Ok I know that I have not updated this in forever and i am sorry =( I hope that this makes up a little bit for me not updating any of my stories. Hopefully people are still reading my writting..

I dont know how long I was out but the first thing that I noticed was that there was no rocking of the boat. In fact i heard so whispering but I couldn't make out just who the voices belonged to.

"I think shes beginning to wake up. Elle can you hear me?" The voice was familiar but i just couldn't place who it was. I felt like I was in a dream. No matter how hard i tried there was able to place just who it was.

"Come back to us Ellie" A voice again but this time it was defiantly female... Jennifer! Everything seemed to hit me then, falling overborard, the waves, wills arms..

I sat up so fast that I almost hit my head on Will's. "Easy there elle, you have been out for quite a while... We were beging to wonder if you where ever going to wake." Jen looked as if she hadn't been able to sleep. Lance too looked like he was barely awake. That's when I looked at Will. He seemed to be the one that was most exausted.

"How long was I out for?"

"At least 5 hours. Haven't you noticed that we are at Will's house? " Jen asked me. I shook my head and realized that was probably a huge mistake as the dizziness hit.

"Easy Elle," Will sat down next to me. "Your fever still isn't completly gone but it is down quite a bit. I think you should stay here for the night. You are to weak to go home. Dont worry I'll let your parents know that your safe.'

He gave me one of those smiled that made my heart flip. "Yea ok.' What choice did I have in the matter? "Just relax Elle, everything will be fine."

Oh how wrong Will was...