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Harry and Nym arrived back after what they would later remember as one of the happiest weeks of their lives, and were now standing in front of Marcus, in front of his cottage.

"You will learn how to become Anamagi, wandless magic, continue to learn knife throwing, and practice what you have learned so far," Marcus paused, looking at them. He smirked, and asked, "May I see your wands?"

Harry and Nym looked at each other, something about the way he said that was not quite right.

"Well?" Marcus pushed.

What do you think Nym? Harry asked, glancing quickly at his new wife.

I suppose we have to, Nym replied.

They placed their wands in Marcus's outstretched hand, and Marcus deepened his smirk. Harry and Nym were beginning to think that they were wrong to hand their wands over to Marcus, this thought was fortified when he said, "You will not need these any longer." There was a snap, a slight wave of released magic, and then a burst of flame, as Marcus snapped and burned their wands.

"WHAT THE HELL?" Screamed Nym, as Harry was opening and closing his mouth in a similar fashion to a goldfish.

"Wands are a hindrance, always getting lost in battle. If you are not armed with a wand in the first place, then you cannot be disarmed," Marcus grinned, paused, and continued. "Besides, they siphon off a bit of your magic from each spell, not enough to be noticeable in most cases, but you will tire more easily. That is why the wands released a burst of magic when they were snapped, it isn't usually that noticeable, but the two of you are rather more powerful than most."

"What do you mean, siphon off magic?" Nym asked.

"And why do people use them if that happens?" Asked Harry, after ending his goldfish impersonation.

"The magical components of the wand steal some of the magic that flows through them. It is unknown why, but I would guess that it has something to do with the component being separated from its donor." Marcus took a thoughtful pause, and continued, "Wands were originally created for small children to learn with, since it took less concentration and will power. People eventually got lazy and began to use wands more and more until no one used wandless magic any more.

"Magic is meant to be manipulated with your will power, to use wandless magic you only have to think of a spell or a result, and will it into reality," He waved his hand, and a small rock appeared. The rock then proceeded to grow and sculpt it's self into a stone statue of a phoenix, more specifically Rutora. "This is how the Animagus transformation works; there is no spell, only will power and the manipulation of your internal magic."

"So, is it at all like metamorph abilities?" Nymph asked, as she turned her hair red and lengthened it to her mid back.

"Yes I would think so, though not being a metamorph myself, I can't say for certain," Marcus said, then added, "That's a good look for you, you know what they say about Potters and redheads."

For the next few months Harry and Nym trained extensively in Wandless magic. Marcus had them start out simple, levitation spells, summoning charms, and stunning spells. After the first week they moved on to more advanced stuff, Transfiguration, conjuring, and combative spells. By the time November came around they were doing more advanced stuff then they could ever do with a wand.

"Very good," Marcus praised, vanishing the giant animated statue of Iron Man that Harry Conjured. "What was that?"

"Muggle thing," Harry said simply. "There's supposed to be a new movie about it coming out soon, or at least that's what Dudley said."

"Well, as interesting as that is… we'd best be moving on. You are quite advanced, but no one ever truly masters magic," Marcus paused once again, and conjured a steak with mashed potatoes.

"How the BLOODY HELL did you do that?" Nymph asked after a dumbfounded pause.

"Ah, liked that did you," Marcus chuckled. "Yes, I'm sure that your teachers and parents always told you that magic could not create food, that it was one of the laws of magic." Harry and Nym nodded. "Well, think of the laws more as guide lines. Magic is not straight forwards; it has… loopholes, if you will. I won't tell you how I did it," Marcus held up his hands to stop their protests, "you will have to figure it out for your selves. Just remember, you will never master magic, I still find loopholes occasionally… Work on it together, and experiment with different things, but be careful.

"Right then, the Animagus transformation is a very advanced bit of magic, and complex for those who do not know how to manipulate magic properly. I expect you to get it by the end of the week."

"How do we know what our animals will be?" Harry asked.

"Drink this," Marcus grabbed two vials out of the air, "and you will find out."

Nym grabbed her vial, and poured it down her throat. Harry hesitated for a second longer, and then followed. A hazy image appeared before each of them, slowly sharpening until there were two solid images stalking around them.

"Ah, Uncia uncia, the Snow Leopard. Very good, this will suite you well in combat." Marcus paused, hand on his chin, "But the interesting thing is… it is very rare for two people who know each other to have the same Animagus forms. I think it has happened this way because of your soul bond."

Harry and Nym studied their forms for a few minutes. Harry's was abouttwo feet to the shoulder, just over four feet long, not including the tail, which was just over three feet long, and with gray and white fur with black spots and rosettes. The only real distinguishing marks where emerald green eyes, and a slight lightning bolt shaped spot on his forehead right between his eyes. Nym's was of a slightly smaller size, just under two feet to the shoulder, about three and three quarter feet long, excluding the tail, which was about two and three quarter feet long, and the same coloring as Harry's. Nym's distinguishing marks were, dark brown eyes, and her spots were more of a light brown color than black.

"How do we do this?" Nym asked, eyes still locked on the image of her Animagus form.

"Will yourself to look like your form, and manipulate your internal magic until the transformation is complete."

Harry adopted a look of concentration and a second later there was a handsome Snow Leopard where he stood.

"Bloody hell, Never have I seen anyone, even a rider, accomplish that so quickly!" Marcus exclaimed, in a rare show of astonishment. "Your first try and you've got it."

Nym got it shortly thereafter, and now both cats were rolling around, wrestling on the floor. The Animagus forms apparently came with a full set of instincts, Harry and Nym had no trouble controlling their new feline bodies.

This is amazing, Nym! Harry exclaimed, swatting her on the side of the head.

Nym extracted herself from Harry and took off at a run, past Marcus, who was reading a book of some sort, and leapt about twenty feet up into a tree that appeared seconds earlier.

It's brilliant, love! Nym replied, grooming the claws of her left front paw.

"If the two of you are done, I found some information on Snow Leopards," Nym jumped down, and both of them walked over to Marcus. "They are native to the mountain ranges of Central Asia, they can jump as far as 46 feet, and they cannot roar. If you want additional information, you can read this book," he handed it over to Harry, after he transformed.

"Thanks, Marcus. This should prove useful," Harry waved his right hand and sent the book to his and Nym's cottage.

"How are we going to incorporate this in to our combat style, and what about spells that we can't dodge? We can't even block them," Nym questioned, she was slightly nervous at the prospect.

"Ah that is where you are mistaken. You can still do wandless magic, but it is restricted to non-directional spells, like shields and apparition." Marcus paused, again, with his hand on chin. "As for the combat application, you will have to wait and see.

Harry shot twin bludgeoning hexes at his opponents, sending them careening into a few o the fifty others. He quickly ducked behind the titanium shield that Nym conjured and, drawing his knife from the sheath on his left forearm, leaped over it and attacked the nearest enemy. His uppercut like motion severing the arm. Nym went diving into a roll, coming to a stop crouched to the front left of Harry.

Three… Two…One, Nym counted down.

Harry skidded to a stop behind Nym, fire building between both hands, while Nym conjured a wall of sand. Harry released the fire, thrusting both hands towards the sand, melting it and followed with a quick cooling charm, turning the wall into a foot thick, crude glass wall, twenty feet tall and twenty five feet long.

NOW! He commanded through their bond, as he cast the cooling charm.

Nym unleashed a torrent of strategically placed reductos, varying their velocities so that they all struck the wall at the same time. The result was devastating, about half of the enemy numbers were shredded by shards of glass. Harry and Nym had developed this attack over the months since they learned to become Animagi, it was a last resort, only to be used against those who were truly evil.

With only about twenty five opponents left standing, they were safe to separate a bit more. Harry, using magic to aid him, jumped up over fifteen feet off the grassy field, transforming into his Snow Leopard form, and landed on an opponent in the middle of the group. Quickly slamming a strong, almost form fitting, shield into place around himself, he dug his hind claws in and proceeded to leap from opponent to opponent, incapacitating them. This went on for about five jumps, when Harry decided to step it up a notch.

Hit and run! He commanded.

Check! Nym replied, disapparating with a faint popping noise.

Harry disapparated in complete silence, appearing silently behind two opponents, beside Nym who was also in her Animagus form. They simultaneously attacked and dispatched them. This went on for the next few minutes, and soon enough, the enemy force was subdued.

They changed back, and started back towards Marcus, who was observing from an elevated platform at the side of the field. They barely managed three steps when they were surrounded by seven more opponents, dressed as members of the Death Eater inner circle. Harry and Nym then heard a voice that made their blood run cold.

"Harry Potter, so we meet again," Voldemort said, bowing slightly with a flourish of his wand. Harry just glared at him. "What no pleasantries? You used to be so polite." Voldemort gave a quick hand signal, and the Death Eaters tightened their circle, still rotating around the three of them.


We take him out, and they wont be a problem, Harry responded.

Throw up a fight dome first, Nym suggested, as they started to circle in the opposite direction from the Death Eaters.

The two of them stopped suddenly, and Harry shot an electric blue spell at Voldemort. He tried to block it, but it punched neatly through his shield, leaving no mark behind. A great dome erupted, Voldemort at the point of origin, a somewhat frightened expression on his face. The dome pushed everyone away, except the target, caster, and Nym because o the bond that she shared with Harry. When fully formed, the dome was exactly one hundred feet wide, fifty feet tall, and an electric blue color with silver webbing moving across it.

"What is this?" Voldemort screeched, as the Death Eaters threw everything they had at the surface of the dome, all of which, unforgivable included, bounced off.

"This," Harry started, in a know-it-all voice.

"Is a fight dome," Nymph continued, looking board, checking her nails and polishing them on her shirt.

"Or Pugna Domesticus," Harry finished, smirking at Nym.

"Only the caster can remove it," Nym added.

Voldemort, it seemed, was done talking, and started firing a barrage of curses, hexes, and charms. Harry rolled, jumped, and dove, to avoid getting hit. Nym kept herself twenty feet to the left of Harry, and was firing rapid blasting, cutting, and bludgeoning curses at Voldemort, who seemed to only care about killing Harry and bringing the dome down. Harry dove again, and in mid air, sent a Confringo from one hand and a Confundo from the other, the Confundo was swatted aside, but the Confringo connected with Voldemort's left hand blowing it off.

"Ahhhh," Voldemort hissed, and commenced a complex series of dark hexes, and curses, which would have hit Harry if not for Nym's quick shield work.

Damn it! Nym yelled. I can hardly get anything through on him. Other than his hand, he only has a few scratches.

Send more powerful spells, slam through his shields. I'm going in, Harry said, drawing his knife in his left hand, and casting a form of the severing ribbon that he held like a whip in his right, it was about twelve feet along and floating in the air around him. Bloody hell! Voldemort had taken the time to create a silver hand for himself.

Nym started to pour everything she had into the blasting, and cutting spells, and managed to crack several of his ribs, sending him through the air a good five feet. Harry took this opportunity, appearing behind and to the left of Voldemort, who had just hit Nym with a bone braking curse to the leg. Harry was enraged, and the pain coming through the bond didn't help him think any straighter. He let out a battle cry of sorts and, letting his aura shine freely, blinding silver with a gold tinge to the 

edges, slashed his severing ribbon a Voldemort, who cast some sort of powerful shield, and sent a fire ball at Harry, grazing his back, Harry faltered for a second, and nearly got hit with a killing curse. Harry retaliated by both cracking his whip at him, and throwing his knife. Voldemort blocked the whip, but the knife, being a physical attack, went through the shield, which was of a type that blocked magic only attacks, and firmly planted the entire length of it's blade between his eyes. Voldemort dropped to the battle scarred ground, dead.

Harry released the dome as all of the bodies vanished, and ran to Nym. Nym hopped up and met him half way, as though nothing ever happened.

Nym, your leg!

Its fine, I don't think their spells were real. Check your back, Nym rubbed his back, which was back to normal.

"Quite good, but there is much room for improvement. It is lucky for you, that the spells effects only last for the length of the match, you must work on your shielding, it must become a reflex to shield as you dodge. Your reflexes are faster than anyone I have ever met, you Animagus forms are responsible for that, but you have to learn to use them properly," Marcus paused. "Your combat strategy is too segmented. You used everything separately, Animagus, knife fighting, Apparition, you must blend them together, mix them together," Marcus paused, again.

Dramatic, isn't he.

Yea, but he is right, we didn't mix it up enough, love.

I know Nym; well have to work on it.

"That glass wall was brilliant! Who came up with it?"

Harry and Nym looked at each other, then Harry answered, "Not sure, but I think it was Nym."

"Hmm, anyway, moving on. The Voldemort fight was done quite well, be sure to do the fight dome when you meet him for real. Just so you know, the faux Voldemort was at about seventy five percent of his real power, the plain could not create him at full power. The Death Eaters, were at average power, based on your memories of them," Marcus paused, sighed, and began to turn towards his cottage. "That is all for today… Oh, one more thing, never lose yourself to rage again, it got you burned, but it could have cost both of your lives."

For the rest of the year they trained harder than ever before.

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