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Chapter Sixteen


I gripped the stirring wheel as I focused on driving. I had an overwhelming urge to make a u-turn and head back to Bella, but I couldn't. I already said what I had to. Now it was time to move on. I mean I did it before; I can surely do it again. Yet I can't do it again, no other girl has made me feel what I felt with Bella for the past month. No girl has every challenged me like she did, made me laugh, get me frustrated. Hell, I was even jealous! Edward Cullen does not get jealous!

I glared at the red and green light up front. It had just changed red and I was going over the speed limit. I was deciding if I should just step on the gas, but I knew Bella wouldn't want me to. So I stopped. I sighed and placed my head on the seat's headrest. I closed my eyes and thought about all the memories I had with Bella. I remember how it all started. The company dinner, I was talking casually with Jasper when I heard Alice shriek and launch herself at someone. It was only when she sat down did I realize it was Bella. She was stunning in her strapless blue polka dotted dress. Needless to say, I had a boner for the majority of the dinner. It took everything of me not to drag her away. I was even more turned on by the fact that she wasn't throwing herself at me like most girls do. Instead, she completely ignored my presence. I liked a good game. I smirked in memory.

"What ever you do to me, I'll hit you back 10 times worse."

I wonder if Bella would really keep her end of the promise. I don't know how I can handle this pain ten times worse.

The light turned green and I zoomed off. I stepped on the gas harder as I entered the freeway. Driving always cleared my mind. I brushed pass people, zipping through them left and right. I am an excellent driver, and I am bragging. No one has ever caught up to my speed, and I tend to keep it that way.

I felt my phone ring in my pocket, but I ignored it. I didn't like distractions while I drive, and right now was not the best time to be bothering me. My phone kept ringing, so I decided to turn on the radio to drown out the sound. Most people would see the radio as a distraction, but not me, music smoothed me. I flipped through the stations. Eventually after five minutes I got frustrated and turned it off. There was nothing good to listen to. All they were playing were love songs, every single fucking station. Seriously were they in sync or something because I think the whole world is against me right now.

My phone off again, I pinched the bridge of my nose and tried to ignore it. Who ever was calling me sure is persistent. After the third time, I pulled my car over with a loud screech and parked it on the side of the highway.


"Edward are you okays?" Carlisle asked.

I took a deep breathe, I didn't want to yell at my father right now because I knew when I gathered my thoughts a huge wave of guilt will hit me.

"Yeah Dad, just thinking about some stuff."

Carlisle and I talked for 15 minutes before we realized it was getting late. He told me to drive home safety and that he would see me tomorrow.

"Son, let me give you a word of advice. Don't make a rash decision when things don't look your way, because eventually when you grow older, you will regret it."

"I understand."

"Good, well I hope to see you tomorrow. It's Alice's baby shower. Bring something blue."

I hung up the phone with a goodbye and stared out my window. I watched as the cars zoomed by heading back to their loved ones. I reached out and touched the window pane softly. I suddenly became envious of them. They had loved ones at home, wives, children, grandchildren. Even if I partied and fucked around a lot, in the end I would come back to a cold and empty bed. In the past month, it was different though. I had Bella. I would wake up every morning, my arms wrapped around hers. She would make me breakfast, and we would laugh about the stupidest things. And at night we would snuggle close and fall asleep. I was happy, happier than I have ever been in my pathetic life. It was all thanks to Bella. During the period of time I was with her, I never called or hooked up with any other girl. She was my fire. She kept me going. It all snapped into place. How I couldn't see it before was beyond me.

I, Edward Cullen, had fallen in love with Bella Swan and I had just royalty fucked it up.

This chapter was a bit short, but I wanted to write a chapter in Edward's point of view. Don't get discouraged, there will be a happy ending. But bumps along the road make the story more interesting(;