Chapter 12

Hermione was the first to wake the next morning, the bedroom was bathed in early morning light as she blinked and sought her bearings.

Pressed flat back against the mattress, Fred lay heavily against her left side, his head cushioned on her stomach, his hair brushing the undersides of her breast, his hand had become a scalding source of heat where it was firmly wedged between her thighs.

On her other side George had monopolized the majority of the bed, his arms and legs spread wide, her right arm trapped under his torso.

"George," she groaned, trying to wriggle her hand out from beneath him but finding it well and truly stuck. George's only response was to loll his head toward her and let out a soft snore.

Flexing her numb digits, she tried to poke him in his side while calling his name, "Five more minutes, Mum," he moaned, emitting a huff that stirred the curls around her face.

Fred gave an amused snort into her neck, "Imagine all we can do in five minutes," he murmured in her ear, wiggling his own fingers between her thighs until he came into contact with smooth folds.

She hummed with agreement, spreading her legs to give him better access. He captured her lips with a searing kiss that was all tongues and teeth, consuming in its intensity, and as arousing as the rest of his touch.

"I'm having a little trouble with my imagination so early in the morning, you might have to demonstrate," she sighed when he pulled his lips away to move down her throat, his path set on her now aching breasts.

Hermione gasped when his exploring digits coaxed her legs apart and sought her wet heat, finding her tiny nub and circling it with lazy intent. Waves of pleasure swelled from her core, radiating throughout her until she bowed back against the bed with a loud moan. Fred's erection pressed insistently against her thigh as she began to writhe against the bed, his mouth finding one straining nipple, using his lips to tug the swollen flesh away from her body before releasing it.

He knew every one of her erogenous zones, and capitalized on them as he suckled on her nipples, worshiped the side of her neck, nipped at her ear lobe, and paid particular attention to the tiny circles he drew between her now wet lips.

"So beautiful," he whispered in her ear, thrusting against her leg, "so responsive."

She shivered at his words, unable to respond as another pulse of pleasure crashed through her. She gasped loudly when he entered her with two fingers, finding her more than ready for him.

"Roll over," he requested, kissing her passionately before pushing her onto her side, her face inches from George's slumbering one. Her body, still pliable and languid with sleep, was easily manipulated by the red head behind her, as he hooked his arm behind her knee joint and slid his cock into her waiting folds.

Hermione's sigh ended on a sharp groan as Fred thrust in as far as her body could take him, his following thrusts as fast and deep as the first. She was suddenly grateful for the leverage she gained from being partially trapped beneath George, her other hand gripping the sheets between them as Fred rode her hard. She felt her body quickening under his relentless rhythm, giving herself to the sensations as her tight channel gripped and pulled him in.

Fred's panting breaths blew her sweaty curls around her face, his grunts and murmurs of encouragement spurring both of them on. Within minutes his body went rigid behind her, a low groan followed by hot spurts deep within her body signalling his orgasm.

Panting and tingling all over, Hermione opened her eyes to find George's grinning face less than an inch from hers, "Morning," she puffed, leaning forward to capture his lips.

"Good morning to you too, princess," he rumbled sleepily when she pulled back with a grin. Returning her smile, he shifted forward to kiss her again, one hand fumbling to tweak her nipples.

A deep shiver rode her body when Fred pulled out of her to flop on his back. George took advantage of her momentary distraction and lifted her by the waist, settling her down on his lower stomach, his own arousal resting between her cheeks, waiting for attention.

"We'd best take care of that before we have to go to work," she teased, sliding her body back, using her hand to guide him into her dripping folds.

It was far longer than five minutes before they got out of bed.

By late afternoon Hermione had cloistered herself in the back room, having transfigured a few empty boxes into a large workbench. She had several simmering cauldrons, a stack of parchment with rejected ideas to one side and a box of various potions ingredients to the other. So far, all she had managed to achieve was a new colour pleasure egg – gold.

She couldn't seem to stop her mind from wandering to Fred and George and their morning together. As satisfying as their romp had been, couldn't help but feel a pang of anxiety for the conversation that had yet again been avoided. It was inevitable their physical relationship had to come to an end, an unspoken agreement from the beginning, but it appeared that now the time had come to cut ties, all three of them were more than a little reluctant.

She couldn't stop her mind from contemplating just why that was, and the reality that her feelings for the two older men had developed into more than just friendship - bordering on the deep affection she had been striving for years to achieve with their brother - was distressing.

She felt foolish for letting herself fall in love with them - because surely that was the only explanation for her current heartbreak at the thought of not being with them again.

Hermione couldn't get passed the revelation that she was hopelessly head over heels in love with Fred and George.

"Alright?" George asked her suddenly, breaking her from her startling thoughts as he popped his head around the door.

Mustering a smile and hiding her inner turmoil as best she could, she replied, "I'm fine. I managed to turn it into gold."

Momentarily distracted, he noticed the golden pleasure egg in her hand and grinned, "Wicked."

"I thought so," she agreed, admiring her work as the egg hummed to life in her palm.

"Hey, Fred and I have to pop down to Gringotts for a bit. Verity's minding the shop, so you can carry on experimenting. Just wanted to check if you wanted anything while we're out?" he asked, taking his eyes away from the vibrating egg after a moments hesitation. Hermione wondered if he was thinking about skipping his trip to help her see if the golden egg was a better performer than its pastel siblings.

That thought sent her mind reeling down a different path and it took her a moment to remember what he'd just asked her, "Coffee would be great," she finally replied, mentally kicking herself for not asking him to stay. Before that thought have even processed she gave the dirtier side of her brain a slap for even considering asking him when she was supposed to be putting an end to their encounters.

"Coffee it is, see you soon!" he said, already heading back into the shop.

Stretching her back, she watched him go through the glass pane she had conjured in the door, smiling when Fred turned to wave at her. She watched their retreating backs come to a stop when a customer entered the shop, registering surprise when it turned out to be Percy.

The loudest objector to anything Wheeze's related, Percy looked uncomfortable to be standing in the loud and colourful store. Curious, Hermione stepped out of the back room to approach the three men.

"… she's threatening to take this to the Minister himself," Percy was saying in a low voice, glancing behind him when the door opened again and a mother with two young boys stepped into the shop.

"She can take it to whoever she likes, Perc. We've not done anything illegal," Fred replied.

"Not illegal, no. But Hogwarts rules state…" Percy started to argue, only to be cut off again.

"At Hogwarts, rules were made to be broken. Relax, Percy," Fred cajoled, slinging an arm around his older brothers shoulder, steering him toward the door.

"I can't relax when I have family members committing offences with underage witches," Percy hissed, glancing around the shop to see if anyone was listening. When he spotted Hermione approaching his whole demeanour changed.

"Percy," she greeted with a smile, "it's good to see you."

"Likewise. I, ah, I'm sorry to hear about your job," he said, adjusting his glasses. It took Hermione a moment to realize why he was being so awkward. Percy's office at the Ministry had been one of the first to reject her application.

"Thanks, it's been a rough few weeks," she informed him, deciding not to hold it against the man himself, but the system he worked for.

"Yes, indeed. Well, best be getting back to it then. Fred, George, Hermione," Percy said with a nod in each of their directions, turning on his heel and leaving as quickly as he'd arrived.

"Well, nothing like a little awkward tension to get rid of unwanted pests," George grinned, slinging an arm across her shoulders and kissing her forehead.

"Anytime," she giggled, pushing George toward Fred, who was holding the door open to leave.

"Don't do anything we wouldn't do!" Fred cried happily to her as they finally left the shop and joined the busy crowds weaving through the alley.

Turning away, Hermione weaved her way back to her workbench, sharing a smile with Verity at the twin's foolishness. When she was finally alone in the back room, she took a deep breath to clear her mind of romantic thoughts and forced her brain to focus on work.

She poked her head under the workbench to check on her house elf, finding her to be still sound asleep. Extracting her wand from deep in her pocket, she cast a warming charm and a protection bubble around the box the elf slept, keeping her warm and safe from any unexpected explosions or spills. With a renewed sense of purpose she returned to stir the potions she had been working on before getting interrupted.

However, no sooner had she cast the first sterilizing charm on the vials she would be using, Verity's raised voice penetrated through the door to the back room.

"I'm sorry ma'am, but that's a restricted are. Staff only, I'm afraid," she called, moments before the door to the backroom slammed open.

"Granger," a familiar voice greeted, as the heavy hood was pushed back on the black robed figure, revealing it was Pansy Parkinson who blocked her exit.

"Pansy?" Hermione asked, frowning at the other woman, who was looking at her with a twisted expression.

Pansy's response was to step further into the room, her wand now raised from her side.

Hermione felt her pulse pick up as her uneasiness grew, "Are you okay?"

"Do I look okay?" the witch before her hissed.

"I'll get Fred and George," Verity suddenly said from where she remained by the door. Hermione watched her run for the front door, hoping she wouldn't be too long.

"Yes, let your twins come and rescue you. That is, after all, what those Weasley's are good for. They can't resist a damsel in distress."

"What do you want?" Hermione asked, stepping back until she felt the bench behind her, blindly groping for her wand.

Pansy stepped further into the room and closer to Hermione, the wand in her hand swinging back and forth, "I'm just curious, is all. How did bucktoothed, know-it-all Granger managed to get so many men so willing to jump when she commands it?"

"What are you talking about?" Hermione asked, feeling a lump form in her throat when she didn't immediately feel her vine wood wand beneath her fingers.

Another step bought the two witches' almost nose-to-nose, "First poor Ron, who has no clue his future wife is a whore, but then again, he never really had a clue to begin with, what with you doing all his thinking for him. Then Fred and George, who I always knew liked to keep it in the family, so I suppose fucking their brothers fiancé is close enough to incest for their taste. And now Percy, who I see you've set your sights on too – somebody should really warn him before he ends up with some disease."

Hermione's jaw had dropped, her fear and anger rising to the surface at her old classmates accusations, "How dare you?" she gasped, finding her wand at that moment, silently rolling it into her palm.

"Oh I dare, Granger," she hissed in her face, her wand now poking Hermione in the ribs painfully.

Hermione saw her opportunity and threw the first hex, pushing the pregnant witch away from her, the sounds of a tumbling cauldron dimly registering in the background.

Pansy responded with screaming fury, throwing a much less defensive hex at Hermione's head, narrowly missing and hitting a large stack of boxes. Before Hermione could even voice her next curse a loud hissing noise drew both of their attentions; turning in slow motion, both women were powerless to stop what happened next.

The aftershocks of the explosion in the backroom of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes were felt all along Diagon Alley. Verity, who had only just reached Fred and George, stumbled into the twins as the ground beneath them shook, nearly pulling the three of them to the ground.

"Oh God, Hermione" she cried, spinning to look in the direction of the shop, seeing smoke rising rapidly above the buildings.

Neither Fred nor George stopped to ask their shop assistant questions, both apparating on the spot back to their store and their witch inside.

Verity dropped to her knees in the cobble stone street with a sob, fearing she'd been too late.

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