Sorry it took so long to post

Sorry it took so long to post. I have been really busy the last few days.

The wedding plans were underway. Lily was not a major part of the wedding, but Renee's family was even driving her nuts. Renee was the first daughter and the first to get married as far as her cousins were concerned, so they wanted everything to be perfect. They wanted to be a part of everything, down to the last flower. Blain and Lily were contacted at least once a month. Renee's family was full of questions and ideas and it was enough to drive Lily up the wall.

It was still three months to the wedding, and she could not hide anywhere. She couldn't hide in the boys' apartment because Al and Blain were there. It was too easy to track them all down that way. Her parents were completely understanding, but Al was ready to elope. The group was hiding out at Oz's apartment. Oz himself was out, but he had welcomed all four in to stay for awhile.

"If I had known it would be like this, I would have run away a long time ago."

Blain held up a butterbeer for Al and opened two for himself and Lily. "There's still time."

Al scrubbed his face with his hands. "Yeah, but Renee wants the big wedding so badly. I just can't say no to her. Not when it comes to this." He flopped his head against the back of the couch. "I can only hope that her family goes back to normal after this. I really do like them, but now I dread the very thought that I will have to spend even five minutes with them."

"And how is dear Renee feeling about this?"

"Merlin, she loves it. She isn't showing any stress and all we do anymore is talk about the wedding…If I didn't love her so much…" Al trailed off. Scorpius looked up from his dreamlike state in front of the fire.

"Well, I won't be caught in this kind of a mess when I finally settle down." Blain rolled his eyes at that.

"Please. Like your parents would let you get out of a wedding without the entire wizarding world being invited." Blain glanced at Lily and winked. "Well, most of the wizarding world. Maybe not the Potter branch." It was still an ongoing joke that Scorpius spent much of his summer and holidays with the Potters and yet Lily had not once been invited to go to the Malfoy Mansion. Draco had met Lily at the train station once and had never spoken to her since. When they happened to cross paths, she received the same curt nod as her father did.

"That is something I am going to fight for. If they want to see me married, they are just going to have to deal." It was Al who spoke this time.

"Yeah, not if you want to see any of that Malfoy fortune I'm betting. Face it, they would disinherit you." Lily finally came to his rescue.

"I agree with Scor. A nice small wedding with only friends and family. I wouldn't want my picture everywhere I looked. It is so unnerving." Blain now looked at Lily.

"And I say to you, the press won't let you have a small wedding. Sorry, the bane of the family fame."

"That fame is for my father, not me."

"Same thing Lily. Face it, neither of you will get a small ceremony. I just hope your future significant others can deal with it."


Unfortunately, they could not always hide out at the apartment. Blain had the luxury of hiding out with the other aurors. Lily was not yet allowed out on assignments so she was stuck at training grounds or at home where she could be found. Al and Scor had the quidditch pitch. No one was allowed to bother them out there. It was because of this that Lily began to wait outside the quidditch pitch more often. This was usually where the pick up games started, and she too could escape wedding plans.

They only had a month left and the planning had reached a fevered pitch. Lily had been shoved into more dress robes than she cared to remember. She had been in every color under the rainbow as well as a few made up colors. Her hair had been fried within an inch of its life because of practice hair appointments. Basically she was done with it all.

Because she had been spending so much time at the quidditch pitch, she also had to deal with Phillip more than normal. He seemed to think that she had started coming to the quidditch pitch just to see him. She had to put up with bad pick up lines and sugared compliments all the while listening to him talk about how wonderful he was. And if he mentioned meeting her father just one more time she was going to scream.

Instead, she plastered on a sugary smile and did her best to politely discourage him. Al was sympathetic, but his mind was elsewhere. He was being run ragged by his future in-laws. He did what he could, but often times he could not stay for pick up matches. He could only hide for so long before they started to track him down. Her only saving grace was Scorpius. Well she thought it was her only saving grace.

Lately, whenever Phillip was around Scorpius began to growl and grow very short with her. He was not really helping her out, but when she would try and talk to him about it, he would change the subject or feign ignorance. It was starting to really get on her nerves.

This particular day was worse than usual. He was acting like a real ass. Lily was not sure who she was more upset with, Phillip or Scorpius. Soon Scorpius won out. Phillip was starting to get a little too hands on and Lily felt like she was trying to wrestle the giant squid. Scorpius came up to them both and put an arm around Lily's shoulders. He glared at Phillip who quickly backed off.

"We need to talk, Now!" Lily was roughly taken from Phillip's side, much to her delight. She threw him a goodbye wave.

"Thanks, Scor, I…"but Lily got no further. Scorpius had stopped just outside the locker rooms.

"What the hell so you think you are playing at?"

Lily was no longer smiling. She pulled away from Scorpius and crossed her arms. What am I playing at? "Excuse me?"

Her voice was now dangerously low and her eyes were like slits, but this did not seem to bother Scorpius in the least. He was shaking he was so mad. "What I mean is what do you think you are playing at going out with that git?"

"What the hell do you mean going out?"

"Please, he told me all about it. He said that you had been a little standoffish, but he had finally gotten you to agree to go out with him. I just can't believe that you would be going out with that, that, that human octopus. But then I see you today, cuddling and flirting, and I knew it was true! Honestly Lily, I expected more from you and I won't allow this."

Lily stood for a full minute trying to process what he was saying to her. Was he really telling her who she could and could not go out with? She forgot that there was not a chance she would ever be attracted to Phillip. Her mind was now stuck on the fact that Scorpius had told her that she did not have enough sense to pick out her own boyfriend. "You won't allow it? Just who the hell do you think you are?"

"I'm your friend. And of course I won't allow it. He is an ass who wants nothing more than to further his career by getting to know your family. He's been talking about it for months now."

"Oh, so now I don't have enough sense to pick out a boyfriend and I am ugly as well. Obviously the only reason anyone would want to date me is my father." Lily was now fuming and Scorpius was just now realizing that he had said the wrong thing.

"No, I didn't mean that…"

"Can it! I don't want to hear any more. For the last few weeks I have put up with your attitude. You do not control me Scor. Never once have I told you who you can and cannot date. I am a big girl and you have no claims on me. You do not get to decide my life. If I want to date an octopus I will! I do not know what your problem is, but fix it!"

"My problem? What about your problem? Lily, you cannot think that this is someone right for you. He takes longer in front of the mirror than Aunt Victorie. You cannot think this is right. He will treat you like a prize Lily." Scorpius was slowly calming down, but Lily was just getting started.

"So it bad for me to want someone who will think so highly of me? Someone who thinks of me as someone who is prized?"

"No Lily. You don't deserve to be someone's prize."

"Then what do I deserve?" Lily was now very hurt. He did not think of her the way she thought of him. He was being typical Scor, always putting down her boyfriends. She was getting so sick of it. She never told him who to date or what to do. This was ridiculous. She looked up at Scorpius and saw the sad look on his face.

"You deserve to be thought of as a gift." With that Scorpius walked into the locker room, leaving Lily open mouthed in the hall.


The next month was pure hell. Lily wanted to forgive him. She soon realized that his heart was in the right place. She had tried once to apologize. She had opened it was an invitation to be her date at the wedding. Scorpius had glared at her "Why don't you take your precious new beau. He is so much more important than me or what I have to say."

The fight had begun anew with that little comment. She was so tired of defending her dating choices. Blain was there for the last comment and he saw the tears welling up. He had wrapped her in a hug. "Lily, don't mind him. He is just confused right now. He'll come around."

Lily had wiped her eyes quickly. "I don't care. He can do whatever he wants. He doesn't care what I have to say right now."

Lucky for Al, he never had to take sides. They only had a week to go before the wedding and he was never there anyway. Blain was the unfortunate one. He was stuck between the two. Because he and Lily were both in the wedding and they both worked at the ministry they spent a lot of time together. Blain tried to defuse the situation, but it seemed that nothing was working. He had Lily would sit and talk to her for hours about it. When he went home he was ready to do the same for Scorpius, but Scor was not talking. Somewhere along the line, he finally figured out why Lily was taking it so hard.

"When did you realize it?"

Lily looked up in surprise. "What do you mean Blain?"

"When did you realize you were in love with him?" Lily blinked at Blain with forlorn eyes.

"Am I that obvious?"

"Only to someone that knows you too. We always suspected there was something there between you too, but you have just been, well I don't know. I guess I have always suspected and I just realized that you are acting like a jilted lover not a person who has an idiot best friend."

Lily placed her head I her hands. "Do you think he knows?"

"No way. He wouldn't act this way if he did." He put a hand on Lily's back. "Maybe if you talked to him, explained things…"

"No! Swear to me you won't say anything to him."

"But Lily, maybe he feels the same way. In fact I know he feels the same way."

"No Blain. You've seen his type and short little redheads with tempers are not his type. No…we will continue on as friends same as we always have. Assuming he ever talks to me again."

Any other attempts Blain made to help her or push the two together failed. He soon saw more of Lily than Scor and Al combined. It was only natural that he asked her to be his date to the wedding. They were walking together after all, and the girl he wanted to take was off limits as far as he was concerned. Scorpius was still ignoring Lily and he was not really talking to Blain either. It made for a very long week.


The wedding day arrived. Everything was going beautifully. They had finally settled on a beautiful deep green for the wedding colors. The green really helped to bring out the copper eyes on Lily. Her hair was piled high with soft curls falling around her shoulders. Heels gave her a little more height and she could not feel prettier.

The ceremony was wonderful and went without any problems. Al and Renee were smiling so hard Lily thought they would crack. You could not help but feel happy for the couple. They smiled and laughed and shared shy little kisses throughout the party. The band soon arrived and the dancing began. Now that the formalities were taken care of, the fun could begin.

The families seemed to feel the weight of the wedding lift and things went back to normal. Al could be seen laughing with his new father-in-law. Renee and her mom were sharing a drink with Harry and Ginny. It was so good to see that the stresses of the wedding planning had finally lifted. Lily had been worried about the families for a while there, but it seemed that they had gone back to their carefree and laughing demeanors.

Couples soon flooded the dance floors and the laughter and joy spread. Even Lily and Scorpius were smiling, though they were not near each other at the time. Blain and Lily joined the dancing couples and Lily felt happy and free for the first time in weeks. She loved to dance. It was so relaxing and yet exhilarating at the same time. Lucky for her, Blain was an excellent dancer. They moved across the dance floor was grace and soon many couples had stopped to watch. Lily threw back her head and laughed, causing some of the carefully placed curls to escape. There was no one more beautiful right then except for the bride.

Halfway through the dance, Lily felt someone tap her shoulder. It was Scorpius. He had a sad smile on his face. He looked at Blain. "Mind if I cut in?"

"Not at all." Blain gave Lily a little wink. "Save a dance for me later."

Just as Scorpius took Lily into his arms the music changed. It was now a slow soft song that seemed to require close bodies and intimate whispers. Lily blushed at Scorpius just before he pulled her close. It was a bit awkward and she knew that he was feeling it too.

"You look really pretty today. Very dressed up." Lily smiled nervously.

"You've seen me dressed up before. How is this different than all the other times? You never said I was pretty then."

"Yeah, but that was little girl Lily. I haven't seen you dolled up in awhile. You are now grown up Lily. And you are more than pretty. You are beautiful."

"Thank you. You look dashing as always." The tension increased between the two despite the polite words and sentiments.

After a full minute Scorpius and Lily spoke as one. "I'm sorry." They gave a soft laugh and the tension eased just a bit. Lily began to say something as Scorpius raised his fingers to her lips to silence her. She stared up at him her lips tingling where his fingers had been just a moment before.

"I shouldn't have yelled at you like that. I have been doing a lot of thinking about why I would have done such a thing. I guess it is just that I have never really liked your choice in boyfriends, "Lily snorted at this, "and I had never really stopped to think why this one would be so different. I have never liked your boyfriends and yet I have never reacted like this. Then it hit me, this one was different. He is someone that would use you and while I know you can handle yourself, I never want to see you hurt. I knew none of the others would hurt you. They respected you, even if they were not right for you."

Lily rolled her eyes at the last part. "I just can't believe you thought I would be attracted to that git." Scorpius gave a rueful smile. They heard the music stop. Lily felt a loss as his warm arms dropped from her waist. Scorpius took Lily by the hand and led her to a more private location, away from the party and other guests.

"I know. I just saw how he kept coming onto you and I didn't like it. And you were just sitting there and laughing with him. Al finally knocked some sense into me a few days ago out in practice. He really came down hard on me about how you were just playing nice and how could I not see it."

"I just remember the trouble I got you into with Grayson and your other Slytherin buddies. I didn't want to make the team a hostile place for you and I thought you saw that. I am sorry that I didn't make my feelings perfectly clear to you before. When you started in on me, I should have done that rather than get angry. You left thinking I really did like him when there is no possible way."

Scorpius raised a brow and gave a small smile. "Oh really? And why is that?"

Lily debated quietly just how much to tell him. She did not want to give away too much about her own feelings, but she hated lying to Scor. There was still an awkward tension in the air and she knew lying would only make it worse. She took a deep breath. "Because I love someone else." Scorpius stiffened next to her. She watched as his face became a mask. She did not know what to think. Then she watched as a smile lit his face.

"Really? Well congratulations! Who is the lucky guy?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Of course it matters. You will of course need friend approval. Now tell." Lily shook her head.

"It really doesn't matter. He doesn't even know I exist on a girlfriend level. I am just not his type."

"Nonsense. Anyone who did not sweep you into their arms in a second is an idiot!" Scorpius said these words in an outraged voice. "You are a treasure Lily and you would make a fine girlfriend for anyone. It is just a matter of whether or not they deserve you."

Lily gave him a smile but said nothing.

"Well if you won't tall me, I will just have to guess." He stared at her for a long time. Then his eyes popped open wide. His face turned into a frown. "Oh Merlin…"

"What?" She saw that look and panic set in. He had guessed it. She knew he had guessed it and now their friendship would be ruined forever. He would never talk to her the same and it would always be like this with tension in every word and action. Lily gulped and looked into his eyes. They were not smiling but were filled with sadness.

"It's Blain. Of course, it all makes sense. The way you were dancing earlier and the smile and…All these years I thought it was Blain that liked you, but really it has been the other way around. And you think that he doesn't return the feeling." Scorpius stood up. He paced a bit before turning on his heels and walking off. Lily was struck dumb. She could not move. Her eyes were wide. Finally her brain kicked in and she forced herself to move, to run towards the party.

Lucky for her it was winding down. Many were leaving and soon they would have nothing left to do but clean up. The young couple had already headed off for their honeymoon amid tears of joy and hugs galore. With so few left, it didn't take Lily long to spot Blain, but where was Scorpius?

She rushed to Blain. "What's wrong?"

"Where is Scor? Where did her go?"

"Why? Lily what happened to you two?"

"I don't know Blain. One minute we are starting to laugh and the next he is claiming that I am pining after you and off he runs. Merlin how did I mess this up so bad? Please where did he go?"

Blain pointed towards a small grove of trees just aver a small hill. The two ran towards it. There stood Scorpius. He was starting at the ground, his jacket discarded on the ground. His lean body was leaning against a tree and his head was hung in a defeated way. He heard the two approach and he looked up, a mask quickly hiding what he was feeling. He gave a smile that did not reach his eyes.

"Ah, the happy young couple. I guess congratulations are in order. Blain you better do everything in your power to make her happy because if you don't I will have to hurt you and I hate to hurt my friends." Blain walked over to Scorpius.

"Lord you are an idiot!"

"Excuse me?"

"I don't love Lily."

"What?" Scorpius now had a shell shocked look on his face like he couldn't understand the words coming out of Blain's mouth.

"You can be so dense. I do not love Lily. She does not love me. In fact, she knows who I love and she has kept that secret for me for years. Trust me, we are not a couple nor will we ever be a couple."

"Well, if you don't love Lily, who do you love?" It was a challenge. He wanted proof that they were not just covering up for his feelings. Blain sighed and ran a hand through his hair.


"Wait, Melinda? As in my ex?"

"Yes, your ex, Melinda."

Scorpius looked confused. "Then why were you dancing like that with Lily and not her?"

"Because, she is your ex. I couldn't very well profess my love to her not knowing how it would affect you."

Scorpius rolled his eyes. "Blain you can be such a girl. We dated when we were 13. If we were supposed to be together, we would be."

Blain stared at his friend. "You mean you really wouldn't be mad?"

"No." He looked at Lily, "And he called me the idiot."

Blain looked at Lily. "Do you have this handled?" Lily nodded and Blain raced off, not willing to waste any more time.

Now the two stood, back in their awkward silence. Finally Lily reached out to Scorpius with sad eyes. "Oh Scorpius. I am sorry. I tried to tell you, but you ran off." Scorpius merely shrugged. Tears welled in Lily's eyes. "Why can't we just go back to the way things were? Cant' we just go back to being friends? I hate this tension, these stupid fights. Please."

Scorpius Listened to her pleas. He finally shook his head. "We can't Lily."

"But why?" She was desperate now. "I am sorry. I will never react like that again. We are wonderful friends Scor. Please don't throw that away for something so silly and foolish as our little fight."

Scorpius sighed sadly. "I can't go back to being friends Lily. I can't because I want more. I am tired of looking at woman and always comparing them to you. When someone brushes the hair out of their face, it is not the way you would do it. They never sigh like you and laugh like you and I am tired of trying to find someone who is you because there will never be anyone like you. I have loved you for so long and yet it only started to dawn on me recently. I can't imagine a day without you. But now I am too late."

Lily stared at him, awestruck. "Why?"

"I'm too late. You love someone else. You sat there and told me you were in love and I could see it in your eyes. You weren't lying. I am just too late and now I have missed my chance."

Lily began to laugh as his words hit her. Soon she was doubled over in laughter. Scorpius growled at her. "Just what is so damn funny?"

"You really are an idiot." Lily was now smiling so hard she thought her face would burst. She was so happy.

"Oh, and why am I an idiot?" His voice was low and dangerous.

"Because I wasn't talking about Blain, I was talking about you."

Scorpius' hands dropped to his sides. "What?"

"I love you." She said the words slowly as if explaining things to a toddler. "When I talked about someone who loved me but did not return the sentiment, I was talking about you."

But Lily got no further in her speech. She was hoisted into the air and Scorpius pulled her close crushing her mouth with his own. The kiss was electric. She felt every single cell of her body tingle. He deepened the kiss and her eyes fluttered closed. She did not need food, or water, or air. All she needed was this.

Her arms tightened around his neck. They did not part for a very long time.


Later, everyone would roll their eyes and say, "About time." Scorpius and Lily would just laugh and hold each other closer. It was the perfect beginning.


Ok, that's it. The end. I am thinking about continuing their story if anyone is interested, but I need to gather some ideas first. I may also start a new story to give my brain a break from this one, but I will see what the general response is. I know that if I do continue their story it will look at proposal, wedding, and possible children. Hope you have all enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Thanks again for all the reviews and the ideas. You are all wonderful. If anyone has any ideas for any new stories, please feel free to send me a message. I am looking for a new challenge.