Legacy of Hate

Raised by you, You made me. In your shadow"- Legacy of Hate by Fight

Philadelphia 1999

Sixteen-year-old Sam paced the sterile white hallways, glancing between the close operating room doors and the emergency room exit to the outside world. In truth he only glanced at the exit out of courtesy, but his primary concern was for his brother, who was an hour in surgery already, and not whether John and Bobby received the message Dean had been seriously hurt. At the moment, only the striking odor of disinfectant and the annoyance of the solid wood doors with no opening for him to peer inside kept him on his feet.

The battle had been tougher than either brother thought and he had never seen Dean covered in so much blood. Sam damned his failing of realizing how bad a true Gremlin would be- beyond vicious and feral.

Wishing the monster to be like the ones from the movie, Sam would have preferred the short and cute versions in comparison to the real thing. But, Sam didn't really care about the practices of this demon, this creature, or that. The Gremlin was dead now and Dean might be next in line for that fate.

Whirls of what it would feel like without Dean began, but when a nurse burst from the doors, they stopped. Sam resisted the urge to ramble a million questions, while he gravitated towards the woman. She was obviously tired, but her plump face shone sweetly, like the stereotypical image of a grandmother who bakes pies. Her eyes were kind as she asked for the family of a patient. "Winchester?"

"HERE!" Sam said, almost standing next to her now. "My brother is he..."

"He's holding in there. We gave him a blood transfusion, but the doctor has ordered more. There is a bleeder in his abdomen that we can't find yet. The doctor is repairing the damage as quick as we can. I'll update you again when I can. "

"OH GOD! He has to be okay! I need to help, let me talk to him."

"Why don't you go downstairs and donate blood. He has a rare blood type and he may need more soon. You might be a match for him given that your siblings"

"Yeah... uh…yeah…" He said on autopilot, staring at the closed doors that blocked his view of Dean.

"If anything happens, I'll find you. My name's Kat. You can ask for me. Your brother is in great hands. Dr. Marcus is the best surgeon on staff and our patient is quite the fighter. Go on. You will do yourself good to take a break. This is going to take a while.


An hour later...

The sticky piece of medical tape hissed from the hundredth pull off Sam's flesh. Just as quickly he pushed the tape back over the cotton ball at his elbow and yanked again. Kat had visited him a few times, but for the last half hour, he was alone. Staring down at the bandage from his blood donation, he still waited for John and Bobby and news about Dean.

Finally, Kat came from the room with a doctor closely following her footsteps. "Sam, this is Dr. Marcus."

"Dean?" He said in a way that had a please don't let this be FINAL news.

"He's going to make it. A bit worse for the wear and pain, but he pulled through. We gave him four pints of blood and will get him on massive pain killers when he comes round in recovery."

"Thanks Doc!"

"You're welcome. Kat will get you set up and take care of getting a room for him. If you have any questions, I'll be on call for at least a few more hours." Dr. Marcus shook Sam's hand and turned his attention to the next patient that awaited him in the ER.

"Once he is more stable, we'll get him a room. I'll let you know when and where, so you can be there. Breathe, Sam. He's going to be fine.

Sam sighed. "Guess you were right about the donation. Dean needed it after all."

A frown drew on Kat's face. "It was wonderful you gave blood, but you should have told me you had such different blood types. Stepbrothers or adoption?"

"What? No, you're mistaken. Dean and I are full brothers."

She blushed feeling sheepish, awkward, and regretful. "Oh Dear. I'm so sorry. You didn't know did you? I hated to be the one to break it to you. "

"BREAK WHAT? It's a mistake."

"I'm afraid it's not. You can't be full brothers. You may share one parent but not two. You blood types show that is impossible. You can have a different mother or father. I'm so sorry I didn't know you weren't aware. Please forgiv…"

"It's okay." Quietly he added "You're wrong… Dean's my real brother."

"Of course." She smiled, thinking blood didn't make them less family. "I'll get you soon. He's fine and will need to rest for a few days. Take care." She added and exited feeling ashamed she had to tell the young man something so shocking after this night.

"SAM!!" He heard his father's voice, but not the way John had just banged and stomped through the door. "Sam?" He asked in a smaller voice.

"Uh... sorry sir." Sam said absently.

"Boy, you better sit down before you fall down," Bobby suggested.

"No, I'm okay. Really. He pulled through." Sam took a deep breath. "We can see him once he is settled in."

"What happened!?" John demanded. "How bad were the injuries? When…"

"We can cover that later," Bobby prompted. "Let's just wait to see Dean. Plenty of time for stories later..." Bobby lowered his voice. "….when we are in a less public place. John, you want to grab us some coffee. I think we all could use some high octane."

"You're right. I…." John admitted as worry etched over his face when he thought of Dean. "Sorry, Sam."

"It's fine. I'm worried too."

"Be right back with those Joes," John said as he spotted the sign with directional arrows to the vending machines.

"So, you sitting or what?" Bobby offered humorously.

"Bobby?" Sam said deadpan.

"What's wrong!?"

"The nurse said something… It can't be true, but Dean and I…"

"Thought you said he was going to be okay?"

"He is. She said there's no way Dean and I come from the same parents. We are full brothers… and I…what if…"

"Whatcha talking about" Bobby announced boisterously. "You two are like Frick N Frack. A pair of numbskulls."

"I'm serious. Do you think…. I mean I gave blood…..And she said our blood types prove it is not even a possibility that we share the same parents. Am I Dad's? Dean? Do you think he would lie to us about that? I mean Mom was…"

"One thing I know- you and Dean both were born from Mary. John has 2 sons. So you tell me. Nothing will change that. I'm sure it was some mix up and you don't need to worry. Let's get Dean well and sort out some random blood test later. Dean needs you right now, so doubt isn't an option. You'll need to watch over him a bit when you get back on the road."

"You're right. I'm sure Dean belongs to Dad. He is a fighter like him, so he has to be related."

"And you got John's hard head!"

"Sometimes," Sam admitted.

"Most times," Bobby countered.


Later in Dean's hospital room…

With his head jutted back against the wall, Sam slept in the chair next to Dean's hospital bed. While John and Bobby opted for the foot of the bed, both hunters knew it was only fitting to give Sam that place of honor tonight. Dean snored softly, garnering the attention from the seasoned hunter, who shifted uncomfortably in side chairs.

"Hmmph" John mused. "It's always strange and nice to see them so calm. Kinda a moment of perfection."

"Not too long. Sam found out something today." Bobby's tone was somber and grim.

"Don't be so cryptic. I'm sure it's not that serious."

"He knows he and Dean can't be full blood brothers. Stupid ass blood donation he gave!"

"Did you tell him?"

"No, but I wanted to. I covered for you, but you need to tell those boys the truth. Tell them about the real father of…"

"They belong to me… Both since they were born. Since I held them…loved them. That's the truth."

"Don't mince words with me. You know I'm not trying to take away your mantle of fatherhood, but your blood doesn't course thorough both veins. Let them hear it from you."

"One day... maybe… just not now…When they're older."

"Sam's sixteen. Dean's twenty. I think they were official grown."

"They're my boys forever. That's all. My Dean. My Sam. Nothing will ever change that."


Author's note: Hope you enjoy this bit of fic that would never happen on the show. Just an idea that floated in my head for some time. Please review even if you hate the idea. As alway, thank you! Thank you! Winchesters ROCK!