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A woman who in this story will be known as The Bimbo walked into a Bar and Grill we know as


At the bar waiting for a table on the crowded evening The Bimbo sips on her wine. A gentle-man who will hence forth be known as Mr. Pudgy takes a seat next to her.

Taking no mind to him The Bimbo continues to wait. She vague notices him order a drink. She just wants to sit and brood for a while.

Sighing at the exact same time they turn to each other with inquisitive looks on there faces. Raising an eyebrow ant Mr. Pudgy, The Bimbo starts to nod excessively, Mr. Pudgy seeming to be equally as whacked joins along with her until there in fits of laughter.

Inhaling deep breaths she says,

"Kerry...Kerry Johnson."

Calming down himself Mr. Pudgy extends his hand.

"Pete...Pete Shanahan."

"Excuse me Miss?" brings The Bimbo out of her trance. Seemingly lost in Mr. Pudgy's eyes. Unwillingly she turns toward the unwelcome voice.

"Yes?" she enquirers to whom is apparently her waitress.

"There is a table ready Miss." she hold out her menu clad hands out for leading.

Standing The Bimbo turns 'round to Mr. Pudgy (who is still starring at her) she asks,

"Join Me?"

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