A/N; Each chapter will be labeled with what pairing I wrote. So, feel free to skip the pairings you don't wish to read. This first chapter is Kaidan/Female Shepard, and the rest will be properly tagged. PG-13 for suggestive themes.

I: Kaidan/Female Shepard/The beginning of breaking the Rules.

"Oh Kaidan, that feels good."

Jane Shepard moaned, her eyes were closed as her officer rubbed her down with special asarian love oil purchased from one of the merchant shops. Kaidan's hands were magnificent: strong, rough, but surprisingly soft. She believed this was due to his tinkling at the orange monitor all day, sweating under the lights and closed in space.

She turned her head to see, her eyes were half closed now, just so she can watch her crewman through thick lashes.

"Commander," Kaidan murmured, "I've never, oh god, Shepard, you're…what a woman you are." Then he coughs, "I mean, I'm sorry, I didn't mean."

Jane laughed good-naturedly, "Relax, I'm not going to write you up. As you can see, you're in my room, giving me a massage. Now what would be the harm in that?"

"You're right." He sighed; releasing a breath; his hands had paused for a bit then continued the caring ministrations on her slender strong back.

"Do you think," Kaidan asked hesitantly, "that this is wise, Commander? I mean you and me, alone…"

She turned around completely, giving him a straight stare, "Lieutenant, stop. You and me are past protocol don't you think?"

"I know but…we haven't, um, we haven't really gone that far. I mean, things are great between us but, we haven't really done…"

He looked adorable to Shepard right there, the way he flustered and stammered. She reached over and cupped his face with her palm. He leaned into it automatically, softly easing into the heat of her hand.

It was his turn to close his eyes, "Jane…"

She took this as a sign that he was ready and leaning in, her lips touched his.

He was not altogether surprised, and her lips felt good and she knew what she was doing because he was being pushed back into the bed, where the sheets were starched and cleaned, pressed and untouched. Until now.

Jane lay atop him, full bodied, molding hers into his, and he almost released a blissful sigh, one of those sighs that ached into her mouth. His hands which were partially oiled--filled with the scent of asari sensual healing--reached eagerly to hold her, feeling the side of her body and along the lines of her curves.

They were finally kissing and Kaidan's world seemed to reel topsy-turvy, precariously on the edge of no return. The pleasant sounds of a kisses in the contained asari-oily-sensuous air, agreeably so, kept him fervently pursuing more as his own tongue sought hers.

She was the leader, his leader, and even now, Shepard still called the shots.

"Commander, you're wanted on the bridge, we're about to land."

It was Joker's voice over the intercom. And Shepard moved back, easing her body away from Kaidan's.

He cleared his throat, "Joker's waiting for you at the bridge."

"Yes, yes. I know." There held disappointment in her voice, "We'll talk again, Kaidan."

"I'd like that….ma'am."

Jane adjusted herself. Taking the blue shirt and pulling it down over her head and over her near nude body. She had just allowed Kaidan to massage her back while having her shirt off. Kaidan released a sigh, because he'd like very much to see more of Commander Shepard. But seeing her in her bra was more than enough for him. Perhaps she allowed this because she trusted him not to do anything. He kept swallowing too, and darted his eyes away from her dressing procedure.

Before she headed out to the door, she turned, half smiling not without a little wicked gleam in her eye. "Um, you're in my room?"

"Oh..oh yeah.." He moved a little. "I'm sorry; it's just that…I um…" Kaidan glanced over between his legs, parted on the bed. His dark pants contrasted with the soft lighting from above the bed.

Jane nearly rolled her eyes, chuckling, "All right. You can wait it out until...and until then, I expect to see you at the bridge as well."

"I- I…" Kaidan wanted to kick himself for sounding like a stammering fool, "I just want you to know that whatever happens, I'm in it for the duration."

She grinned maddeningly, "I bet…."