This is a story I made up randomly, all though I got the name (Lastat, sorry! I couldn't think of anything else!) from anne rice and I got the creation and seeing and reading minds off of her. I do not own any of Anne Rice's storys. Thanks you for your understanding. Enjoy the story!




My ways

Night covered the sky, as I walked through the streets of London. I wore a dull beige suit with a black over hat. Rain fell upon me, but what did I care? Only the mortals sloshing through the streets, there hands raised holding umbrellas seemed to notice. I hung my head lower, but my piercing dark eyes scanned the shadows for prey. Indeed I was thirsty. The thirst called to me, beckoning my monstrous body by the scents that stirred in the air that I breathed. Honestly I don't understand why we vampires need not to breathe, when it feels so unnatural not to do so.

The winter air was crisp. There would be ice covering the paved black roads by dawn, not that I would get to witness such an event with out smoldering to death by the round bright object called the sun. I hated it. It wasn't necessarily the sun that I objected to rather then my self. I absolutely loathed my mere existence. Even though I looked like a bronze haired god with perfect features and things of the sort; and even though I could move faster than light it self; and even though I could read and view events threw the human eyes and mind, I simply did not want to be a monster.

Back to prey seeking. I glanced around the parking lot of a diminutive building. Nothing. I moved swiftly threw the city. Not even a trace. Yes, I was on a hunt. It of my pleasures seeking things that were problematical to find. No, I wasn't searching a mortal. I was tracking another kind of food. Food of sorts that don't involve taking a persons life. Though, it had commenced that way. I was a mutated creature, strong; intelligent; and blood thirsty. I'd stalk persons whom matched my pleasure. Then, I would wait, and attack at the precise moment. I guess you could call it instinct. When it was right, my being would slip out of it's hiding spot, and take it's choice of prey into it's frightful arms. Then, intuitively, I reflected on how I would sink my barbed fangs into the leathery skin of the human before it could scream. As I sucked the lift out of them, memories, experiences that persons had already had inundated threw my body. This felt amazing. To marvelous, to astounding, to staggering to describe. After I was finished, I'd let the body fall lifelessly to the floor before padding away gleefully and satisfied from the crime scene.

That was life in the early days, but it soon grew old and tiring, killing person after person. Guilt would hit you and it made you want to just pull your hair out. The very beginning of my new "life" the shame consumed me, due to my human memories being so fresh, but after a while, I adjusted. I could murder three humans in one dusk and feel nothing at all. Every time I saw my prey's last expression before I bit into it's luscious life, my eyes would seem to glaze over and my emotions felt as if they had gone limp, or rather numb. Again, decades passed before it dawned on me how many souls I had taken, and once again melancholy took over. Each feeding a little part of myself appeared to disappear, until I soon couldn't take it an more. I stopped eating. Then, one night as I walked the outskirts of Paris, a freshly killed deer tumbled across my torturous path. It's blood was still was and was brimming over and out of the wound. I had been denying my thirst for a couple of weeks and simply couldn't resist. It was then after my meal that I realized my thirst was quenched enough to last me a few days. So that night, in middle of twilight, I sat next to that deer corps and pondering on what this new knowledge to me. Although animal blood wasn't nearly as appetizing as mortal blood, it was enough to allow me to resist the temptation of mouth watering scents that float around me, trying to propel my being into killing. That point of switching to animals mad me feel okay about what I was. The guilt and shame slowly washed away followed by the sorrow.

During these days of my unbounded existence, I began to bore again. Then an idea intrigued me. The less vampires the better. So with that statement I began hunting down vampires for my pure bliss.

At this very moment, as I flew through the streets of London, I was searching for a honey blond girl. She had been eluding me for quite some time now. The girl vampire knew my game, she knew it very well. She herself played in the same never-ending dance, and now I was the apple of her eye, let us say. She was a female, I was male. Who would win and who would lose. The question hasn't been answered yet, although I have the advantage. I can decipher her thoughts and look threw her eyes. She was certainly in London. How could I see and hear those things? No one is knows for sure, but it's due to my birth, as the mortal wise man Adeedous had once told me, oh so many years ago in Greece. When my maker created me, he was one of the first vampires on the face of this world. Being first he was the strongest, and seemed to pass it down that power to me. I am stronger than all most all the vampires on earth. My, father, my creator, is indeed dead. All the firsts are. That brings us to another question. How do you kill a vampire? Two things can only succeed. You tare them to pieces and set them on fire or you some how keep the bloodsucker in the sun until it burn to ashes. No, Vampires don't turn to status when hit with light. Only the stupidity of man made shift that tale.

The way I eliminate my kind is to dice them into tiny fragments and set them on fire. It's the fastest way in my personal judgment. Fight them; kill them; burn them; and finish up before the sun comes out and I needing to seek shelter in the darkness.

This is what I was going to do to this girl. I stopped at a park that was surrounded by big oak trees, then closed my eyes. There. I was peering threw her eyes and saw myself standing rather close to her. There was no one in sight. Keeping my eyes to view threw hers I turned my head slowly till I saw myself staring directly at her. She was hidden in the trees a little distance away from me. "Ah" I finally spoke.

"Annette, please to make you're acquaintance" I said politely.

"I'm content that you could make it Lestat" The velvet voice hissed in reply. It was time.