Jack let his head rest against the doorjamb of his office for a brief moment, trying to push away the headache that was nibbling at back of his brain.

Adam was locked up in the cells. The creature had screamed, begged, threatened, tempted, and sobbed. Tosh had sobbed as well, but in the end Adam had been secured and now was only the matter of convincing Toshiko, and the others that Adam wasn't what he appeared.

Jack gathered the team in front of Tosh's computer, all but Ianto, who shook his head, and tried to sink further into the couch. Jack frowned but positioned his own body so that the monitor wouldn't be visible from Ianto's position. He stood behind Tosh, placing one hand on her shoulders, half in support, half to make sure she stayed in her chair. With the other hand he brought up a table of footage.

"That is not a friend. He's not a coworker, or a lover." Jack said, speaking over Adam's tinny voice urging them to remember from the small speakers.

"Jack. No." Tosh protested, breath hitching. "That's, that's just Adam. Our Friend. Our coworker. My lover. He's not- This doesn't prove-"

Jack reach over, turning up the speakers as Adam and Ianto appeared on screen. He refused to flinch, letting the screams sink in.

"Is that your lover Tosh? Would you really love someone who could do that?"

Tosh shook her head mutely, covering her mouth. Gwen was gripping Jack's arm, looking up at him in horror, while Owen was staring intently at the screen, eyes squinting behind his glasses.

"He's not who we thought he was. He's some sort of memory... vampire. He changed our memories. Changed us." Jack said. "He admitted as much. He got into our heads and he survives because we think he's real and we have to forget him." he insisted.

Owen made a small choked noise and moved forward, tapping quickly to replay the footage of Adam attacking Ianto. "Oh my- oh my god! Jack, Christ that must have caused brain damage. He was having fits." Owen looked over at where Ianto was sitting on the couch, chewing his lip and resolutely ignoring the small group huddled around the computer. "We need to get him down to the autopsy bay and run some scans."

Jack winced as the footage played again. "You think it's that serious?"

Owen nodded earnestly.

"He's pretty messed up." Jack admitted. "Adam has him convinced he's a serial killer. Ianto tried to make me lock him up in the vaults, trying to keep us safeā€¦from him."

Owen pushed his glasses up his nose and kept frowning at Ianto. "I won't know till I can examine him. He looks like he's in shock, at the very least, even if there's no brain damage."

He moved over and crouched next to Ianto carefully, resting a hand lightly on his knee. "Ianto? I need you to come with me okay? We're going to go run a few tests on you, alright?" He spoke softly and gently, as if to a child, or a frightened animal.

Ianto blinked blearily at him. "What?"

"Come on. Just going to run a few tests on you. Nothing painful, just some scans. You won't feel a thing." Owen promised as he coaxed Ianto to his feet and started leading him towards the autopsy bay.

"Scans? Jack?" Ianto called uncertainly as looked over his shoulder, as he let himself be led away from the main hub.

"Gwen, take care of Tosh." Jack gave Tosh's shaking shoulders a brief pat then quickly followed the two men, taking Ianto's hand comfortingly.

"It's going to be okay Ianto. You just have to remember those things aren't real. Adam put them there. Owen's going to check you out, then I'll make it all go away." Jack squeezed his hand.

Ianto looked unsure.