Rated T for teen.

Disclaimer: I don't own Avalon High or any of the characters they are owned by Meg Cabot.

Summary: Just some scenes that could have made the book better.

I should have known that Marco could not have been trusted. I mean come on! I had a bad feeling about him when he tried to get Will to walk in on Jen and Lance last night, but no! I have to give the boy the benefit of the doubt. He couldn't really hate will could he?

The day had started out innocent enough,I had gone boating with them. Marco hadn't done anything to make anyone suspicious so i felt easy. Maybe he was trying to be a good brother. I mean if I had seen Geoff's girlfriend with his best friend then I guess I would try to let him know.

"Hey skipper Will. Mind if i take over the job?" Marco gave Will a look that wasn't nice. When he caught me looking at him he turned the look on me. "What are you looking at Lilly- maid." The way he said this sent shivers down my spine and my blood ran cold. With out wanting to I let my gaze drop down.

Will shrugged and stepped aside to let Marco pass. He then sat down in between Lance and Jennifer. Neither of them where looking at each other and I wondered if they where in there own little world.

Just then my stomach started to take a turn for the worst and I decide to get up and moved to lean on the edge before I lost all my lunch. I was hoping that will wasn't watching me trying to fight off the sea sickness. Unfortunately Will had noticed and he was coming over to check on me.

"Elle? Are you okay? You seem to be a little green." I looked over his shoulder and noticed that Jen and Lance where whispering to each other and looking a little happy that Will was with me.

" Yeah.. I'm feeling a little sea sick." I closed my eyes to try and push the feeling down. Even with my eyes closed i could still feel Will looking at me.

"Are you sure-" I opened my eyes and Will's question died in his throat. His hand instantly went to my forehead and i heard him in take his breath. " Elle your warm-." I didn't hear anymore of his statement because at that time Marco who had been speeding suddenly hit the break. As the boat launched I felt myself going over the edge before it happened.

"Elle!" Will tried to grab me but the boat had lurched again and I went over into the water. As the water rose to meet me I knew that the water wasn't going to be my down fall. It was to comforting and wondered if everyone felt like this before death. I knew that my air was running out and i preparing for my death.