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April 1st- April Fool's Day

Miroku and Inuyasha sat across from each other, musing over how to torment a certain taiyoukai the next day.

"We could tell him it's like 20 degrees outside when it's hot outside."

"No; He checks the weather online, and the channel, and the passerbys below. Maybe we could put hot sauce in his cereal."

"No; His sense of smell, remember?"


... They probably should've thought about this before. Procrastination is never a good idea for a detailed sabotage plan. In fact, with their wonderful ideas, they should probably call in a specialist like Naraku. "GAH!! That bastard is too controlling!"

Miroku gasped, "Wait a second, Inuyasha! Is Kagome still in town on vacation?!"

Inuyasha nodded and sat back down from his outburst. "Yeah, she doesn't go back to Osaka until the day after tomorrow."

Miroku grinned evilly, "I've got a great idea."

Kagome glared as she swiveled in the swivel chair. Miroku was such a con-artist. Those two are going to owe me SOO much oden.

She didn't want to be in an office on her last day of vacation in Tokyo, especially with lots of the women making fun of her accent. She huffed. It wasn't her fault, she'd picked it up in the last five years living in Osaka. "Ahou."

An hour of torture went by. Her answer the phones for the assistant she was taking the place of, all the calls of which asked if they were calling the write number. The assistants of the other head honchos asking her questions that would blatantly call upon her accent. Was it really such a big deal? Although, they were starting to get bored and focus on something else and Kagome's boredom was setting in.

She'd just begun to try balancing a pen on her upper lip when he stepped through the elevator. Kagome gaped, the pen falling to the ground with a large clatter it seemed. He pulled off his glasses and glared at her. "You are not my assistant."

She grimaced. So this was the Mr. Frosty Miroku had told her about. She stood up and bowed. "Actually, mistuh Taishou, yoh're auther assistant wus in un accident and Ah wus contacted tuh take huh place until she recovuhs." She smiled up at him nervously.

He stared at her for a while. "Hn." He moved to go into his office, "Am I to be told no one told you of your duties?"

She blinked. He was seriously falling for this? "No, suh. Ah arrived here un hour ago and yohr younguh brothuh jus' told me tuh answuh the phones until you got here."

"I'm sure he did. What's your name?"

"Higurashi Kagome, suh."

"Join me in my office, Miss Higurashi."

Kagome quickly followed behind Sesshoumaru as he moved into his office. He motioned for he to sit and they both did so. Sesshoumaru looked down at her, "My brother brought you here?"

"Yes, Ah suppo-"


Kagome tried to contain her ire at being cut off and answered the new question. "Becuhse yohr uther assistant wus in un accident. Ah told you that."

"Hn." Sesshoumaru leaned back in his chair. "Why really though?"

"Ah don't realleh know. That's whut thay told me."


Kagome nodded, "Yes, Miroku and Inuyahsha."

Sesshoumaru smirked and rose from his chair. "I see." He leaned over her smaller figure in the chair, keeping the evil smirk on his lip, "I wonder how innocent you really are in all this."

Kagome glared. "Hey! Ah wus blackmailed into this!" She tried to stand, but Sesshoumaru wasn't moved. "Move! Let me up!"

He grabbed her chin and brought her face closer, like really close, to his. "Tell my brother and his friend that I remember who their friends are." He released her and she fell back into the chair. "Especially the pretty ones."

Kagome blushed and began to exit the room after scrambling out of the chair. As she made her way to the door she turned and called out, "Ahou!" before scurrying to the elevator.

She grabbed her phone and dialled Inuyasha's cell. It picked up after a few rings. "Oi! Whut's the big idea?! Yohr brothuh knew who Ah was so whutevuh yohr plan wus, it failed!"

"Hey! Don't yell at me! It was Miroku's idea!"

"Ahou! Ahou! AHOU! Ah'm nevuh gonna visit you on mah vacation again!" Click.

Kagome huffed and leaned against the elevator wall. She thought back on what just happened with Inuyasha's older brother. My God, I thought he was going to kiss me. She blushed. Why isn't that a horrible image in my mind!? I should be angrier about this!

Still huffy, Kagome strode off of the elevator and made it a goal to forget this day ever happened.

Sesshoumaru wrote out the girl's name, for reference. He wouldn't forget. In fact, he'd have to see what he could do about a business trip to... Osaka? Probably. He'd blackmail it out of Inuyasha.

An April Fool's Day trick, indeed. Did the imbeciles think I wouldn't know about this day?

A/N: For those who aren't savvy with Conan lingo, "ahou" means the same thing as "baka," which means stupid, but in Osakan dialect. Also, sorry if you can't understand what Kagome's saying. I tried not to make it too bad. Also, I gave her a southern accent while Osaka is west of Tokyo, but I don't think the accents are very different from east to west in English, unless you include Britain. So, yeah... Just ask.