They both devoured a stack each and went into the living room to enjoy some TV time. It was Saturday so they settled on watching cartoons and just chilling out. However, that only lasted for a few minutes. It started with Dib petting Zim's lekku. Then with the Irken curling up in his lap. And then with the warm purr. It seemed the purr was what turned the boy on so much and triggered such amazing things to happen.

Suddenly, Zim felt forceful lips on his as the boy moved to a point where he was straddling the Irken's narrow hips. His hands rested by the tender skin of his neck as once more lithe tongue and thick one entwined in a dance of ecstasy.

Zim's arms went around the boy's waist pulling him closer. As they grew less aware of the world around them, one of Dib's hands moved to idly play with the Irken's lekku while the other traced the length of the alien's body, starting at the shoulder and slowly slipping down until it came to a halt at the hem of his t-shirt. With a quick movement, the curious appendage slipped under the fabric and slid across the Irken's navel-less abdomen sending a glorious shiver through the alien's body. Oh, Dib was so close to victory! Zim didn't mind: the human could have him – all of him. That's all the alien wanted at the moment – Dib, Dib and more Dib!

The Irken let out a gasp as the human moved to suck and nibble on the skin of his neck. The hand that had slipped under Zim's shirt was making its way ever-so-slowly to the top of Zim's chest and the soft breasts that had grown there the night before.

Zim was left feeling idle and began trying to find a way to get Dib's shirt off of him. He whined in protest as Dib stopped what he was doing and took it off himself. He threw the clothing onto the back of the couch and let Zim ogle him while he stretched. "Why don't we go downstairs?" Dib asked in that sexy voice of his.

Zim nodded frantically, trying to get up so he could reach the controls but Dib wouldn't budge from where he sat, straddling the poor alien. "I can't get up!" he whined pitifully.

Dib leaned down and whispered against his antennae, "Computer takes voice commands."

"Oh yeah! Computer! Elevator! Down! NOW!" Not even a complete sentence! Not that it mattered. The elevator started moving right away as the Irken pulled Dib that much closer with an "you-are-so-mine-now!" look on his face. Claws curled around the back of the boy's neck as their lips met again in a lazy kiss.

The doors opened and Dib stood up, still kissing Zim, and picked him up bridal style.

Zim grinned against Dib's lips as the human stumbled toward the bed. "A little to the left," he suggested as the human hit the edge of the bed with his shin.

Dib swore under his breath and literally threw Zim onto the bed. The Irken gasped, landing awkwardly on his side, rolling over onto his stomach. He glared up at the human, pouting slightly at being thrown. "You must be more careful with Zim. He is, after all, more fragile now." Yes, he was playing on the myth of the weaker sex – which seemed to hold true on this planet, but not on his own.

"Yeah, right," Dib hissed in reply, amber eyes glowing as he looked the Irken over. He had put his hurt leg up on the bed, rubbing the bruising spot absently. "Changed body or not, you're still Zim, space boy. Or should I call you space girl?"

"Space boy will suffice," Zim said, nodding sagely before grinning and reaching to grab Dib's hand away from his leg. He was successful in his attempt and dragged the human toward him. "Because I don't plan on being a girl for much longer." A smirk flitted across the Irken's face before he leaned very close, his expression changing to one of the utmost seriousness. "I don't plan on being the bottom all the time either, Diblet."

Dib grinned. "I wasn't planning on you being the bottom all the time, either, space boy…" Then he kissed him. Zim's mind didn't even have a chance to process anything before it was overwhelmed with feeling. His blood was rushing through his veins and something deep inside of him was singing as his entire body went hyper sensitive. He could feel Dib's fingers running up and down his side, slipping under his shirt, curling over his skin. A low moan erupted from Zim's throat. "Oh my Tallest!" he cried against Dib's lips. "D-Dib!" The sensations he was getting just from mere touch was driving him wild. He didn't even know if he could last through everything he knew the human was sure to want to do. He'd never felt passion this intense before in his relatively long life – by Earth standards of course. He was practically Dib's age in the Irken equivalent of a life span. But still, Zim had been around long enough to know a thing or two about the way these things were done.

Finally, he felt the human's hand cup a tender breast, kneading it softly with his finger tips. Zim's back arched as a keening moan slipped from his lips and past Dib's. The human responded with a deep groan, his hips rolling against him. Zim could feel the hardness of him, rubbing against his thigh.

The human was just as turned on as the alien. It was marvelous to know such a thing. Zim's level of arousal skyrocketed. He rubbed against the human, making sure that he was rubbing the Dib-thing's member with his alien thigh very, very well. It only got harder and that only turned the Irken on more. "Diblet..." he muttered when they parted to breathe. "Please...?"

Clothes were strewn all over the room and the Irken and human were lying intertwined on the bed. They were naked, of course and their bodies were moving rhythmically. Both were breathing heavily, moans coming every once in a while. Dib moved and rolled Zim onto his back. He didn't go for the obvious hole this time though. He decided it was time to test the waters that would end up being what happened more often than not. Zim stiffened as he felt Dib's member against his back entrance. "Be gentle," he whispered. It had been a long time for the Irken and the last time he had felt something inside of him there... It hadn't been by choice.

Dib nodded, closing his eyes and pressing forward ever so gently. There was a lot of resistance and Zim groaned. It sounded pleasured. Dib didn't like the gasp though when the opening spread around him though. That sounded pained. "Do you want me to stop," he asked the alien. Zim shook his head, taking deeper breaths. Dib slowly pressed forward since Zim hadn't objected. It was tight, so very tight... It felt wonderful. Zim's other hole had felt tight as well, but this was so much more so... It wasn't what he had expected. He'd expected it to be so tight it would hurt, but it didn't. It was just the right tightness. He moaned softly, his eyes rolling back in his head. He rolled his hips a little bit, pulling out just a little bit, then pushing in more.

Zim was clutching the sheets. This felt better than it had the last time, thank the Tallests. He didn't know if he could take that kind of pain ever again. Dib was being so gentle with him though, even though he didn't know about that horrible time. He would never tell Dib about that either. The human was different than that Irken had been. Dib was sweet and gentle and just the right size. The Irken... He pushed the memory from his mind. He would erase it and replace it with this memory. He would pretend that this was his first time even though it definitely was not. He whimpered as Dib pushed deeper. The strain was starting to hurt. The human stopped dead and looked down at him, concerned.

"Are you okay?" he whispered, leaning closer to him. The Irken just nodded and Dib pressed a bit deeper, slipping in another inch. Zim moaned loudly.

"Next time I'm on top," he vowed, mostly to himself. Dib didn't seem to hear him. He was paying more attention to what his dick was doing than what Zim was saying. That was okay with the Irken. He didn't want the human somehow reading his mind and realizing just what he was doing. Zim gasped out. He could feel Dib's hips against his thighs. He was all the way in now, stretching him tight and making him feel full.

Dib stayed where he was for a long moment, breathing hard. "God, you are so tight," he whispered, sounding like he was in heaven. And indeed, that's exactly what he thought. He thought he'd died and gone to heaven and Zim had fallen in love with him and everything was perfect.

Zim didn't see it quite as heaven, but at least it wasn't hell. He shifted slightly and Dib twitched inside of him, causing the Irken to gasp. Slowly, Dib started to move and Zim fell still, allowing Dib to do the work. One of the human's idle hands moved down to tease his new lady parts. Zim moaned loudly as he stroked just right, teasing in just the right areas. His hips bucked, giving Dib an excuse to move faster, harder. It didn't take long for Zim to climax.

The Irken screamed, his back arching into Dib, who hissed in pleasure as Zim writhed below him. Dib pulled out when it was too much and climaxed as well, spurting all over the bedspread so he wouldn't burn Zim. The Irken would've smiled at the gesture if he wasn't so busy coming down from his own orgasm. That had been so intense! He hadn't had one that good in a long time!

Panting, Dib collapsed next to the Irken and pulled him into a tight embrace. His body was slick with sweat and it stung Zim's skin, but Zim didn't care. He cuddled closer to the human, kissing his neck in thanks. He'd needed that. He'd needed it for years now. When was the last time he'd been laid? He could barely remember now. "Thank you," he whispered quietly to his lover.

Dib almost didn't hear him his voice was so soft. Miraculously, he did. "You're welcome." He whispered back, kissing the top of his head. He pet the alien, pawing at his breasts.

Zim started to get turned on again as Dib continued. If he kept this up, they wouldn't be getting out of bed. The alien noticed that Dib was becoming aroused again as well. Zim didn't waste it.

They made love at least four times that morning. Zim lost count and it didn't matter. He was currently curled up against Dib in his own bed, sleeping off his sex-induced stupor. Dib was fast asleep as well and the pair would've remained that way if the communications alarm hadn't started going off. Zim bolted upright, not sure what was going on, but wanting to murder whoever was calling him.

"COMPUTER!" he shouted. "Who is calling!"

"The Talletsts," the computer answered lamely, tacking on a little 'duh' at the end for emphasis.

Zim's lekku wilted. "The... The Tallests?" They hadn't called him in years. Or ever for that matter. He'd almost always been the one to call them! And here he was, changed into a girl and completely naked. Dammit, this wasn't fair! "What do they want!" he asked, though he wasn't expecting an answer.

Dib had woken up because of all of the shouting. "What's going on?" he murmured, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

"My leaders are calling. Where are my clothes?"

"The Tallests refuse to wait any longer." The computer announced as a screen popped out of the wall and hummed to life.

Panicking, Zim threw a blanket over his head, bundling up as if to pretend he had a cold. Strategically, he stepped in front of Dib, covering him up. He would NOT let his Tallests know that there was a human in his base – and in his bed. "My Tallests!" Zim nearly shouted when the screen finally showed them.

"Zim, what's going on?" Tallest Purple asked, peering at him. "You always answer on the first ring."

"I'm sorry my Tallests. I was simply asleep." It was the truth, right? Then why did he sound like he was lying.

Tallest Red gave him a look that showed disbelief. "Right. Anyway. We're calling for a progress report."

Progress report? Really? What should he say? He didn't have any progress! He hadn't tried to take over the planet in years! "I, um..." He looked around the room, fretting. He didn't have anything to say. He had nothing to show them.

"Hey! What's that? Who's there?" Tallest Purple yelled, pointing at the area next to Zim.

Zim looked over and to his horror, Dib had peeked around him to stare at the leaders of the Irken Empire. "This... This is..." He sputtered for a moment, looking at Dib like he was about to die from embarrassment.

"I'm his new weapon," Dib explained, looking lazily from Zim over to the Tallests. "He cloned his greatest enemy, who happens to have full access to all of the Earth's weapons."

Tallest Purple made an 'ooooooooh!' sound, excited by the prospect. "Are you going to blow the planet up then? We don't have any use for it."

Zim looked back at the Tallest. If the Empire had no use for it, why was he even here? "Um... YES! Yes, the mighty Zim will conquer this puny planet by blowing it up!"

Dib shook next to him as if he were laughing. Zim kicked him, effectively shutting him up.

"Why are you wrapped in a blanket, Zim?" Red asked, peering at him with narrowed, suspicious eyes. "You sound funny."

"I am sick!" he declared with a stupid smile.

"Oh, well... Report back when the planet is destroyed." With that said, Red cut the transmission.

Zim collapsed back onto the bed, Dib wrapping his arms around the Irken. He looked up at the human, a tragic look on his face. "You realize you just sentenced your planet to death, right?"