A/N: This is the sequel to When Fame and Fortune Meet

A/N: This is the sequel to When Fame and Fortune Meet. You may be a little lost with some of the background if you do not read that one first. This will start from Lily's 5th year. Enjoy. Again, I love reviews and love any suggestions for ideas to add or a new story to start. Thanks for reading.

Lily woke to the sun shining through her window. She stretched, feeling completely warm and content. She felt the warm morning sun on her face and she smiled. Her window opened on its own and she could smell the cool morning breeze. With a flutter of wings, Bludger came swooping down to her head board.

Her dad had put a band on Bludger's leg. When he got close to her window, it opened for him automatically. The window closed as Bludger shook out his feathers. He really was a beautifully fierce bird, even puffed up a bit. Lily sat up and Bludger gave her a slight nip on her shoulder.

"Morning. Yes I'm up. Time to go for our morning walk." Lily jumped out of bed and rushed to get ready. "You know, Scorpius will be here today. I bet he has some wonderful treats from France for you to try."

Lily couldn't wait. It had been weeks since the two friends had seen each other. The summer had flown by, and now they only had a few weeks left. Scorpius had gone with his parents and grandparents to Paris for some family time. He hadn't been thrilled, but his dad had promised him two weeks at the Potter's if he behaved and actually participated.

She hadn't heard from him in those two weeks. They had never told his parents about the mirrors or the parchment they used to talk to each other. They figured the more people who knew about them the more likely they would be caught in class. Her dad knew about the mirrors but he kept their little secret. Scorpius had been able to write a quick note to her, explaining that Draco had wanted this to be all about family, which meant no sitting writing to Lily constantly. Scor had not wanted to jeopardize his trip to the Potters, so the two had agreed no contact for two weeks.

It had been a really long two weeks. Even during school, the two talked almost constantly. They wrote notes, talking with the mirrors, or spent time together. But Scorpius had been true to his word, and he had devoted the two weeks to family. He had not written to Lily once and she was bursting to talk to him.

She quickly moved through the house. She was stealthy when she wanted to be, and she did not want to wake the rest of the family. With barely a noise, she entered the warm kitchen. Harry was already sitting at the table packing a small bag with breakfast and drinks. He looked up at Lily, smiling. He whispered, "I thought I would join you today, if that's alright."

Lily smiled and nodded. It was not everyday that she got to spend one on one time with her dad. He was an early riser, and usually had breakfast packed for her walk, though he did not usually join her.

The two started out. Despite the sun, you could still see your breath mist in the chill morning air. Neither talked, they simply walked enjoying the company. You could hear birds and the rustle of trees. They walked half way around the lake and found a nice open spot to sit for breakfast. Over hot tea and oatmeal, the two sat back to enjoy the morning.

This is what Lily loved most about her dad. They were very similar. Little things could get them really excited, but they each loved the quiet. Her dad once told her it was because he had been through a lot of times where he couldn't just sit and relax that he savored it now. They didn't need to talk. Harry gave a contented sigh and leaned back on his elbows. Lily lay forward on her stomach and lay her head on her arms, watching the sun on the lake. After a few minutes, Lily spoke.

"So what did you want to talk about Dad?"

"What makes you think I wanted to talk to you about anything?"

Lily gave him a sly wink, which he returned. "Because you never come for these walks unless you want to talk. You always wait until I get home if you just want to spend time with me."

"I know, but you never tell me I can't go on the walk with you. As you know Scorpius comes today." Lily smiled at that. Harry sighed.

"What's wrong Dad?"

"I want you to make me a promise."

"What promise is that?"

"Do you remember when you first started talking about your new friend, Scorpius? How I was a little hesitant?"

Lily scrunched up her face, trying to remember. It had been five years ago when she had first told her dad about her new friend, a third year Slytherin. "Yeah, but I just figured that was because he was Draco Malfoy's son and you didn't get along with Draco."

Harry laughed softly, "Well there was that." Harry became serious again, "No, it was because I know you. You become very attached to your friends and you become very loyal. I was afraid because he was older."

Lily sat up, "What does that have to do with me being friends with him? You dated Mum and she was younger than you."

Harry held up his hands in defense. "Rein in the horses Lil. Hear me out. I was afraid that you and he would become best friends, and you did. I knew when you wanted to seek out the friendship that if it survived it would be a deep friendship. And before you say anything, I am not suggesting that you end the friendship. I would never suggest that. I like Scorpius very much and I have no desire to see you dissolve that friendship." By now Lily was very confused. What exactly was her dad getting at?

"This will be your fifth year at Hogwarts. You still have two to go. Scorpius does not. He is done after this year and he will move on. I just want you to promise me that you will not spend all your time with him just because it is his last year. I want you to make sure you are keeping up with your friends that are your age."

She must have given him a confused look. He sighed and explained. "I have seen you these last few weeks when you have not been able to talk to him. You have been lonely and moody. I don't want that to be your last two years at Hogwarts. I am sure that is not how Scorpius wants your last few years to be. You two have become so close, I am worried about what will happen when he leaves."

"But Dad, we'll still talk all the time."

"But it won't be the same. All I ask is that you make extra efforts this year with students your own age so that when Scorpius is not there next year, you are not so lonely."

She smiled and hugged Harry. "OK, I will Dad. But I think you are getting worked up over nothing."

"Just humor me Lily Bean." He smiled down at her and she felt the warmth of the smile. When he had first started his little talk, she had thought he was going to talk about how to watch out for the Malfoy family like Uncle Ron sometimes did, but she should have known her father would never do anything like that. In the years that Scorpius had been coming to visit them at Haven, Harry was one of the first to welcome him and ask how he was doing. He even invited Scorpius to lunch at least once when he was over giving a lecture at Hogwarts.

With his current lecture over, Harry gave Lily a mischievous smile. "Are you up for a challenge this morning Lily?"

She laughed, "Of course I am." With a wave of his wand Harry summoned two brooms from the shed at the house. It was an old game they had started years ago. Not even Ginny knew about the challenge. Her dad said Mum would skin him alive for attempting it with one so young, so they had kept their little secret.

When Lily was only about nine or so, Harry had told her about a move he had seen at his first Quidditch World Cup. It was the Wronski Feint, and he had showed Lily the move so many times that one day, she followed him. Ever since, it became a challenge, who would be the first to pull up.

Lily and her father mounted their brooms and shot straight up into the air. It was exhilarating. Her father had trained from a very young age and she had taken to it like a duck to water. They could often be seen riding around in the morning sun after Lily came home from her morning walk. The family, James and Albus included, did not know about the challenge however. That was something special between her Dad and her.

When they reached the proper height, Lily and Harry exchanged a look and dived at the same time. They moved, neck and neck, free falling faster and faster. When on shifted, the other followed the movement. It was amazingly graceful. Bludger started to circle the two as they dropped. It was a magnificent sight. The ground drew closer and closer. Neither looked away from the ground. They were yards away, feet, inches, when finally the two pulled up at the exact same time, brushing the ground with the bottom of their brooms.

Harry gave a deep laugh, "That has got to be our best yet. I didn't think you would come that far down with me." Lily felt alive and ran to her dad, throwing an arm around his waist. The two laughed and talked a bit as they walked back home.

They were almost to the door when Ginny came bustling out. She smiled at the two, trying to smooth Harry's windswept hair. Lily heard her dad mutter, "Losing battle dear." Ginny laughed and kissed the two of them.

"Good Morning to you too love. I was wondering what was taking so long. Someone has been waiting in there for nearly half an hour Lily. He apparated in just this morning…" but Ginny got no further. Lily was sprinting across the lawn to the open doorway.

She vaguely heard Harry mutter, "It begins. You see that, left for another man. Honestly."

There in the doorway stood a very tall, tan, blond man. He was smiling hugely showing off his perfect teeth. She threw herself into his open arms and he picked her up and swung her around. "Lily!"

"Scor! Merlin I missed you! How was France?"

Scorpus Hyperion Malfoy laughed as he set Lily down. His eyes twinkled and he gave her a light kiss on the cheek. "It was beautiful, but I missed you. It was pure torture going all those days without talking to you. My Grandfather can be a right bore you know. And my mum, all she wanted to do was shop and guess who got to help my dad carry all those damn packages. All because I am officially 17 now."

Before Lily could ask more, Harry and Ginny arrived back at the door and Harry put a hand out for Scorpius. The two men shook hand all the while smiling. Lily was struck at the subtle changes Scorpius had undergone over the summer. He was now taller than Harry by an inch or so. He had also developed some more muscle as well. He had always been long and lean, but now he had some muscle to fill out the length. His pale blue eyes were like ice chips, and yet they had a warm under glow.

Lily was not so delighted to notice that her own height had not grown an inch. She now only came up to Scorpius' chin, and she had to look up to see his eyes properly. She had always been smaller than him, but this was getting ridiculous. If he grew any more she was going to have to stand while he sat so they could have conversations face to face.

With the entrance of Scorpius, noises began to awaken the household. Lily could hear her brothers slamming their bedroom doors and making their way downstairs. Through the kitchen door came James first. He was blearily rubbing sleep from his eyes. He and Fred had started working for Uncle George at the joke shop after Hogwarts. They were helping to develop a new line of joke merchandise, and Uncle George was already talking about selling them part of the shop so they would one day take over.

James had come to stay with the family for a few days and he had quickly taken over his old room. He and Fred had an apartment in Diagon Alley, but every once in awhile, he came home to stay for a bit.

Albus and Blain followed closely behind. They looked more awake. Blain had arrived a few days prior to Scorpius. He got to stay the rest of the week before heading home. They looked much more awake than James, but that wasn't a surprise. Al liked to sleep in, but when he woke up, he was wide awake and ready for the day.

The three boys all joined in welcoming Scorpius. The four boys then proceeded to help Ginny get breakfast on the table for those that had not eaten yet. They seemed to enjoy the idea that Lily was the only one not able to use magic outside of Hogwarts yet. She played along with it, taking the joking in stride. With one look, she reminded them that she had other ways to get back at them, and the four boys backed away in mock fear. Harry and Ginny Potter sat back and watched their little family and smiled.

It was a perfect reunion.