by Gunman

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Summary: Roberta remembers how her life had come to this.


Chapter 4

Epilogue (16 years later, The Lovelace Compound, Venezuela)

"Ryu, I think it's time we had the talk." Rock said to his fifteen year old son.

"Ooooookay." the young man said as he entered the office. He sat down as his father looked up from his paperwork.

"You've no doubt had sex education and all, but if you do happen to have sex with a girl..." Rock said, pausing to see if his words sunk in.

"Yes, I like girls." he said.

"Good. Anyway, if you do end up having sex with a girl, make sure you don't do what me and your mother did our first time when..."

"DAD!" the boy shouted in disgust. "I don't wanna hear about you and mom having sex! That's disgusting!"

"She broke both my arms." Rock explained.

He stared at his father in shock.


"Do I have your attention now?"

"Wha... how??..."

"Actually she broke my left arm and dislocated my left shoulder."

From the hallway outside the office, Roberta DeCisneros Okajima smiled as she listened to Rock giving their son 'The Talk', remembering back to how her life had come to this point.


Rock and Roberta were married in Roanapur, with all their friends in attendance. This included the Lovelace Family, actually only Garcia Lovelace and Fabiola Iglesias, who flew in to attend the wedding. And Garcia actually glad that Rock was the one Roberta was marrying.

They were married at the Church of Violence, which was seemingly appropriate, with gifts from everyone, including Hotel Moscow, The Triad, The Yellow Flag Bar, and especially The Lagoon Trade Company.

Not that everyone in attendance had always been friends, but it was better to be on Roberta's good side, so they got her gifts. And most of them liked Rock well enough too.

Hansel and Gretel were there as well. Hansel was the ring bearer, Gretel was the flower girl.

Rock actually had a last minute bachelor party at Bao's Yellow Flag Bar which consisted of Dutch, Benny, Garcia, Boris, Rico, Hansel, Leigharch, Lotton, and Mr Chang. Even Rowan "Jackpot" Pigeon attended, though somewhat disappointed that there were no strippers at the bachelors party.

Rock didn't want Roberta to kill him if word got out about that.

It was also safe to say that Roberta's baby shower, which consisted of Revy, Eda, Yolanda, Shenhua, Balalaika, Gretel, Madame Flora, Fabiola and Sawyer, was the only gathering of women that no one tried to crash, for obvious reasons. Yukio, when she heard about the wedding for Rock, sent a gift for them as she couldn't get away from Tokyo herself. (Rock had actually helped to establish Yukio as the new head of the Yakuza, with a strong partnership with Hotel Moscow) Even Janet Bhai, also known as Greenback Jane, sent a gift.

Eda reluctantly joined them, as she was pissed that Roberta had landed the only decent guy, in hers and many others opinion, in Roanapur. Something that she had actually teased Revy that she would do if she never did. And Revy herself was... was still upset about this whole thing too.

Despite her reputation, and past encounters, Roberta quickly warmed up to Rock. In fact he was the only male, aside from their son, who she let touch her. She also found out something interesting about Rock: he was a cuddler. He seemed to crave close contact, hugs and the like, which he never really got from Revy or the others. It was something that Roberta actually wanted to give him, since she trusted him as much as she did Garcia.

But more than that, everyone agreed that they were a good match for each other. Roberta was the brawn, Rock was the brains. She was the fighter, he was the negotiator. They both were skilled at resolving conflicts, though in different ways. In truth, they complimented each other rather well.

Once they were married, Roberta convinced Rock to move to Venezuela in order to live under the employment of the Lovelace Family. Garcia had actually made the offer to Rock before Roberta approached him about it. And all things considered, it was less stressful to the man than anything he had encountered alongside the Lagoon Traders.

It was there that Roberta gave birth to their son, Ryu Okajima.

However, their first two years were fraught with trouble, as Roberta was targeted by a Columbian cartel for a variety of reasons. They actually ended up back in Roanapur where the Lagoon Traders agreed to help them out. They were even helped out by their other pseudo-allies, from Shenhua to Eda, to Lotton, to Sawyer, to Hotel Moscow and especially Hansel and Gretel.

The twin assassins had actually grown fond of Rock and went with him when he left Roanapur. It was Roberta who managed to establish a set of rules for the pair to follow, specifically a 'Don't kill anyone unless I tell you to' rule.

It was difficult being on the run with a newborn baby, and Roberta had actually taken off one night without telling Rock.

Naturally when Rock found out he was furious and did everything in his power, along with Garcia and the others, to locate her.

He tracked her down two months later and verbally had it out with her.

Fabiola had to cover young Ryu's ears due to the verbal bashing that Rock gave to Roberta. Her argument was that she did it to protect her family, but Rock threw it back in her face saying that as a family they had to stick together. The argued back and forth until it finally came down to blows. Rock was actually surprised that Roberta hadn't hit him harder.

The sentence that ended the argument came from Rock.

"I love you, Roberta, so please don't ever run away from your family again." he said as he sat on top of her, tears streaming down his bruised face as he looked her square in the eye.

Roberta promised never to leave her family again.

With everyone's help, Roberta was able to end the Cartels chase of her and resume her duties as the maid of Garcia Lovelace, but also as the wife of Rokuro Okajima and mother to Ryu Okajima.

With the threat from the cartels over, Rock settled into the life of taking care of his family. Under Garcia Lovelace, Rock proved to be a valuable negotiator, lawyer, accountant, and businessman. And his skills were well rewarded by the Lovelace family.

But more than that, he and Roberta continued to be husband and wife, the former guerrilla actually finding a happiness that she didn't know existed.


Roberta woke from her daydreaming as Rock finished up his talk with Ryu, feeling a tug on her dress. Looking down she smiled as she saw her youngest daughter, four-year old Rachael, looking up at her. She leaned down and picked her up, giving her a tender kiss on the cheek.

"Are you alright, sweetie?" Roberta asked.

"I'm hungry." Rachael whined softly.

"Rachael!" a 10 year old girl, Rene, cried as she ran up to them. "I'm sorry, Momma. She got away from me again."

"Yes. She's becoming quite the escape artist." Fabiola said as she walked up to them.

Seeing that Ryu was coming out of the study, Roberta handed Rachael over to Rene. "Fabiola, take them and get something to eat. And make sure River and Ryan remember to wash up for dinner."

Fabiola nodded and followed the two younger children out.

"Mother!" Ryu gasped when he saw Roberta.

"I trust your talk with your father went well." Roberta said.

"Y-Yes." he stuttered, remembering what his father said about her breaking Rock's arms.

"You haven't done anything wrong, Ryu. Don't stutter." Roberta said.


"You have studies to attend to."

"Yes, mother." he said, giving her a quick hug and then returning to his room.

Roberta walked into the study/office where her husband looked up and smiled at her.

"Anything interesting happen while I was in here?" Rock asked.

"Yes. Rachael escaped from under Rene's eyes." Roberta said.



"Just like her mother I guess." he grinned.

Roberta smiled as she walked over to Rock, leaning in and wrapping her arms around his neck from behind. Rock leaned into the hug.

"I had often thought that motherhood would be more difficult than this." she said.

"Five kids are more than most families have. Though it does help that their mother is the infamous Bloodhound of Florencia." Rock stated. "Keeps them in line."

"I don't want my children to fear me." she stated.

"They don't. But after knowing about your past, seeing you in action, anyone would be wary." he explained.

Roberta sighed. "Yes. But I did not want them to see that side of me."

"It's part of who you are, Roberta-chan." Rock said, turning to nuzzle her cheek with his nose.

"Does it make you regret that..."


She looked at him as he pressed his forehead to hers.

"I love you, Roberta-chan. I don't regret anything in our time together, with the exception of you running away from me and our son."

"I still feel sorry for that."

"At least Ryu is too young to remember it."

Roberta tightened her hug on Rock. "I love you, Rock-san."

"I love you too." he said, kissing her cheek gently. "Anyway... what's for dinner?" he asked.

"Roasted chicken and vegetables." she replied, tracing a finger down his chest. "It should be ready in about... one hour and twenty-seven minutes." she said with a honeyed tone.

Rock smiled as he stood up and pulled his wife into a passionate embrace.

As the pair made love in Rock's office, an action that would possibly lead to another child, the pair shared a joint thought at how lucky they were to have such a unique group of children of their own.

Ryu was their oldest, at 15, and had developed a talent for computers. The twins, River and Ryan (girl and boy) were their second and third children, at 12 years old, separated by three minutes, loved all kinds of physical activity, which also included playing in the dirt like explorers. Rene was their fourth child, at 10, and seemed to possess a natural talent/love for learning other languages. And little Rachael, at 4, was their youngest, and already proving to be a skilled escape artist.

Though different in many ways, the one thing that seemed to be a constant amongst the children was that they got their strength from their mother, but their brains from their father. It made them rather balanced, and the apple of their parents eyes.

And yet, even with their happy family life for nearly two decades, many people still considered both Rock and Roberta to be the most unlikely pair to ever have gotten together.

In short, a truly Inconceivable Couple!


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