Authors Note: This is my first Fanfic so don't be too hard on me. There might be some gramatical errors I hadn't caught and most likely some punctuation errors. Constructive criticism would be pretty awesome

Summary: Bella Swan is studying to be Pastry chef. Until then however, she's taking an online college course to get a minor degree in Literature, along with working as a Care at home help for the elderly, not to mention being dragged here and there by her shopping crazed Roommate. When she isn't doing these things she's contemplating her nonexistent love life, and drinking hot chocolate at Forks Cafe. One day she meets a stranger there that took the book she was reading!! Life is about to get interesting especially with Edward Cullen around.

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight Stephenie Meyer does and she does an amazing job of it.

It was like she was under attack. The wind and the icy rain mixed together was like an entire army of Spartan men attacking her with swords, shields, arrows, spears, and any other pointy objects that she could use to cause pain to herself. The black umbrella with white polka dots on it was no use at all. It blew back in the wind and either way her hair that her roommate had so stylishly done up this morning was falling out into straight unattractive waves.

She looked up blinking against the onslaught of nature's tears glad that her mascara was waterproof. Forks Cafe was steps away. She would run if she wasn't absolutely positive she would trip over nothing and ruin the outfit her roommate had forced her into that morning.

Reaching her hand out and grabbing the cold doorknob she swings it inward and with the tinkling of the bell above her moves into the warm room. Shaking the water from her umbrella before closing the door she hangs her coat and umbrella up on a peg where countless others had done the same thing.

With a sigh of relief to be out of the rain she moves towards her high school friend and the barista on shift. "Hey Ang, can I get a 20 ounce hot chocolate?" She starts digging in her superman messenger bag for her wallet and finding the rectangular black fabric familiar in her hands she pulls out a five and waits for her drink.

"Here you go Bella a twenty ounce hot chocolate with some extra whip cream. That'll be 3. 75." Handing the five to Angela and accepting the travel cup with the logo for Forks Cafe on it Bella drops her wallet back into her bag and blows into the hole in the lid. Taking the change from Angela she drops it into the tip jar.

"What are you and Ben doing tonight?" she asks Angela taking a tiny sip and burning her taste buds.

"He said something about a new martial arts action movie he was going to drag me to see." Angela laughs and wipes the counter down. Ben was Angela's high school sweetheart. They'd been together since their sophomore year and as far as Bella was concerned were probably going to end up getting married and popping out a few kids.

Bella laughs and agrees "See you later Ang have fun on your date." She waves a little and turns around to scope for a seat. What Bella enjoyed most about Forks Cafe was the atmosphere. You could sit in a large cozy armchair and read a book that you grabbed off the shelf. Of course you had to put the book back on the shelf before you left. Forks Cafe didn't lend books out. No matter how regular a customer you were.

Finding a large burgundy armchair in a corner away from the cold air that snuck through the door and cracks underneath, she drops her stuff on it to claim it as hers and taking her hot chocolate with her goes in search of the book she'd been reading. Schulz and Peanuts she murmurs the title while searching for the familiar yellow and black book cover. Sighing she pulls her hair out of the dying style it was and pulls it into a high ponytail, her eyes still roaming the shelves for the book. Another deep sigh and she goes back to her chair defeated. Taking another drink from her beverage she pulls her laptop out of her bag and decides that maybe it's best for her to do the essay she'd been putting off.

Pulling the document up and logging onto the Cafe's internet she finds herself at a blank. The topic of the essay was to take Romeo and Juliet and compare one part of it to her life. To her the comparison to her life was a complete waste of a topic. Her only boyfriend had been in high school. Mike Newton a baby faced blue eyed blonde who was more like a golden retriever than anything else, had asked her out. Bella had befriended him when she'd moved from Arizona to Washington, and feeling unable to say no had agreed. In the end the "relationship" had only lasted one forty-five minute class period.

Sighing at the depressing state of her love life, or lack of one, she glances around the somewhat crowded cafe. She could see some of the usual customers sitting drinking the same thing they got every time they entered Forks. The old man that ran around flashing sat, his trench coat safely tied in place, drinking his mocha latte in silence the newspaper in front of him was untouched and he was staring at the wall.

Glancing around again uninterested in the flasher her eyes land on the familiar yellow book cover. She glares at the hands that hold the book wishing that she could somehow take the book from whoever's grubby hands it had fallen in. She glares at the pale hands and moves her eyes up toward the face of the book snatcher. A well toned muscular chest in a tight cream colored turtleneck with the neck rolled down enough to expose a pale Adams apple. An angular chin moved to a crooked smile, the smile moved to the most vibrant green colored eyes she'd ever seen. The eyes that just so happened to be looking right at her. She blinks a couple of times and looks at the face all together. The man sitting there was godlike. Messy bronze colored hair fell in casual disarray, his gorgeous model like face held an amused expression and one of his hands had moved up to cradle his chin and cheek.

His crooked smile widens and he winks at her. Bella feels the familiar heat of her blood rushing to her face. Embarrassed to have been glaring at the godlike stranger she quickly looks back down at her computer and notices an instant message from her Roommate.

Pixie: Hey Bella what time are you going to be home?

Classy Klutz: hour to an hour and a half.

Pixie: m'kay :) are you at Forks?

Classy Klutz: yeah after dealing with Ms. Roberts I needed some hot chocolate

Pixie: Hahaha tell me about it when you get home.

Classy Klutz: Will do. Bye Alice.

Bella moves her mouse over to the red 'x' and closes the message. had been her e-mail since last year. Alice, her pushy fashion loving roommate, had made it for her when they were roommates in the dorm. They'd moved into an apartment not too far from the college though. The Art Institute of Seattle was only blocks from their apartment. Alice was studying to become a fashion designer and Bella was working on becoming a pastry chef. Along with an online school for a minor in Literature, and a job taking care of elderly ladies and gents Bella's life was busy with very little time to reflect on her current status as 'dateless'

Bella glances up again at the chair where the godlike creature had been sitting and though trying not to show disappointment at the fact that he wasn't sitting there anymore tries to type an essay for her online literature class. Frowning at the screen of her computer she groans and puts her head in her hands.

A throat is cleared in the chair across from her. She ignores it because the possibility of it having been someone who was sick from the cold weather was a high percentage. The person chuckles, a velvety sound, and clears his throat again. Sighing she glances up only to stare into the green eyes of the amused stranger.

"I hope I'm not interrupting your moment of despair," the stranger's crooked grin and amused tone was contagious and Bella laughs lightly at the thought of her despair, "but I noticed that you glared at me not to long ago and it peaked my interest. Care to tell me why you were glaring at me?"

Bella blushes and looking down sheepishly "I was looking for the book you were reading."

The stranger laughs and offers his hand out to Bella, "I'm Edward Cullen."

"Isabella Swan, call me Bella though." she shakes his warm hand and smiles at him. She shuts down her computer and closing it places it back into her superman bag. "I don't mean to be nosy but I don't think I've ever seen you here before." He smiles at her again and she feels herself melting into the fabric of the chair.

"I just transferred to a college here and heard from a friend that this was a good place to come." Bella nods thoughtfully and tries to take a sip from her cup only to find it empty. She looks at it in shock she didn't even remember drinking it. "Can I buy you another drink?" Edward's amused tone snaps her back into reality. Smiling she nods sheepishly. She couldn't explain it but to her it seemed as if she'd known Edward her entire life instead of meeting him ten minutes before.