All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them. -Galileo Galilei


"...No Shawn."


"No Shawn."

"What did I do?"

"You can't do this!"

"Do what?!"

"You can't be dating the man that wants to put us in cuffs!"

Shawn sighed for the third time that morning. Gus was taking this just as he'd suspected he would. "Gus, he doesn't want to put us in cuffs." Shawn stopped, tilted his head slightly and thought. "Okay, well he doesn't want to put you in cuffs. ...And I really wouldn't mind him putting me in some."

Gus' face contorted into what Shawn had dubbed 'the constipation face' and gestured helplessly, as if his hands would help get his point across."Ok, firstly, ew! (You know handcuffs are hot Gus.) Secondly, what ever happened to our 'No sharing' rule we set when we were seventeen? (Went out the window when I blew our school quaterback.) And lastly...Shawn!" Correction: Gus was taking this worse than he'd suspected he would.


"Carlton Lassiter, Shawn?"


"The detective, Carlton Lassiter?"


"You're dating him?"


"As in, 'going steady' dating?"

Shawn couldn't help the smile at that. "Yes."




At first he toyed with the notion of keeping it from his father, at least until Shawn knew he and Carlton were serious about this relationship. But Shawn knew his father, and knew he'd find out about this eventually. Either Gus would slip up and Henry would connect the dots, or Vick would call and ask him why Shawn was acting strange at the station, ...or worse... Of course his dad already knew about Shawn's very flexible sexuality, so it shouldn't be too bad.

"So, me and Lassy are dating." Shawn said it as quickly as he could, then shoveled food into his mouth to give him an excuse not to talk if he needed it.

Henry's fork was half way to his mouth when he stopped and stared at Shawn with his mouth slightly open. It took a second, but Henry finally seemed to realize that the food wouldn't be making it to his mouth any time soon, and he put the utensil down. "Please tell me you're talking about the dog."


She stuttered helplessly for a few moments, blinked thrice, opened her mouth, and then closed it before she could even form a single word. While she untied her tongue, Shawn pushed Carlton back until he was at arms length and pulled his shirt back down his stomach. He could see Carlton giving her his famous evil eye, and Shawn really didn't blame him for the glare this time.

"Was there something you needed in the men's bathroom O'Hara?"

Juliet blinked again, then finally got out her very first syllable. "Uh, n-no. I just..." She looked longingly back at the door for a second, but held her ground. "I just- I saw you come in after Shawn did, and after you both didn't come out for a few minutes I started getting worried, 'cause you two, you know... and..." She trailed off at the end of her small ramble and blinked again at the couple.

Shawn grinned and shifted his pants discretely. "Yeah, no worries there Jules. We get along pretty well now." He gave her a conspiratorial wink that made her face flush.

"Uh huh." Juliet continued to stare until Shawn's pointed look and Carlton's glare penetrated the fog in her mind while she visited whatever planet she was on. Another blink, and she finally seemed to get the hint when Shawn jerked his head at the door. "Oh! Right, well... I'll just- I'll lock the door on my way out."

They both waited until the giggles coming through the door faded away before getting back to their previous activity.


Shawn was more than surprised when Carlton agreed, but he wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth (well, really he did it quite often, and usually got bit in the process). At Carlton's insistence, they stopped to get flowers. Shawn had already told him it wasn't necessary, but showed him her favorite flowers all the same. He directed the detective along the familiar roads and led him down past the rows once they arrived. When they finally reached the certain stone that was their destination, he sat down in front of it and pulled on Carlton's jacket until the older man did the same.

"Carlton Lassiter, meet Anna Spencer. Mom, this is Lassy." Shawn paused for a second, actually listening to the stone. "No, he's not! This one's serious, mom." He looked back at Carlton. "She wants to know what you do for a living."

Carlton floundered for a moment and stared at Shawn, then at the polished rock, then back at Shawn. "Er, tell her I'm a detective."

Shawn waved his hand at the stone invitingly. "Tell her yourself."

Carlton blinked at Shawn, then turned back to the grave. "I'm a detective, ma'am."

He gave an indiginant look at the stone, then looked at Carlton again. "She wants to know if those flowers are for her, and how you put up with me."

Carlton smiled as he leaned forward to place the boquet of geraniums and chrysanthemums in the bronze vase, then answered the stone without looking at Shawn. "He makes me laugh."


"Why is everyone so surprised that we're together?" Shawn felt Carlton lift his head to stare at Shawn's hair, since he couldn't see his face.

"I'm not surprised."

Shawn smiled against Carlton's chest, while he lay on top of the older man on the couch. "You thought it was strange that first morning."

"But I wasn't surprised."

Shawn furrowed his brow and thought. He remembered their first morning waking up together (remembered the really bad hangover), and remembered how calm the detective seemed. "Why not?"

"Irish tradition." Shawn lifted his head to look at Carlton disbelievingly. "I'm serious. My grandmother was this extremely strict school teacher, while my grandfather was a calm, collected fisherman. My mother always had the house in perfect condition and would flip out if our rooms weren't clean. But my dad would get us out of the house and take us to ball games whenever he could. I take after my grandmother and mom, apparently, so I figured I was going to end up with someone really laid back and fun. Someone like you."

Shawn smiled and nodded. That made sense; balanced out the relationship. "Another tradition set by your St. Patrick?"

Carlton laughed and the rumble in his chest sent chills down Shawn's spine. "Probably before he invented the whiskey. Lord knows he'd need something to drink if he was with someone like my grandmother."

Shawn decided a kiss would get them into bed faster than telling Carlton he'd just insulted himself, but he had to stop for a second to ask a very serious question.

"Wait. Doesn't that mean you're suppose to be the woman in this relationship?"