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Chapter 2

The Unexpected Chapter

"Some best friend."Axel muttered to himself as he made his way, cautiously, down the damp stairs. Many would never picture Roxas as the vengeful type, but Axel knew better…


Zexion smiled smugly at Axel, hand outstretched.

"Well, XIII?" He said. "Where's my munny?" Axel swayed slightly, still dizzy from hanging upside-down.

"Let me get back to you on that." Axel said, ducking underneath Zexion's arm. He grabbed Roxas's hood as he walked by, pulling the younger Nobody backwards out of the room.

"Axel, what's this about?" Roxas asked suspiciously once they were safely in the hall.

"It's about the munny…you see…"


The other Organization members looked up in surprise as the door opened, and Axel ran in, barely dodging Oathkeeper as it flew past him. Roxas walked in, Oblivion held up as if he were going to throw it too.

"Axel," Roxas said dangerously "Tell me you're joking." Axel could only shake his head.

"You mean to tell me you made a 15,ooo munny bet, knowing full well that you only had 1,000? And you expect me to cover for you?"

"I didn't expect to lose to Zexion."

If Number XI was offended by Axel's comment, he didn't show it. He just smiled, looking from the enraged Roxas to the slightly unnerved Axel. One way or another, he was going to get his munny.

"Roxas," Zexion said as XIII's death glare turned on him. "Can I talk to you and IX outside?"

Roxas looked suspicious. The fact that Zexion had called him by name, not number was not necessarily a good thing, but he nodded, walking back out of the room, followed by a confused Demyx.

As the door closed, Luxord leaned in to speak to Vexen.

"How about a-"

"Luxord," Axel interrupted, twirling his chakrams on his fingers. "If you say the word 'bet', I will shove these rather violently up your butt. Got it memorized?"

"Okay, then." Luxord smirked "Anyone up for a wager?"

"Ha ha, very funny." Axel muttered, rolling his eyes.

"I've got a bet for you!" Marluxia cried eagerly "500 munny, Roxas covers for Axel!"

"As if! Didn't you see how mad he was?"

"But, they are best friends."

"Even best friends have to draw the line at pure stupidity."

"Gee, thanks a lot, Vexen."

Soon, despite Axel's protests, bets were flying right and left, ranging from the original "Who would pay?" question to if Roxas spoke Chinese, to which kitchen knife Zexion was going to kill Axel with when he couldn't pay.

"700 munny, it's a butcher's knife."

"A butcher's knife is too fast, Xaldin. It'll be a fillet knife. One layer at a time." Axel turned green.

"You guys do know I'm right here?" Xaldin and Saix just nodded, and returned to their conversation.

Disgruntled, Axel sat in the corner and listened to the bets fly around him. He couldn't kill all of them, that would look suspicious. Hopefully, whatever was going on outside had encouraged Roxas to want to kill someone else…preferably Zexion.

"You wouldn't!"

"If that's what it takes to get my munny, number IX, then I will." Roxas and Demyx stared at Zexion, mouths open.

"Zexion," Roxas said, trying to keep his voice level. "If you tell Xemnas, then we're all in trouble, even you."

"Yes, but if my punishment is harsh, as ringleaders, yours…well, you can imagine…" Zexion's remark had its intended effect. Demyx whimpered and began shaking as Roxas paled visibly.

"Roxas…" Demyx muttered "Can I talk to you over there?" Roxas sighed, nodding. Why did everyone have to talk to him?

"Roxas, save me!" Demyx pleaded when they were safely out of Zexion's hearing. "I'm too young to die!" Roxas sighed and turned around, digging into his pocket.

"Here." He muttered, shoving the munny into Zexion's hand. No matter how mad he was at Axel, refusing to pay wasn't worth the consequences.

"Pleasure doing business with you." The Cloaked Schemer replied, walking down the hall to his room.

Immediately, Roxas turned, and walked back to the rec room, bloodlust in his eye.

Rest in peace, Axel. Demyx thought as he watched the Key of Destiny disappear through the door. Because you're as good as dead.

Everyone went quiet as the door opened, and Roxas walked in. Nine pairs of eyes watched silently as he approached his best friend, death glare glowing. Axel flinched as the Key of Destiny stopped in front of him.

"You have three days, Axel." It was so soft, Axel could barely hear.


"Three days to pay me back or I'll…I'll…"

"You'll what?"

"I'll…I'll have Namine draw a picture of you, and she'll use her imagination." A loud gasp rippled through the room.

"You wouldn't!" Axel cried in horror, but even as he said it. Axel know that he was wrong. Roxas would do it, and who knew what Namine would come up with. Roxas sat down across the room from the others, folding his arms, looking ticked.

"Dude, what happened out there?" Xigbar asked Demyx as the Melodious Nocturne sat down. "Zexion threatened to tell Xemnas. Roxas paid to keep him quiet."

"And Zexion is…?"

"Probably off counting his munny." Marluxia inserted "Speaking of munny…Hey, Roxas. Do you speak Chinese?"

"Um…no…" Roxas replied confused.

"Hah. Pay up, Marluxia." Luxord smirked as the Graceful Assassin dug into his pockets. Over the next three hours, many awkward conversations came and went, all ending with a look at the stony-faced Roxas who never said a word.

Eventually, to end the tension, Luxord produced a deck of cards and a vicious game of Slap Jack ensued (no weapons allowed)

"Ow! Xigbar! Geez, you don't have to flatten my hand!" Demyx cried as he rubbed the patch of skin Xigbar had slapped. It felt like a brick had been dropped on his hand.

"Well, if your hand hadn't been in the way, then it wouldn't have been slapped."

"And get the deck? Yeah, right."

"Well at least I didn't-"

"Oh, crud!" Roxas said suddenly. Everyone looked up, surprised. Roxas hadn't said a word for the past three hours.


"Did Zexion get Larxene?" There as a pause…

"Oh, shoot!" The entire present Organization ran to the trap door, gathering around it.

"Maybe he got her…" Demyx supplied hopefully

"Yeah, and Donald Duck is a patient, selfless soul." Axel scoffed as he pressed the button and the door fell open. They stood around it, looking down into the dark.

"Larxene?" Demyx called. The sound echoed off the walls. In the following silence, everyone present breathed a sigh of relief, which was immediately shattered by a piercing shriek, at a pitch that could only be obtained by a raging, angry woman who had been treading water for three hours.

"Well, that solves that." Saix said, leaning back. "Now all we have to do is get her out."


"We could lower a rope and pull her up."

"Right, Vexen." scoffed Xaldin. "Then she can shock all of us to Kingdom Hearts and back. No, it's better if only one of us goes. Any volunteers?" An appropriate silence followed, until…

"Axel will do it." Roxas said.

"I will?" Axel asked, shooting his best friend a dubious look, and then it hit him. Roxas is punishing me! "No I won't!" But it was too late.

"Thank you for volunteering." Xaldin smirked as he threw Axel from the room.

End of Flashback

And this was how Axel found himself walking down the dark, damp stairs leading to the lake under the castle, seriously pondering the validity of his and Roxas's friendship. Axel's train of thought was brought an abrupt halt as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

"Larxene?" Axel walked to the water's edge, looking down. It was probably about a four foot drop to the water. "Larxene?"

No one was there. The water was empty. Now, you may not know this, but Axel has an over active imagination, so the minute he saw that Larxene was not there, he immediately thought of a million reasons why.

Maybe she drowned. He thought. Or, maybe a shark ate, then there'd be blood. Or, maybe she climbed out on her own and is hiding somewhere, waiting until she can push me in. That would be funny…


Axel looked up in surprise at Larxene, who was standing four feet above him while Axel, himself was suddenly treading water.

How ironic. Axel realized humorlessly. She pushed me in.

"Very funny, Larxene. Now, will you please help me out?"


"Larxene!" Axel exclaimed, panic rising in his voice. "You know I hate water! Get me out!"

"You didn't say 'please'" the ill-tempered Savage Nymph smirked.

"I said 'please' the first time!"

"You did?" Larxene asked, slightly surprised. "I guess I wasn't paying attention. Oh well. See you later, Axel." She paused at the door. "Don't worry. I'll send Demyx down to get you…some time." And with that, she left, smiling smugly.

"No, Larxene! Please! SADIST!!"

Four hours later, Demyx came dow

n and got Axel out. When asked why he took so long, Demyx revealed that Larxene had told Roxas first, and it was Roxas, who had waited four hours to pass the message on. Evidently, he was still mad. No matter how Axel looked at it, one thing was evident. Unless Roxas got his munny, this was going to be a long three days.


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