I was alone. Standing in the cold rain I waited for the pain to stop. It continued. I missed him. I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was alone now and shaking. I never knew why he left me. He just did. I pressured him. Every time he pushed away I felt like I got that much closer to him. I wanted his warm body to press against mine and his warm lips over my mine. I wanted nothing more then to see my boyfriend again. Yet he moved and left me all alone. He thought he wasn't enough for me. Then why was he with me for so long. Why didn't he keep pushing and shoving every time I tried to kiss him or even get close to him. It doesn't make sense! So now I stand alone and waiting for the pain to cease.

An uber short one shot... :D For Gravi... Dedicated to Yuki and Shuichi and the hells they seem to go through!