Title: Giving in to Tempation: Fools in Love

Pairing: Hermione Granger / Fred & George Weasley

Rating: M

Warnings: EWE – Fred lives, Threesome (MFM), Affair, Angst, Smut – Lemons & Limes, Slight OOC.

Disclaimer: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling and rights-holders, one of whom I am not.

Summary: Hermione's relationship with Fred and George becomes more than just a tumble between the sheets.

Giving in to Temptation: Fools in Love

Chapter 1

Hermione exited the Three Broomsticks, her spirits high as the sun warmed her back and her senses were assaulted by the sounds and smells of the community preparing for a new day. She had decided to walk to work today and still found herself chuckling at the bizarre looks and pained groans she received from Harry and Ron earlier when she had cheerily announced her plans over breakfast and stupidly asked if they wished to join her.

Glancing at her watch she realised she was running an hour early, the unfamiliar walk not taking half as long as she had expected. Glancing around she saw that several of the smaller cafés were beginning to set up large umbrellas over tables and wandered over to the closest one to order a large take away coffee. The young barista smiled flirtatiously at her as he brewed her coffee, and she found herself thinking that he would be a very good looking guy if only he had red hair.

Shaking herself from that thought, she accepted the cardboard cup and blushed when he winked at her as she turned to leave. Glancing at her watch again she figured she may as well get a start on some overdue paperwork that had been piling up on her desk; it was a tedious task but someone had to do it.

Walking along the cobblestone road she passed all the familiar shops selling wands and cauldrons and overpriced potions ingredients until she came by her favourite one of all.

Fred and George's joke shop was painted in the brightest shade of purple she had ever seen; it was tempting sometimes to shield her eyes, as the window frames and door were done in a similar pain inducing shade of yellow.

She stopped short when she saw a tall red haired man in shocking magenta robes setting up banners and large bins of discount items out front. She knew for a fact that the store didn't open for another hour but there was always a lot of setting up to do before that.

"George!" she called, waving as she walked quickly toward him. He straightened from the large bin of pink and purple pigmy puffs that hummed in delight when the morning sun hit them. He smiled and waved back, pulling her into a hug when she was close enough.

"Happy April Fools' Day oh Wondrous Master," he grinned, glancing up and down the street before stealing a kiss. She pulled back with a sigh; kissing was much more pleasurable than paperwork.

"Happy Birthday," she replied, tugging on his hand to draw him inside in search of his twin, she was sure she had seen a flash of red from outside but she must have been mistaken.

"You know, that dress would look great on the floor next to my bed," he commented, admiring the way the way the grey pinafore stopped just shy of her knees and hugged every curve along the way.

"I'm sure it would", she teased back with a wink. She wasn't surprised that he had noticed the dress, even if it was only to give it a backward compliment.

Looking down at herself, she admired the little puffy white sleeves of the shirt she wore underneath which were cute without being too cute. She just wished she had changed her shoes before entering Diagon Alley. The white sneakers were nowhere near as flattering as the black heels she planned to wear once she got to the office.

"Where's Fred?" she asked when she couldn't find his red head poking out anywhere in the store, she had been so certain she had seen him downstairs somewhere.

"Your other less dutiful slave is upstairs with the flu," George responded, nudging her toward the stairs that led to their two bedroom apartment. She was painfully aware that he spent the trip upstairs staring at her arse, but for once she didn't mind so much.

She entered the upstairs apartment which was flooded with morning light and surprisingly tidy; she wondered if Mrs. Weasley had already been in that morning to clean, because she usually left it until afternoon.

She spotted Fred curled up on the couch under a thick red and gold blanket, a box of tissues on the floor beside him. He let out a pitiful groan before a series of sneezes escaped him in quick succession.

"Oh Fred," she cried, rushing to his side and sitting precariously at his hip.

"Hey 'Mione," he greeted sadly, his voice sounding rather nasally. He feebly attempted to lift his head but she pushed him back down. She looked up at George, concerned, but he just shrugged and went about making tea in the kitchen.

Fred gave a rather loud sneeze before blowing his nose and flopping back on the couch. Hermione sat stroking the hair from his slightly sweaty forehead, and he seemed content to lie back and let her tend to him. She was watching George putter around the kitchen when Fred shifted slightly nudging her hip in the process. She looked down at him and he crooked his finger indicating he wanted her to come closer.

She frowned and leant in a little, but he continued to motion her closer. Their noses were almost touching when he finally said, "I knew if I fingered you long enough you would cum." Then he tapped his wand to his head and all of his symptoms seemed to disappear.

"You weren't sick at all," she cried, pushing away from his chest with a huff. Laughing Fred pushed back the blanket and pulled her into his arms.

"Happy April Fools' Day, love," he said before kissing her. Despite her irritation she did kiss him back, and it wasn't until George cleared his throat above them that they pulled apart.

"Happy Birthday," Hermione whispered against his lips.

"Your other slave would like some attention too," George complained with a pout. Hermione laughed and pulled him by the shirt down to her level. His kiss was teasing, his tongue darting around her lips but refusing to enter her mouth. She gave a frustrated groan, and he quickly gave her what she wanted.

"Oh so Wondrous Master, will you give us poor lowly slaves a birthday shag before you go to work?" Fred asked, batting his eyelashes at her and sticking out his bottom lip. She looked down at her watch and found she still had half an hour.

"I don't know guys, I really don't want to be late," she told them.

"You know you want to," George sang persuasively, sitting down beside her, his fingers playing with the hem of her dress. She looked between the two and back down at her watch again, trying to gauge just how long exactly a birthday shag would take, before finally admitting she wanted it just as much as they did.

"Ok," she agreed, but before the two syllables were out of her mouth George had her dress halfway off and Fred was having an epic battle with her stockings. She took pity on the both by flicking her wand at the restrictive clothing, taking care of theirs at the same time.

"What now oh Wondrous Master?" Fred asked, pulling her back against his chest, running his fingertips along the undersides of her breasts making her shiver.

"Can you stop calling me that," she muttered, sinking further back into his touch.

"Certainly oh Wondrous Master," George said with a smirk, shifting to kiss his way up her jaw.

"Whatever you say oh Wondrous Master," Fred agreed, giving her nipples a sharp tweak making her buck against his brother who was now steadily making his way toward her mouth. When his lips met hers again she gave a moan of delight, loving the feel of two hearts beating against her, loving the feeling of being completely surrounded by warmth.

After a few minutes of heavy snogging and not-so-innocent groping, George shifted his body weight to allow for Fred's arms to snake more firmly around her and they lifted her from the couch as one. Hermione had no choice but to hold on and let them carry her to George's bedroom.

They fell sideways onto the bed, two sets of hands wreaking havoc on her body as she squirmed between them. Fred's made tracks down her spine before he gently cupped her arse. He slipped his fingers between her legs not quite touching her but close enough that her body began to respond.

She spread her legs further, allowing George's thigh to slip between her own as his mouth continued to take full possession of hers; his hands gently molded her breasts, shaping and caressing them, slowly sending her into a frenzy. She moved her hands down two naked torsos finding matching erections within her grasp. George gave a groan against her mouth while Fred hissed with pleasure in her ear; she couldn't decide which sound was sexier.

She was beginning to feel the first wave of release washing over her when all movement stopped, and the three of them lay panting as both men rolled away; she was about to ask what was going on when Fred pulled her to his chest and she realized they were switching positions. This was not the first time she wondered how they managed to communicate without words – it was downright creepy.

Fred's leg took the place of George's and she rubbed up against him like a cat in heat as he began his languid exploration of her mouth. George in turn spread her legs further and tested her heat with his finger tips before replacing them with something much bigger.

He pushed into her gently at first as if he might hurt her, but she began to squirm backward trying to make his go faster. Fred's arousal bucked against her thigh in response and he let out a shuddering breath in anticipation.

George pushed his way in and stayed motionless after that. Hermione didn't know what to make of it until she felt his hand on her hips guiding her to her knees. She briefly lost contact with Fred's lips but soon found herself straddling him with George on his knees behind her; this position made it much easier to maneuver between the two.

George began his slow possession of her body, and her hand matched his thrusts as Fred bucked into her. By now she knew exactly what each of them needed for a quick release and she gladly gave it. She felt lips across her back and bruising fingers on her hips as well as another set of fingers leaving her constantly aroused with their exploration, and she knew she wouldn't be able to take much more.

Just as that first thought crossed her mind, she felt Fred tense up beneath her as he spilled his seed into her hand, kissing her with brutal force to keep from shouting out. The sight of him was enough to send her over the edge and as the fluttering of her inner walls grew to outright contractions, she cried out with her own release, the milking sensation causing George to tumble head first into orgasm as well.

He collapsed against her back in turn causing her to fall against Fred as their limbs became jelly like, and the wash of release left them all languid. Fred gently pushed them to his side and cuddled into her much like George was doing to her back. They didn't often hold each other like this but since there was no threat of Ron walking in on them, they had a new found freedom. That was until Hermione remembered the time.

Untangling her watch from her hair and freeing her wrist, she glanced down at it as she jumped from the bed, scrambling around for her wand and realizing she left it by the couch.

"Come back to bed," Fred mumbled, barely raising his head from the pillow to smile enticingly at her.

"I have to get to work," she argued feebly, taking the two steps back to the bed to kiss first Fred then George, who appeared to have fallen asleep.

"You're no fun anymore," Fred complained. "So what would you have us do today then oh Wondrous Master?" he asked, accepting her kiss before flopping back to his spread eagle position and waiting for her instructions.

"Hmm," she said tapping her bottom lip thoughtfully and admiring the two naked men. "I order you to take the day of work and spend it in your birthday suits."

"But …" he tried to argue but she just skipped out of the bedroom ignoring his protests. She located her wand between the couch cushions and returned her clothes to her body before apparating to work; she knew she was going to be late.

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