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"...Do you really have to go?"

The tall purple-clad man turned from before the pile of ivory rubble to face the speaker, a young man clad in red with his


"...Yes, I must," he answered in a calm, deep voice.


The taller figure flinched, having not expected this response from the brunette sword-wielder, not in the least.

"...If a half-elf of Cruxis remains here, the other half-elves will suffer," he stated, "as a surviving member of Cruxis, I must

bear the responsibility for what has happened."

"...I see," the teen muttered, his face falling.

"...It's time for me to go," he stated, "use that sword to send me to Derris-Kharlan."

"...All right," he whispered.

The teen held out his hand, a strange, glowing sword appearing from the air in his palm. He hesitated but a moment, before

his closed his eyes in acceptance.

"All right...goodbye..."

As the older man began to disappear, he couldn't stop the word from escaping his lips.

"...Dad.." he choked.

Kratos opened his eyes, expecting to find himself on the cold, lifeless world known as Derris-Kharlan, where he was to live

out his self-imposed exile. What he didn't expect was to find himself in the middle of a forest along with Noishe and

Lloyd...and he...certainly didn't expect Lloyd's little...alteration.


Kratos flinched from the sudden burst of noise, his angelic eardrums more than taking the wrath of the scream that had

pierced the air.

"WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?!" the voice shrieked.

The Seraph could only gape in a numb shock at the voice's owner, a five year old little brunette boy, whom looked exactly

like Lloyd...

"WHAT HAPPENED?!" the child cried, gaping at his hands in horror.

"Lloyd-?" Kratos stared.

"Huh-? AH!" the boy almost fell over, "D- KRATOS!? What the-!? Since when did you get so tall?! What's going on!?"

"Lloyd, calm down-" he started.


I apologize, Master of the pact.

Both Kratos and Lloyd flinched, hearing the omnipotent 'voice' in their minds.

"Origin-? What happened?!" Lloyd cried, "I asked you to send him to Derris-Kharlan! Not to turn me into a little kid-!"

Something went wrong.

"Noooo! REALLY!" he snapped, his little face flushing.

"Origin, what exactly has gone wrong?" Kratos asked calmly.

Well...it is...I'm not sure if I should explain.

"Huh? Why not?" the boy huffed.

You see...I take commands from the pact wielder, however...your voice told me one thing, but I received a stronger command from


"...What?" Lloyd stared.

Your voice told me to send him, but your heart begged to be with him, that coupled with the word 'Dad' may have altered my

power to suit your true wishes, which I am not certain of, but...

Lloyd blushed bright red, stammering somewhat as Kratos stared at him. His true wishes...Lloyd wanted to be with him...as

a child...? Was it...that he wanted to reclaim the years he lost...? It seemed so, but...but...

"I- I-! Well-!" Lloyd huffed. "Can't you fix it?!"

I would if I could, however, there is a...problem.

"What problem!?"

In your current state, your body doesn't have enough mana to supply such an action...thus, well...

"...Wait...wait..." Lloyd paled, "you mean...we're stuck here-?"

Until you reach your true age, then yes...



Ten, eleven...twelve, tops.

"..." Lloyd fell over, gaping like the idiot he was into space.

I'm sorry, but my connection is slipping, I will contact you when you are capable of using the Eternal Sword once more...good luck.

Lloyd sat there in a catatonic state for a good few minutes, Noishe sniffing him and whining before looking around. Kratos

himself was stunned at this information, after all, they were stranded...well, who knew where? He just knew it was neither

Sylvarant or Tethe'alla, based on the plant life and the fact the usual mana he'd be sensing...wasn't...really mana. It was like

mana, but...something else. That and...stuck here for ten years, with Lloyd...as a child...? From deep within him bubbled

something he could scarcely identify as...joy? He mentally berated himself. How could he find himself happy about this,

whereas Lloyd was...?

A loud bark distracted his thoughts, as Noishe whined and gestured up ahead through the forest. Kratos focused his

amazing senses and managed to see and hear what might be a town...

Well, it looked like it would be dark soon, and by no means could they be caught out in the woods at night, especially with

Lloyd in this state and without his weapon. It'd be best to head for the settlement and pray the locals were hospitable.


Lloyd was still dazing off.

"Lloyd!" Kratos said loudly.

"H-huh-!? W-what-!?"

"Standing around here isn't going to help anything, we should find shelter."

"...R...right..." he nodded, "okay, let's go, Noishe- NOISHE!? Hey, where'd-!?"

The protozoan had ran off to who knows where, leaving the father and son to themselves as Lloyd began to yell about his

'dog' being a chicken.

"Man...this sucks," Lloyd whined.

"...There's a settlement in this direction," Kratos stated, "...let's go."

"Huh? All right..."

Kratos headed off silently, Lloyd following behind him. It wasn't long before the Seraph had to slow his steps for the

struggling 'toddler' to catch up with him, panting.

"...Are you fine walking?" Kratos asked.

"O-of course I-!" he huffed, "a-am! I'm g-" he coughed. "I'm fine!"

Kratos looked at his son, still disbelieving his eyes as pertaining to the boy's form. A child...like the one he had lost...and he

was tired, obviously...he knew that the boy couldn't keep up with him in this state, never...


"W-what?" Lloyd huffed.

"Hold still."

"Huh? Why-? HEY! HEY! PUT ME DOWN!!"

Kratos had lifted Lloyd up and placed him on his shoulders, the boy flailing but to no avail as he found himself on a forced

piggy-back ride.

"HEY! I don't need to be carried!" he snapped.

"Be honest, Lloyd, you're exhausted."

"I am not!!"

"Don't shout, now be quiet, we don't know what's in these woods."

"...Grrr...fine..." he pouted, accepting his position.

Kratos, though he wouldn't admit it to anyone, was ecstatic about being able carry his son like this, after so long...but no, he

shouldn't-...Wait, why not? He was his father, wasn't he? They were stuck here, together, weren't they? Wouldn't

they...wouldn't they have to stick together...as...family? The Seraph's throat tightened, and he forced his thoughts

elsewhere, they had more important matters right now. There was a faint sound near his ear and he turned his head to see

Lloyd's face, his eyes closed and a soft snoring escaping his little body. A rare smile spread over Kratos' face, delighted at

the sight of his peaceful looking child...


Kratos snapped to attention, looking around intently. A small, tiny sound...but a sound, it had been so...out of place, like

whatever made it was making an effort not to be noticed. Honestly, had it not been for his angelic hearing, he would've

overlooked it...

He scanned the area with all of his senses, focusing on pinpointing anything that might be considered a threat. With a jolt

he realized they, Lloyd in particular, were completely vulnerable...unless...

"...I know you're there, if you want something, show yourselves."

There was a silence, then in a large 'poof' similar to the way Sheena would make her appearance, several figures appeared

in front of him.

They were wearing odd uniforms Kratos assumed to be fit for combat, and were wearing masks shaped in the fashion of

animals. He was fully aware of the weapons they had hidden away, which caused his muscles to tense.

"You are intruding upon the territory of Konoha Village, state your name and business," one said, a male by the sound of it.

"...I apologize for the intrusion," Kratos bowed his head slightly, taking care not to take his eyes off them nor wake Lloyd,

"we are merely seeking shelter, we lost our way in these woods and have been trying to find help."

The people looked him over, taking in the foreigners appearance.

"Kakashi," one whispered to the lead, "what do you make of him?"

"He's got a kid with him..." a female said, "and he's unarmed."

"Could be some kinda trap."

"A trap? What 'trap' would wear such ridiculous clothes? If it was a trap, it wouldn't be so suspicious." another hushed.

"True, but his chakra level is...amazing...can't you sense that?"

"Yeah, it's a lot...almost as much as..."

"No, not 'almost', but it's close enough," another said.

"So what? Y'think some demon is disguising himself as a human?"

"Oooh, scary, Kyuubi no kitsune in a purple Halloween outfit."

"Shush, now seriously..."

Kratos, of course, heard all of this and made mental notes. First of all, this 'chakra' they were talking about...he assumed it

meant some sort of energy, so he made an effort to make his mana more difficult to read. Secondly, they called him a demon,

which mean there were most likely some powerful, mythical beings in this world, much like summon spirits. Lastly, there was

'Kyuubi no Kitsune'...if he was correct from what he knew of Mizuho's language (He knew a decent amount, in his years) it

meant something 'of fox'...if he was correct in assuming it was the same language...

"You," the one called 'Kakashi' said, "please state your full name."

Kratos was tempted to steal his son's line but a moment, but he figured there was a time and place for such things, and this

was neither.

"My name is Kratos Aurion." he stated.

"I see, and who is the boy?"

"My son, Lloyd." he stated.

For a brief moment he pondered if it was wise to admit to Lloyd being his child, for it had bad consequences for the boy in

the past, but...

"Where are you from?"

He had no answer for that. It was obvious they were no longer on their own planet, so to mention such would only arouse



"...Is it important for you to know?"


"...I'm afraid I cannot answer that," he stated coolly.

"Oh? Why not?" Kakashi asked, some tension in his voice.

"Because it most likely has never been heard of in these parts."

"Try us."

Kratos' glare intensified, the Anbu getting a vibe of the Seraph's killing intent as they felt their hands poise above their

weapons, both visible and concealed.


Kratos visibly flinched as Lloyd stirred on his shoulders, blinking groggily. The ninja hesitated a minute, realizing that the boy

on the man's back had awaken.

"Uhm...huh? What happened-? HUH? Who're they!?" he yelped.

"Lloyd," Kratos whispered, "keep quiet."

"But what's going on?! Who are they!?" he cried.

It was then that Kakashi hatched one of his 'see meanings in the meanings', otherwise known as his 'mess with your mind'

plans. He signaled a few things to his comrades in a form of sign language used exclusively in the ANBU at high speed and

then nodded. The group turned their attention to the Aurions. Kratos jolted aside just as one of the onmitsus appeared

behind him, Lloyd letting out a yelp as his father evaded the pursuer.

"What the-!?" Lloyd cried.

Kratos managed to weave in and out and around the onmitsu as they attempted to grab them with fluid grace even the

high-ranked ninja were impressed with. Just who WAS this guy!? However, it was then that Kakashi attempted to get at him

himself, only for Kratos' foot to swiftly collide into his gut. The copy-nin went into a short second of shock at the speed of the

attack, seeing as he didn't even have enough time for a substitution. That's it, it was time to stop messing around. They

were taking this freaky outsider down, NOW.


Kratos cursed as he found himself surrounded and in an attempt to evade them he felt shock wash over him. A horrible,

dreaded feeling he remembered all to well, like on that day that...that...


The ninja had grabbed Lloyd.

"HEY! PUT ME DOWN! PUT ME DOWN!" Lloyd cried.

"You...!" Kratos hissed, his voice venomously deadly.

"Make a move, we kill the boy," one ninja said.

Kratos growled, teeth bared as his eyes flashed death at them all. The ninja holding Lloyd turned out to be Kakashi, if he

identified the voice correctly.

"This is your son?" he asked.

Kratos nodded curtly, glaring.

"Oh really? Kid, is he your Dad?"

"Wh-what?! What kinda question is that!?"

"Is he?" the ninja said sternly.

"...Yeah..." Lloyd muttered, still not fully comfortable with the fact.

"Oh? You don't sound like he is."

"But he-! AH! What the-!?"

Lloyd paled, finding a sharp object at his neck, a kunai knife.

"Lloyd-!" Kratos started.

"How about this...we'll let one of you live, just one of you, as a punishment for trespassing, now...will you die? Or..."

Kakashi pressed the knife closer, Lloyd sweating.

"Or will he?"

"Get that thing away from him," Kratos stated immediately, "take my life if you so wish, but...don't hurt him...I..."

Lloyd's wide, fear-stricken brown eyes looked at him, helplessly, as they had all those years ago. Kratos almost lost his

strength to stand, his mind flashing back to...then...he had been useless to save his love, and he had lost his child...he

would never...ever let that happen again... Kratos slowly did something that shocked his son beyond all belief, the Seraph

got down onto his hands and knees, head hung low.

"...I beg of you..." he whispered.

"...Dad..." Lloyd whimpered, eyes tearing up.

"...Well! That settles that!"

Before Lloyd could asked, Kakashi had gently placed him on the ground and put away his weapon, whistling cheerfully.

"W-what the-?! WAIT! What's going on!?" Lloyd cried.

"That proves he's the kid's dad," Kakashi said to the group, "if he says he's trying to find shelter for his kid, I damn well

believe him."

"..." Kratos looked at him, expressionless.

"W-wait! So you mean that was a test?!" Lloyd shouted.

"Hey, smart kid," Kakashi laughed, "I guess you could say that..."


Kakashi simply smiled behind his mask as Kratos held his son back, preventing the brunette from 'smashing the freak's mask

into his skull'.

"We'll take you to our village, our leader will decide what to do with you there."

"...Thank you," Kratos stated simply.

"YOU'RE STILL A JERK YOU-!" Lloyd ranted.

"Spirited tike, isn't he?" Kakashi commented.


"Lloyd, calm down," Kratos stated calmly.

"CALM DOWN!? After he just?! ARGH!"

Kratos sighed as he got to his feet, picking his still protesting child up and setting him on his shoulders as he turned to face

the Anbu whom had been watching with amusement.

"I must say, Kratos-san, you did pretty damn good for some random guy against five ANBU...that'd be elite ninja, if you're

not familiar with the phrase..."

"...I had some experience in combat," Kratos stated simply.

"Some?" Kakashi stated flatly, rubbing his gut to accent the word.

"...I would apologize, but after you threatened my son..."

"All right, all right, I deserved it..." the nin rolled his eyes behind the mask, "...well, come on, we'll take you to the village."

Kratos' eyes locked on the onmitsu's back as he turned, all the while Kakashi frowned under his mask. This Kratos guy was

definitely more than he seemed...

It was only several more minutes through the woods when they came into view of the village hidden in the leaves, Konoha.

Lloyd gaped up at the walls, having only seen such in Meltokio before this, and finding his attention drawn to the mountain

in the back which appeared to have faces carved into it.

"Wow, Dad!" Lloyd gasped. "Check that out!"

"..." Kratos examined it briefly, then went back to following Kakashi.

The father-son pair walked through Konoha behind the Anbu and in front of a couple others, sandwiching them in to keep

them from doing anything funny. The little entourage earned the stares of many a villager, not only because of the platoon

on elite-nin, but the strangely-clad man walking in between them with the toddler perched atop his shoulders. Lloyd was all

but in awe, amazed by the strange looking buildings and signs that made up the village streets. That and the people

walking by with headbands with some kind of marking on them and vests, they seemed strange...

"Hey, Dad! Look over there!" Lloyd grinned, pointing at a place called 'Ichirakus'. "They sell some kinda food there! Could we

get some later? It smells really good."

"Perhaps later," he said, keeping alert for anything suspicious...that wasn't them.

After a minute he spoke up.

"So where exactly are we going?" he asked.

"To the Hokage, our village leader," Kakashi stated, "he'll be the one deciding what to do with you two...and by the way, did

you see a large eared dog-like thing while you were in there? Green and white?"

"That's N-!" Lloyd started

Kratos covered his mouth.

"Yes we did, actually...why, did it cause any damage?"

"No, it's just creatures like that are very...strange, even around here," Kakashi stated, "would you happen to know anything

about it? Hm?"

Kratos didn't answer.

"All right then," the ninja sighed, "the Hokage office is up ahead..."

As they continued to travel through the village with Lloyd observing from his father's shoulders, his short attention somehow

caught on a person. As they passed an alleyway this kid looked at them. He was about Lloyd's (new) age, a kid with a

messy mop of brilliant blond hair and wide blue eyes. What maybe drew his attention were the marks on his cheeks that

looked like whiskers...and the way he was looking at them. Everyone they had passed had sent a look of suspicion and

curiosity, fear, even, as a result of Kratos' intimidating stature. This little one looked curious, yes, but also...what kind of look

was that? The kid looked sad...but...Lloyd didn't know, there was just this look in his eyes that looked...hopeful? Yet at the

same time the kid looked as if he was expecting someone to hit him any moment, by the way he kept flinching and glancing

around. When the blond noticed Lloyd's focus, he yelped and ran off as if had been caught doing something wrong... The

brunette frowned.

"...Dad, who was that kid?" he whispered to Kratos.

"..." he frowned.

"Well, here we are."

They had arrived at the office.

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