what i think gears of war 2 will be like


marcus felix and dom were walking through the destroyed city. the locust had taken it over and smashed the things insie it. marcus was trying to find the locust boss so he could kill her and then the locust would lose the war. "there's a locust" said dom so marcus did a somursalt and popped up and chainsawed the locust in the face and he fell into pieces. cole was somewhere because they took him prisoner so they were going to get him fisrt then go kill the queen boss, They find the locust prison and so marcus kicked the door down and there was a boomere and he said boom and shot at thewm but they dodged the explosion and then suddenly cole broke out and said "SURPRISE HONKY!" and he shot the locust. "sup homies?" he said to marcus and dom. Where is barid? said marcus and he said "barid is in another cell we need to go get him"

So they walked down the hallway but suddenly the little goblin things crawled on the ceiling and jumped down and attacked them but dom shotguned them and they died. they then got to a place where there were three hallways so they split up to look for barid. marcus went down the middel hall

he was walking and then a locust jumped out and melleed him and stuneed him and then meleed him again so he fell and was down so then thew locust was about to curbstomp him but then cole shot his head off with a sniper he found and said "see ya next time, baby!" and then he helped marcus up and marcus said "thanks why arent you in the hallway and he said "its a dead end" so they both went further and the hallways merged so they met with dom again and ahead they say barid so they broke down the door and they all left.

so now they had to find the boss lady so they went to the locust base and then the lady called and said "be careful this place has lots of bad guys" so the went further and they went to a room and the locust were waiting for them so cole said "THIS IS MY KIND OF #&!" and he charged them and blowed trhem up with a boom shot

they then went deeper and there was a beserker and marcus yelled "BESERKER!" and so they ran behind a pillar. marcus remembered there was lava behind a wall so he attracted it and it ran at him but he moved and then it ran into the lava and died.

so then they went further and met the boss lady and she sent guards at them but they knocked all of them down and they curbstomped them so then the lady fought them and she was giant and she stepped on dom marcus sadi "NOO" and he got on her back and climbed up her and chainsawed her neck and she died. they checked doms pulse but he was dead. he gave his life to stop the bad guys. and so with the locust dead, earth was able to re-populate itself.

the end.