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There is an art to telling how somebody feels about you. Take the weight of the eyes and gauge which measurement would work the best. The weight of dislike is measured like your stomach has turned to rocks. The weight of curiosity is a prickle of the hairs at the nape of the neck, and the feeling of like or love is a shiver running directly down the spine spinning and swirling like fireflies.

If there is one thing she was aware of it was the feeling of eyes. When she'd first moved from Arizona to Washington she'd felt the difference in the weight of the looks people gave. In Arizona she was practically invisible, a clumsy girl with no real reason for anybody to look at her. Once she moved to Washington she went from nothing special to a novelty. She couldn't see a reason for people to look at her like that. She wouldn't say she was unattractive, but she would agree she was plain. She wouldn't say she didn't like being in social settings, but that she liked to curl up and read. She was full of contradictions.

"Bella have you seen my keys?" Alice's voice was faint through the closed door, but the sounds of her heels clicking against the wooden floorboards was nearing.

"Nope." the door opens and Bella looks towards it taking in the upside down image of Alice, who was wearing a sunshine yellow dress that hugged the top of her shoulders that curled to show cleavage wrapped itself around her stomach and waist like a boa constrictor, and subtly flowed to her knee caps. A yellow hair band nestles in her short black hair, which she's let dry naturally into tight curls. "Why are you all dressed up?"

"Date," Alice grins, "Why are you lying sideways on your bed?"

"It's comfortable," her heels rest high up on the white wall leeching the coolness to her the warm skin of her feet.

"I'll have to call Jasper." Alice in the doorway and looks at the necklaces hanging from Bella's wall, "Can I borrow the locket with the tea pot with butterflies coming out of it?" The locket itself was an ivory base color with a white teapot and butterflies coming from the spout. Bella had found the locket company at a street fair on a trip to Portland to visit her Uncle.

Bella makes a noise of consent and taps her fingers across the binding of her book. She had a week to get her essay comparing her life to Romeo and Juliet done and turned in and she still had no idea what to write about. The only thing she knew for sure was she needed to stop reading the play over and over and actually start making lists of things she could write about.

"Any idea what Edward is up to tonight?" Alice was looking at herself in the mirror over Bella's dresser brushing stray curls into place, adjusting jewelry, and the way her dress fit.

"He's probably working on homework like I am." With her feet planted firmly on her carpet again Bella was liking the idea of working on her homework less and less. It'd had been a week since Edward had taken Bella to work, her truck had finally kicked the bucket and been sold for parts, though Bella had stolen the rear view mirror from it and installed it above her desk. Bella thought she was pretty lucky though that her mom's new husband Phil had bought Renee a new car and let Bella have the white ford focus her mom had been driving. She'd been flown to California, where Phil was training for baseball, and then she drove back to Seattle. During that time Edward was studying for a test. They'd called twice and texted whenever Bella had service and Edward had free time.

"Hmmm," Alice hums closing her phone, "So you're just going to hang around the house tonight?"

"I want to get this paper written before the weekend." There was a knock on the door. Three solid knocks rapped out and made Alice grin. From where Bella was sitting on her bed she could hear the different octaves talking. Something sounded off in the male response because the octave changed and seemed to blur around the edges.

She was glaring at a notebook where a line was hastily drawn down the middle. How was she going to compare her life to one of Shakespeare's greatest plays. Her parents had only ever had one problem with another family, and that was the question of why the neighbors dog kept knocking over the trash can and ripping up trash bags. Other than that there was nothing she could think of. There was a rap against the side of her door and she looks up surprised.

There leaning against the doorjamb looking completely drool worthy and at ease was Edward. His hair was messier than it usually was and she could see raindrops cling to it in a way that most women seem to fantasize about. He was grinning, not a crooked one but it was still perfect.

"What are you doing here Edward?" She patted a spot next to her on her blue and white polka dotted comforter. Pushing and pulling supplies into a haphazard pile.

"Since Jasper and Alice are going out I figured I might come over and stay in." He sets a backpack on her bed and sits down close enough that their legs brushed against each other when anybody moved, "And I need some added motivation for studying. If you agree to be my motivational coach I'll buy you dinner." He wags his eyebrows at her in a way that suggest bribery.

"If you agree to be my motivational coach I'll be yours." She grins at him, "And you don't have to worry about dinner because I made lasagna today and it should be done in twenty minutes."

"Deal." They shake hands to seal it even though Bella was tempted to seal it with a kiss instead. She lets Edward lace their fingers together. The idea for her topic creeps into the silence of the room, just the sound of their breathing mixed together was comforting, even though she would normally feel the need to babble to fill the silence. Her pen scratching against the notebook and the turning of pages from his book was all she needed to be content. Her stomach growled, breaking the silence, maybe she should add lasagna to the list of things she needed to be content.