(KAI) They probably spend too much time together, as it is.


Tezuka watched, with no sense of alarm, the Seigaku Regulars' favored doubles team tumble together on to the picnic. Room had apparently been set aside for this precise event, and Fuji laughed that strange laugh of his as Eiji kissed Oishi squarely on the mouth.

There was a pure, childish happiness in it, from Eiji's smiling eyes and the fall of Oishi's hands on the red-head's lower back- relaxed in spite of having been tackled upon arrival.

Tezuka, in a small way, smiled as well, setting down the chilled watermelon he had rescued, in its bag, back on to the edge of the checkered blanket.

The gathering was now complete, with Inui, Kaido, and Taka arranged in their folding chairs around a bizzarre game of Chinese checkers. Nearby, Fuji arranged and re-arranged the picnic items, trying to find the most spacially logical and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of food and bodies.

Oishi and Eiji, of course, had come up from Eiji's "Oishi is here!" fly, and were now lobbing a ball back and forth in a close patch of shade. On the other side of the blanket, kitty-corner to Fuji, was Ryoma and Momoshiro. The former of whom had fallen asleep, completely sprawled across Momo's lap, as the older read from a book and absently rubbed Echizen's back.

The Seigaku tennis captain sat on the last side of the blanket, feeling inexplicably relaxed, and accepted the water bottle Fuji handed him- with that strange smile Tezuka feared he was growing accustomed to.

His eyes swept over the group again- Inui was patting Kaido's hand and judging by Takashi's chagrin-filled smile, they had just both lost spectacularly to Sadaharu.

A low hiss of resignation issued between Kaoru's lips, and Inui, unexpectedly, laughed outright.

While Inui and Kaido then went head-to-head, Kawamura moved to the picnic, eating a chip with surprising delicacy, and offered a shoulder-rub to Shuusuke, who readily turned his back and leaned into one of Takashi's nearly-famous massages.

Tezuka couldn't feel jealous: he'd been on the receiving end of Taka's capable hands, and had admittedly turned to putty within minutes. But he couldn't help but feel like Fuji and Kawamura made a handsome couple, nonetheless...

And with thoughts like these, he realized what a strange club this really was.