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The Mage's Journal

Summary: Ever wonder how magic in the Fire Emblem series works? Here is a mage's in-depth journal of how magic works, scoping from FE6, FE7 to FE8. And a little FE9?

Warning: Contains some original characters, including my tactician in FE6-7. Contains some excerpts from some of my fanfics. They're not much to be worried about, though. Well, read on.

1. The Mage

Magic exists everywhere.

Every living thing contains magic in them. Human beings do, too. Those who have a high concentration of magic awakened in them and decide to use this to commune with and use the power of the spirits become mages.

-The Mage's Journal

"Hey, Nino?"

The tactician Kumiko (1) spoke, when she and Nino were sprawled on the young mage's cot, in her tent. They were around the same age, so they got along well.

"Yes, Kumiko?" Nino turned to Kumiko, dropping her quill. Kumiko was just teaching her letters.

"How did you become a mage?"

Nino suddenly looked thoughtful. She put a finger to the side of her head and then shrugged. She smiled, and answered, "I don't know!"

"What do you mean, you don't know?" Kumiko looked most puzzled.

"I just imitated mo—Sonia whenever she used magic. I listened to her chants and imitated the gestures—and then I could use magic!"

"Oh…" Kumiko looked more puzzled. "I'm… sure it doesn't work that way for everyone else. I tried reading the incantations on the tome, but they… kind of don't let me read them. I don't understand the writing at all."

"They're written in the ancient language." Nino said. "And I just… I don't know how I read them. Maybe the magic spirits help me. I didn't learn the chants from reading them, after all… just by hearing them."


"Are you interested in magic, Kumi?" Nino asked.

With a smile, Kumi answered, "Oh, yes. I'd love to learn about how magic works. It is a most intriguing topic."

"Well, then…" Nino twiddled her feet in the air, "Maybe you should ask Erk. He knows a lot more than I do!"

"Anyone can be a mage." Erk told Kumiko, while the latter was holding her heavy, metal-bound logbook and writing down notes.

"This means I can be a mage as well?" Kumiko asked.

"But you are a tactician." He answered.

"That doesn't answer the question, Erk." She pointed out.

He sighed and he sat down on his chair, his thumb flipping through a book. Kumiko had interrupted his reading and he didn't exactly hate Kumiko, he even liked her—she was intellectual and kind—but he didn't want to be bothered reading at the moment.

Yet he still answered, "Well, yes. You can be a mage. Is it in your blood?"

She shook her head. "My parents were both knights. I know nothing past that. And I just thought you said anyone can be a mage. Why are you asking about my blood?"

He said, "All living things—including humans—have magic in them, but in varying amounts. Mages are those who have higher concentration of awakened magic in their beings."

"Awakened magic?" she curiously repeated, as she scribbled down more notes.

"Yes. One is unable to use magic if the magic inside him or her is too little or… sleeping."

"Then how does one awaken her magic?"

To this, Erk shrugged. "I would never know. I am a mage by blood (2), and that means that the magic in me is already… awakened by itself. Those who are not born of magic families probably have to do something drastic to get their magic to awaken. And if the magic awakens… they probably wouldn't be on par with mages by blood. But it is possible… it's just… difficult." (3)

"Drastic…" she whispered.

And he heard it. "Are you considering becoming a mage, Kumi? I thought tactics was your calling. You're quite skilled at it, too."

"Yes, tactics is my profession," she said, "but magic is fascinating. And I just want to know about magic… not necessarily learn it. This is just… pursuance of knowledge."

"How very much like you."

She giggled. "Yes. It's typical me. Very well," she shut close her logbook, "I think I'll leave you to your reading. Sorry to disturb you, Erk."

He nodded, and then he said, "Alright. If you have more questions, just ask. But I think Lord Pent would be more suited to answer your questions…"

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed. "How come I didn't think of Lord Pent? Thank you, Erk!"

And the tactician hurried along.

End of Chapter.


1 - Kumiko is the narrator in my fanfic, The Journey in Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword. (Or we simply call it, The Journey.)

2 - An artistic liberty. FE7 doesn't say anything about Erk coming from a mage family, but I think he is. C'mon, he has purple hair! …Okay, that proves nothing. He he.

3 - An example, I think, of a mage who isn't mage by blood is FE9's Soren. It's common knowledge by now that he's Ashnard and that dragon-woman's (I forgot her name… Almedha?) son. Soren didn't seem to inherit magic blood from either her mother or father's side… but he became a mage. I think Soren says he had harsh time learning under that sage who thought he was a spirit charmer.

I hope this fic is interesting for those who want to know about FE magic. Everything in here is just my theory… if you guys have theories, too, maybe we can discuss them. :D

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