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Lying awake in the smallest bedroom in #4 privet drive was an ordinary boy, or as ordinary as someone could be in his situation. He was awoken tonight not by nightmares as usual, but by a strange owl with a note. He never expected to receive anything from this person, though he had wished for nearly a year for something, anything, from this particular person. Now that he got it, he was nervous about what it could mean.


Meet me at the park tomorrow at 10am. We need to talk.


Harry was nervous and quickly approaching the next level, which, for him included fear, guilt, and shame. He was afraid of what she had to say, She probably hates me now, and what she might do, she is going to hex me for sure, not that I don't deserve it, but I'd rather not get hexed. The guilt was leftover from the Department of Mysteries fiasco, if not for my damn 'saving people thing' Sirius would still be here, then he could tell me what to do about this meeting with Tonks. The shame, the shame was for what he was putting her through, He was her favorite cousin, I can't stand that I'm the cause of her hurt and loss.

This note bothered Harry so much because he fancied Nymphadora Tonks; he liked everything about her from her fun loving and free personality, to her taste in music and the unique if slightly odd style she had. He even loved her first name, though she hated it he thought it fit, he thought it was beautiful and mischievous, much like the witch it belonged to. He had feelings for her and no matter how he tried to ignore them they just kept growing stronger every time he saw or even thought of her. He even tried going out with Cho to get his mind off it, Bloody lot of good that did me, blew up in my face somehow, not that he really minded much. Harry fancied Tonks since he first met her, but being six and a half years younger than her he convinced himself that she would never see him as anything other than, a scrawny little brother with a bulls eye on his forehead that attracted fear mongering Dark Lords and their idiot thugs. He could still remember the day he met her as clearly as though it was yesterday:


The Advance Guard had come to get him. He was talking to Remus Lupin when he heard a woman's voice, "Why are we all standing in the dark? Lumos." He would later remember thinking that the voice matched her beauty. And strangely what she said next excited him instead of annoying him like it would have had it come from anyone else. "Oooh, he looks just like I thought he would," from the light of her wand he got his first good look at the beautiful young Arour. Harry could still remember the look she had on that day, she had short spiky violet hair, a pale heart-shaped face, and amazing dark twinkling eyes. It was her eyes that were his favorite feature, no matter how much she changed them they would remain the same, the twinkling was always there. Next he remembered the first time he heard her favorite greeting, "Wotcher, Harry!"

He remembered her helping him pack it the very room that he was currently in, she told him that she was a Metamorphmagus. Tonks said something then that showed him that she understood him, "Bet you wouldn't mind hiding that scar sometimes, eh?" Later on he would realize that she understood that aspect of his life better than anyone else, people saw her as a Metamorphmagus instead of the woman that she was, just as people saw Harry as The-Boy-Who-Lived instead of just Harry.

End Flashback

"Well… I'm in for a hexing in the morning, I guess I should get some sleep," Harry mumbled to himself miserably.

Hoot. Hedwig clearly didn't believe that there would be any hexing tomorrow.

"Yea, thanks Hedwig… thanks," he replied sarcastically as he fell into a restless sleep.


"SIRIUS…" Harry screamed as he woke up in a cold sweat breathing heavily. He had gotten all of about five and a half hours of sleep and it was now four thirty it the morning. Will I ever get a full night's sleep again? He often asked himself this question over the past year, he was just getting over the nightmares from the third task, and then one night at the ministry brings it all back and then some.

"Oh, well… I might as well get up. Maybe I can get some breakfast before the Dursleys wakeup." Harry went about his morning routine, grabbed a couple slices of toast, and walked to the park. Harry had some serious thinking to do, so he lay down under a tree until Tonks would come. In the hours he was thinking under that tree he came up with a lot of ideas but a few main ones, I need to become stronger, not only in body but in mind and magic as well.Harry decided to start with strengthening his body with morning runs. Then he would ask Dumbledore to teach him occlumency, He owes me that much, if he had taught me in the first place instead of having that greasy git teach me, Sirius might still be here.

Harry was broken out of his thoughts by a slightly nervous, "Wotcher, Harry!"

"Hey, Tonks," Harry said as he sat up and she sat down. "Is it Ten already?"

"No, it's only Nine, I got here early to think. What are you doing here so early?"

"Couldn't sleep, I'vebeen here since around five."Harry said, wondering what Tonks had to be nervous about.

"Oh… Harry, I n-need to tell you something," Tonks muttered nervously.

Harry was worried now, he had never seen her this nervous and… scared? "Tonks, what's wrong? You can tell me, maybe I can help."

Tonks drew in a deep breath and let it out slowly in an effort to calm herself. "Harry, I… I'm not sure how to do this, please don't say anything until I'm done." She waited for his nod before she started again. 

"Since I met you, you haven't ever acted any different around me, or asked me to morph or anything. You're the first guy to treat me like I'm normal, just another ordinary friend. W-what I'm trying to say is… I fancy you Harry, maybe more… I have since I first met you, as a part of the advance guard. I know I'm six and a half years older then you but I don't care… holding it in for so long has really messed with my powers, look at my hair!" Harry just noticed that her hair was a mousey brown and she looked rather tired and a bit sick too. "Harry… You don't have to say yes, I would understand b-but would you consider being with me?

To say that Harry was shocked would be the understatement of the year, he just sat there with his mouth hanging open. Then he saw the look of hurt and disappointment in her eyes and he came back to reality. Harry didn't say anything, he just pulled her to him and kissed her, he dumped everything he had into that kiss and when it was over and they were both panting for air. Harry said, "Tonks… I've fancied you for just as long. I thought that you just saw me as the little brother type relationship, so I tried to forget about how I felt about you. I even went out with Cho Chang to try to take my mind off you, didn't work, I just kept thinking about how whiny she was and how amazing you are. I know that you understand me better than anyone else, no one sees the real me either. If I thought that I might love you before, I know for sure that I love you now," Harry finished, looking deep into her eyes.

Tonks just threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately wit as much love as she could manage to cram into one kiss. "I love you too, Harry Potter." They proceeded to snog heavily and talk happily after that, until Tonks had to go into the Arourdepartment for a while. "Oh, it's twelve thirty already, I haveto go in to work for a bit. I'm on guard tonight so I'll get here early, around five, and stay with you tonight." Harry got an excited look on his face. "Don't even think about it, when I said 'stay with you tonight' I meant sleep, literally. I'm gonna help with the nightmares. Nothing more than snoging… yet." With that said Tonks kissed Harry good bye and apperated to the ministry.


After Tonks left, Harry stayed at the park until Dudley's gang showed up, then he wandered about for a couple of hours. He was just heading for the house when he heard the 'CRACK' of apperation and saw Tonks walk out from behind a row of bushes.

"Hey, love. Have you been out since I left?" Tonks asked.

"Yea, I didn't want the Dursleys to ruin the best day of my life," Harry replied with a wide grin on his face while he put his arm around Tonks.

"The best day of your life huh?" Harry nodded, still with that grin on his face. "Don't worry I won't let them ruin it."

When they reached the front door Harry opened it, only to be hit with a right hook from his uncle. "BOY, WHARE HAVE YOU BEEN?" Tonks just stood there shocked as Harry hit the ground. "YOUR AUNT HAD TO COOK I HAD TO DO YOUR CHORES! YOU WILL…"

Tonks finally woke from her shock induced stouper at this point, "DIMITTO VALIDUS!"Tonks hit him with a powerful banishing charm sending him into the wall next to the kitchen door, there was a loud crack as two by four and sheet rock cracked and buckled. Uncle Vernon moaned and winced, Tonks had clearly broken a few of the ribs on his left side. "YOU'RE LUCKY THAT'S ALL I DID! HOW CAN YOU TREAT HIM LIKE THAT?" Harry stood up at this point and pulled her to him, effectively ending her rant.

"Tonks, it's ok. He just caught me off guard. I should have been more careful." Harry said, trying to sooth her.

"You shouldn't have to be on your guard, YOU LIVE HERE!" Tonks yelled, still worked up and trying to get her point across. "I was only going to stay here for tonight to help with the nightmares, but now I'm moving in for the summer!"

"And just WHO are you to demand that you stay here? I will not have any more FREAKS in MY house!" Exclaimed Aunt Petunia outraged, standing next to Dudley, by the kitchen door.

"I am Harry's girlfriend," Tonks answered, both furious at Aunt Petunia and pleased that she could finally say that.

Dudley just had a dumfounded look on before he said, "Why would you want to be with a scrawny freak like my cousin?"


"Me show that good for nothing FREAK respect! Ha, that's a good one," Dudley replied sarcastically.

At this point Harry was thinking, Dud you idiot, she'll hex you into next week for that. This should be good. Harry was having a hard time not grinning.

Tonks pulled away from Harry, eyes turning blood red. "TENUIS VIRIDIS,"Tonks yelled. Dudley's skin turned green and started to secrete some sort of slime, the effect was that he resembled a human slug.

"M-m-mummy… m-mummy… make it stop. G-get her to make it stop," Dudley whimpered.

"That hex will ware off in twenty four hours," Tonks said as she started pushing Harry up the stairs. "Harry and I will be in our room, you are not to bother us!"

When they got to Harry's room Tonks pulled Harry to her and kissed him soundly. "Harry, are you ok? How's your face?" She touched the spot where he was hit and he drew a sharp breath and flinched. "Oh Harry, let me take care of that," she muttered a spell under her breath and he felt his cheek tingle, "there, how's that feel?"

"Thanks Nymph, I feel great." Harry said, pulling her back into a kiss.

"Nymph?" Tonks asked, her grin widening.

"Y-yea… I thought… sorry," Harry stuttered, looking away as though he'd done something wrong.

"Harry, I usually hate it when people call me by my first name, but I think I'd like it if you did. I liked you calling me Nymph, so you can call me whatever you want, Nymphadora, Nym, Dora, or my new favorite, Nymph."

"Thanks, Nymph. You can call me by my first name too if you want." Harry got punched in the arm, hard, for that.

"You know, I think I might just do that," Nymph said, mirth in her voice. "Now, we have to do something about this room." Nymph swung her wand over her head, sweeping its aim across each wall, "Impendo tractus." The room expanded to about twenty by forty square feet.

"Wow, I've never heard of that spell before," Harry said in amazement.

"It's the same spell that's used for enlarging trunks and bags. All you do is sweep your aim across the areas you want to expand outwards and think about how big to make it," she said while looking around. "Now for the furniture." Nymph spent the next half an hour or so upgrading the furniture, she transfigured the bed into an enlarged version of a Hogwarts four poster, the desk and chair were turned into replicas of Dumbledore's, the wardrobe was fixed and widened and magically deepened, some of Dudley's old clothes were turned into rugs, and some old toys were transfigured into a couch and two big armchairs.

"Thanks, Nymph. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be my best yet," Harry said, as he sat on the couch and pulled her down on his lap for some snoging.

After a few minutes and catching her breath Nymph said, "It's missing something, hmm… A fire place!"

After the fire place was created Harry and Nymph sat on the couch and talked until they went to bed. Nymph climbed into bed and Harry climbed in after her pulling her close.

"Good night Nymphadora, I love you."

"Good night Harry, I love you too."


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