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Summary: Someone from a doctor's past shows up at County's doors, but what will happen when that doctor is no longer working there?

Part 1: Going Home

That was it. She had enough. Her "mother" had taken her last straw and she was done. No man in her life since she was six, she decided to leave. She could no longer handle her mother's drug abuse that she had been dealing with since she was six. She was a thirteen-year-old girl having to live her life as a responsible adult.

She did well in school. She got straight A's. She was taken some advanced classes hopping it would help her later in life. She got lucky when she was able to get a job delivering newspapers in New York City where they had lived. They lived in a poor area. It wasn't a safe place for a thirteen year old to be. She took the bus to school in the north side of the city at a private school that was paid for by her aunt.

Her mom would stay out days at a time getting high. Her memories of the happier times when her mom was clean plagued her at night, and she would wake up in sweat and tears. They lived in Phoenix when her mom was clean. They were a happy, normal family of four. Her, her mom, Joe and her Aunt, they were a family.

They were normal parents. Her mom, being clean, had a part time job as a secretary at the local high school. Joe was a cop. He took her to work sometimes. Joe was her dad, but since the nasty divorce, he was no longer dad. They all took turns taking her to school and picking her up while Aunt Suzie played doctor at work. At home they would all eat dinner together. The four of them. Sometimes even one of Aunt Suzie's friends would come. But they were a family, and now at night, she would try to remember, because it brought some peace and even a little hope.

One of Joe's buddies called up one day. She never met him. He talked to Joe a lot. He was also a cop, but he lived in New York City. She would remember when her mom and Joe told her they were moving to New York City that night. Joe's friend got him a job as a cop there, so off they went. They had packed up the house with the help of Aunt Suzie who was also leaving. Her mom fought with her Aunt about the living situation. Her mom promised to stay clean, but knowing her history, her aunt was reluctant to not follow them again. After Joe persuaded her aunt not to follow them, they left Phoenix for the train station.

Aunt Suzie's train left fifteen minutes before there's would. As the train whistled and started moving away her aunt called out to them saying she loved them. She made my mom promise once more to stay clean. At six years old, she chased the train as far as she could, which was not far. Her aunt was going home, and they were going to their new home with a new school, new friends, and a bright future.


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