Title: Trust

Title: Trust

Author: Chocolatequeen

Rating: K

Series: I'm writing a series of one shots from Robert's point of view called Moments. Each one will be a moment when something Giselle said or did changed him.


The steady breathing next to him told him Morgan was asleep. Once she'd realized he was going to let "the princess" stay, it had been easy to get her to dreamland. If only he could sleep as easily.

He didn't know what made him do it. One minute he was on the phone, trying to get a car for her and the next he was staring at her, something strange clenching in his gut. It must have been the thunder, he told himself. No one with a shred of decency would have sent a single woman back into the storm without knowing she had a place to stay, preferably something a little more secure than a meadow or a hollow tree.

But that didn't explain the warmth he'd felt watching her sleep on his couch. There was just something about her… something innocent that he wanted to protect. What was more; he liked the feeling that she needed his protection. Nancy didn't need him to protect her—she was a strong, independent woman who could take care of herself. That was one of the things he admired about her, but he couldn't deny it had been nice to be needed.

And Giselle had counted on him. She'd slept quietly on while he'd called the taxi company to come take her away. Not for a moment had she contemplated that he wouldn't welcome her and shelter her.

It was her trust that changed his mind, he realized. In his world, especially in his work, he saw far too little trust, and he wasn't willing to break that which had been given to him. She was too naïve for her own good and someday, someone would hurt her and she would learn exactly what the real world was like. He wasn't going to be that someone though. In fact, he'd do whatever he could to keep her sweet… innocent… and trusting.