the challenge. Especially since I've seen a side of him that I hope you never do."

Aoi looked at her in confusion. "Never do? I don't understand."

"He has... anger issues."

"Anger issues?"

"Don't worry, it's nothing you need to worry about."

"But you said..."

"Let me explain: several months ago when Bob and Souichiro first came to Todo, they started fighting everyone they could, trying to prove themselves top dogs at the school. However, during their attack, Masataka and I confronted them. I... accidentally knocked Souichiro out of the third story floor of the school down into the women's bathroom where my sister Aya was showering. As a result, he saw my sister naked."

"Oh my!" she gasped.

"There's an old tradition in the Natsume family where any man who sees a Natsume woman naked, she will take as her husband. Aya has taken this to heart, and began to smother Souichiro with all kinds of affection, much to his chagrin. At the same time, Masataka had a crush on Aya, and was pretty devastated when she started showering him with love. Anyway, it was the next day when Masataka and Souichiro met that they get into a fight in the cafeteria. It... well, it was pretty one-sided. Souichiro couldn't beat Masataka during the whole thing, couldn't even touch him, and then he pulls a really cheap move."

"Cheap move?"

"Aya had made Souichiro a bento for lunch, and tried to force feed it to him, so he uses the bento against Masataka, basically uses it as a distraction so he could sucker punch Masataka. That's when things... got ugly."

"Ugly?" Aoi asked, still not understanding.

"Masataka got... well, right before they got into their fight, Masataka told Souichiro that if he could tag him, just once, he'd win the fight. When he used Aya's bento to distract him so that he could sucker punch Masataka, well, he really lost it."

Aoi kept silent, wondering where she was going with this.

"Masataka became so enraged at the cheap shot, that... well, both me and Aya couldn't stop him as he pounded Souichiro into the ground, destroying the concrete and tile floor around him. He managed to snap out of it at the last second and avoided putting his fist through Souichiro's head. But... look, I'm not telling you this to scare you off. I'm telling you this because if you want to know and love him, then you have the right to know all the things about him. Even the bad. Overall, Masa-kun is a good man, not easily upset or angry. He's usually pretty mellow, happy, even... well, even kinda harmless at times. But even he has his breaking point. Push the right buttons and he'll explode like a volcano. And heaven help you if you're in his path of destruction."

Aoi just looked at Maya, taking in everything she was saying. Though part of her couldn't accept that her fiancé was a monster, she realized that wasn't what she was saying.

"So... you are saying I should be aware, but not worried." Aoi said.

"Right. He's a good guy, who needs a good woman in his life. He's the strong right arm of the Juken Club. An anti-weapons specialist with incredible potential. And one of the few people I would willingly trust with my own life." she said with a smile. "Heck, if things had been different, I'd have taken him myself."

Aoi felt relieved that that was not the case.

"I've only seen him get mad like that a couple times before, and even I've never been able to stop him fully. Heck, I don't even think his brother could stop him."

Aoi nodded and smiled at the woman. "Thank you."

"For what?"

"For telling me more about Masa-kun. These are things that he would never have told me. So I am honored to know a little more about my fiancé, no matter what it is."

"And it doesn't upset you?" Maya asked.

"No. You said that Masa-kun is a good man, who you would trust with your own life. And I am sure I would never throw a bento in his face like Souichiro-san did." she said with a smile.

Oh boy! This girl is definitely a keeper! Maya thought as she and Aoi continued to walk down the hallways of the mansion.


Back in the main room, Tina was getting sloshed and trying to kiss Kaoru. Aya was trying to get Souichiro drunk. Taeko was spilling drinks all over Bob and Chiaki. And both Miyabi and Masataka were trying to maintain order.

"Is everything alright, Aoi-chan? Captain?" Masataka asked.

"Yes. We had a very nice talk, but I don't think we got to see all of the mansion." Maya said.

"So... what's the verdict?" Tina asked as she still tried to kiss Kaoru.

"Well... it's basically this. Kaoru Hanabishi can stay." Miyabi said, before turning to Souichiro, Bob and Chiaki. "You three, however!" she started. "I don't think Ms Chiaki will be a problem, but as for you two... I'm going to put you two on probation for the time being."

"Probation?" Souichiro asked.

"Given your reputation you should be glad I am giving you any consideration at all." she said. "There are several rules for this house, and they will be enforced to it's utmost. You break any of my rules and you're gone!" she said.

"But... I thought she owned the place." Souichiro said, pointing to Aoi.

"Aoi-sama does indeed own the mansion. However, the daily running's of the mansion itself, as well as it's safety and that of the other tenants, are MY responsibility!" she declared. "As such, I have final say in these matters!"

Bob and Souichiro looked at the woman, realizing that while they had her outnumbered two-to-one, there was still the issue of Masataka, who was easily a match for both of them. But then again, they knew how tough Miyabi was, so dealing with her would not be easy either.

Also, she was more than a little scary to them.

"Tenants of the mansion will be out of the main house by 10:00 PM. This includes Tina-san, Taeko-san, Kaoru-san, and the three of you! There will be no exceptions!" Miyabi said to them.

"What about Sempai?" Bob asked.

"He is engaged to Aoi-sama, so his situation is different." she said.

"Different? You mean..." Souichiro said.

"He gets to stay in the mansion."

"That bites." Souichiro grumbled.

"WHAT WAS THAT?" Miyabi growled, getting into Souichiro's face.

"Uh... nothing! Nothing!"

"Good. Now secondly..."

The group groaned as Miyabi rattled off a fairly long list of rules that she had established for the purpose of maintaining order in and around the mansion. This included keeping their individual rooms clean, no disturbing the other tenants, no fires, no bringing friends around without checking with her first, no pets unless approved by the manager, etc.

It was a tearful goodbye as Maya had to drag her crying sister away from Souichiro so they could get back to their own home, which was in another town.

Kaoru was given the room next to Tina and across from Taeko in the old servants quarters. Bob and Chiaki shared a room next to Taeko, and Souichiro next to them.

However, that didn't stop Souichiro from acting like his normal self.


Author's Notes:

Hope this update is to everyone's liking.

I've been toying with the idea for some time as to how to bring the two groups from Tenjho Tenge and Ai Yori Aoshi together.

Also, I've added a new plot-hole in this story. That of Souichiro trying to interfere with Masataka and Aoi's relationship. However, I plan to have several 'interferences' in that respect as well.

I'm gonna have fun making his life a little hellish.

Let me know what you think of this.