Chapter 3

I glanced around my surroundings, as Annette tugged on my hand. We were in a green forest, the sun replaced by thick gloomy clouds. "Your being slow!" She complained, her beautiful eyes endeavored to appease me. "Annette, I don't know if I can do this" I admitted sheepishly. Annette had seen a vision of us moving in to a vampire's house that shared the same diet as we. I didn't like it the initiative at all. She sighed before closing her eyes. "There vampires and one human" She spoke fondly of them, as if she had new them all her life. "There's Carlisle, the "father", Esme the "mother", Edward and his human lover Bella, Alice a good shopping partner, Rosalie and Emmett, whom are also lovers and the last is Jasper." Seven of them. "hmmm" I thought it over carefully. "Are you sure they won't attack us?" My voice was pensive. "Positive. Alice already sees us coming" I gave her a uncanny look. "Alice is also a psychic" She explained. "Edwards a mind reader, Emmett is super strong, Carlisle saves human lives, Esme has a motherly nature, and Rosalie is unnaturally stunning." A wistful smile crossed her face. "Sounds like an inexplicable family" I caught her by her waist then kissed her on the forehead. "But, none of them are was wondrous as you, nor are any of them as gorgeous as you" I avowed proudly. She smirked, then pulled away from me. "Come along now, no dragging your feet! Were almost there" I grimaced. I had a feeling I wouldn't fit in quite right with these new vampires, but there was indeed the feeling of optimism in my ice cold chest. After a few miles of running, we encountered a road that twisted, serpent like, around the archaic trees.

We followed the small road, until there was some thinning in the woods, and we were suddenly in a diminutive meadow, or rather a yard, I was unsure. I was hoping that the house was still far away, but Annette crushed that inspiration when she whispered in my ear that we were in fact here. The trees held their dimness of their shadow right up to the walls of the house that rose among them, making obsolete the deep porch that wrapped around the first story.

I had expected differently. I pictured a large house, it was big though, that looked modern or something of the sort. I guess it didn't ponder it enough though. I glanced back at the house. It was timeless, and refined. It looked like a house I had acquisitioned in Bretagne. It was painted a delicate, diminished white, three stories tall, rectangular and well proportioned. The windows and doors were either part of the fundamental assembly, or a perfect restitution.

"Do you approve?" Annette's voice spoiled my train of thought.

"It's decent" I endeavored to smile, but the little vampire could see right through me.

"You don't like it?" She sounded broken.

"Of course I do! I'm just a little worried about the vampires inside..." I made an effort not to hiss.

Suddenly front door swung open. In the doorframe was a small vampire. She looked identical to Annette, only her hair was a deep black. Behind her stood a male. He was a honey blond, muscular and taller then the girl. I noticed others placed behind the two, but I could only make out dark curly hair hovering above the platinum blond.

"Welcome!" The girl shrieked joyfully, then hurried over to embrace Annette. I stiffened at her side, but to my shock, my vampire dropped her things and skipped happily over to the other female. "Were going to be such good friends!" I heard Annette chirp. I stood back, not quite sure how to act or think.

"Lestat!" I inclined my head towards my caller. "Don't be so rude, introduce yourself! I beg your pardon Alice, he's a little uneasy." The two laughed together at some personal joke.

Unwillingly, I glided over to Annette and took my hat off my head and bowed to her. "Pardon my rudeness, my name is Lestat"

"I'm Alice!" She shook my hand intently.

I looked back towards the doorway, where a heart-shaped faced women picked her way towards us. She had caramel-colored hair, and reminded me of movies I had seen back in the day. She was small, and slender, yet lest lanky, more rounded than the others.

"Welcome!" The woman's smile was vivid.

"Thank you Esme" Annette replied politely, before giving me the look, that meant I should say something.

"Hello Ma'am" I said automatically. So this was my new "mother". Interesting, I thought silently to myself, I've always wanted a mother. Esme was at my side in a second. She embraced Annette and I at the same time.

"My new children!" The female sounded so proud. I wanted to get a glimpse at her face, to see if she was weeping by our presence, but another voice interrupted.

"Now, now, Esme." A ruffled voice came from behind her, where a young blond, but older than the rest, male stood, ready to shake my hand. He was just as pale as all of us.

"Hullo Dr. Cullen" Annette's Englishmen accent slipped out. He the man smiled warmly.

"Were glad to have you, and call me Carlisle" I stayed hushed, wondering when this round of greetings would end. I wanted to get some time by myself. Carlisle stepped to the side, where Alice, and Esme stood, looking over us quietly. In the doctor's place stood a muscular curly browned haired man. He gave a wicked grin to Annette, then turned his gaze to me. He held up his fist.

"Pound it!" He his grin grew larger. I stuck up my fist, then in response, we clanged our balled hands together. I liked Emmett, I was sure we would get along well. Next, stood breath taking girl. She was very pretty indeed, but not nearly pretty as my little vampire.

"Annette," The girl nodded in recognition "Lestat," I nodded back, and Annette mimicked me. This must be Rosalie. She stood to the side, where yet another vampire remained soundlessly.

"Hi Jasper" I began to feel nervous for some exquisite reason, but instantly the feeling was replaced by calmness. It seemed to be impossible to be awkward around this man. He gave a nod, then turned to his family so that he could locate himself next to Alice. Moment's passed and the awkwardness returned.

"Wait" I reflected aloud. "I thought there was supposed to be seven of you" It was then that I noticed Esme give a quick glance towards Dr. Cullen.

"Edward isn't here because he doesn't know how strong enough we are to resist humans." Annette explained. I gave her a puzzled look before she said, "Edward has a human lover named Bella! Oh I can't wait to meet her!" She gave a little twirl before attaching to my arm.

"I told Edward they where strong enough" Alice scowled, but then she smiled. "Annette! Let me show you our room" I picked up on the our, and raised an eyebrow. I said nothing, as the two females strode up to the house and into it's great doors.

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