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Summary: Someone from a doctor's past shows up at County's doors, but what happens when that doctor no longer works there?

Hold Me Tight

She looked up as she stared at the emergency room doors from the ambulance bay. Her knuckles had begun to turn white from clutching her drawstring bag so tight. Her nerves continued to rise as she felt her hands begin to shake violently yet unnoticed by the other people walking in and out of the hospital.

She had been standing out in the bay for at least ten minutes although time was not kept. She was lost in her thoughts and nerves. She continued standing there. Standing there. She was trying to picture her hand rushing her into that same E.R. all those years ago when she was still a small child. It was during her aunts intense residency and while her mom abandoned her. Now she was older. She hoped she could be strong, but her fears were overwhelming her.

An ambulance had pulled up while two doctors and a nurse rushed to meet them. Suzie still stared at the entrance not moving from that same spot. She took a deep breathe in trying to control the shaking. It was no use because her knuckles only clutched the bag tighter.

She kept telling herself, over and over, to just do it. Susan was her aunt. There was no way she would abandon her. If she was able to take care of her drug-addicted mother, she should be able to meet her Aunt again. She took one more deep breath and took small little baby steps towards the door. As she slowly moved closer she shook a little more violently. She continued taking slow deep breaths. She reached out her arm and pushed the button to open the doors. She took smaller steps but she eventually reached the admit area. A nurse with straight brown hair saw her and quickly came towards her. Suzie was oblivious to this as she was stuck inside her own thoughts and fears. She heard a voice from the distance, but it was the nurse trying to talk to her.

"Hi, I'm Nurse Taggart. What's your name?" Sam Taggart reached her hand out to the shaking girl. The nurse always saw young kids come in without parents and was already waiting to hurt her parents. The E.R. was not a place to dump kids.

"I'm Suzie." She was shaking violently. Sam barely heard her whispered name. Suzie was barely audible to herself.

"Hey Suzie, where are your parents?" Even through her fear, Suzie did not want to explain her situation to some random nurse. Suzie tried to gain even the slightest increase in confidence. She took two slow breaths in and slowly blew them out before responding to the nurse.

"My Aunt works here." Sam smiled with more understanding. She could understand that her parents would drop her off. She could also understand why the girl standing before her was so scared. Hospitals are scary places.

"Alright then. Let's try to find her. Whose your Aunt?"

"Susan Lewis." Sam stopped abruptly. Suzie was confused and more nervous. The nurse was giving off a bad vibe. Suzie felt it as soon as they stopped. "Is something wrong? Where's my aunt?"


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