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Pet Chapter 1

(Cloud's POV)

Wham. Cloud went face down in the ground with a thud. What the fuck was that? Cloud reached over his shoulder to grab his trusty Buster Sword. Thud, his face went straight back in the dirt as a boot pressed into his back.

"I didn't think it would be this easy Cloud."

Cloud squeezed his eyes shut, recognizing Renos voice. "Dammit Reno, I thought we were done with the fighting. Or is this a suicide attempt? I guarantee, I will kill you." Stupid fucking Turks.

Reno removed Clouds sword, tossing it as far away as his strength would allow him. "Damn Strife, how you fight with that heavy thing is beyond me."

"What the hell do you want Reno?" Cloud was getting extremely annoyed with the red head. He couldn't think of any possible reason for the attack other than Reno was fucking around.

Reno lowered his body down to his knees, keeping Clouds arms pinned underneath, "Believe it or not, I'm on a mission."

A mission?! Shit, he's here to kill me? That doesn't make sense. "Why in the hell would Rufus want me killed?"

"Oh! Did you think I was on a mission to kill you? My bad! That's not why I'm here." Reno laughed.

Cloud breathed a sigh of relief, he was in a bad position to make any attempts at keeping his life. "Then why the hell are you sitting on my back, you dumb fucking Turk!"

Reno leaned down close to the blondes ear and whispered, "Because he wants you delivered, alive."

Cloud felt the sharp stab of a needle in his neck, and all went black.

(Reno POV)

Reno struggled to carry the Blonde up the stairs to his boss's apartment. Cloud was far heavier than he looked, and Reno was far weaker than he realized. I better get a raise for this. Reno dropped his baggage to the floor upon reaching the door. He jabbed his finger into the buzzer a couple of times, impatient to get in. The guards Rufus kept on this floor always creeped Reno out. Big ugly dudes, always staring at him. Reno turned his head towards the one guard closest to him and stuck out his tongue. As usual, no response. You think one day they'd at least threaten to beat my face in...

"Ah, Reno. You manage to deliver my package. Excellent." Rufus had appeared in the doorway, huge grin spreading across his face, "Brutus!" Rufus shouted, motioning the guard over, "Bring my package inside, and put the collar on him."

Collar? Why does he need a collar? Reno scratched his nose with his middle finger as the guard passed him. Hmmm... still no response. Maybe I should moon one of them eventually. That ought to piss them off. Reno smiled to himself not sure why he enjoyed the thought of pissing people off so much. He was a born instigator, and planned to remain that way.

"So boss, what's the plan for Strife?" Reno was more than a little curious about it.

"You don't worry your pretty little head about that," Rufus laughed, "I think you deserve a vacation for all the overtime you've been putting in for me. How about 2 weeks, full pay, in my mansion at Marina Del Ray?"

SWEET!! Reno beamed, no longer giving a shit about his Boss's package, "Hell yeah! When can I leave?"

"Go now, have fun. And fuck a couple of whores for me." Rufus patted the Turk on the back, letting Reno know it was time to leave.

"Damn. I'll fuck ten of 'em for you," Reno called, already jogging towards the stairs, "Thanks Boss!"

Rufus nodded, retreating into his apartment.

I'm going on Vacation. I'm going on Vacation. I'm gonna get laid. Reno mentally sang, approaching the stairs. He stopped and looked at the guard standing near the steps. This ought to do it. Reno unbuttoned his shirt, baring his naked chest to the guard. He popped a finger into his mouth, then slowly lowered his finger down to his nipple. He slowly circled his nipple with his finger while he made kiss noise towards the guard. DAMMIT! Still no response!

Reno sighed, buttoned his shirt, and ran out the building to have the best two weeks of his life.

(Cloud POV)

"Did you put the collar on him?"

Who's voice is that? Where am I? I can't open my eyes.

"Oh good, he's already beginning to wake up. Perfect. You may leave Brutus."

Voice sounds familiar. Why can't I open my eyes? Reno... He drugged me. I'm going to kill that bastard if I survive this.

"Now let's get you undressed."

Cloud felt hands pulling off his shirt. When the hands moved down to remove his pants, he struggled to open his eyes, managing only to crack one half open. Rufus. I'm going to kill that dickwad too. Why doesn't he have me restrained? Doesn't he know what I'll do once this drug wears off? Cloud finally opened his other eye, glaring at Rufus. And why the hell is he taking off my clothes?

Rufus smirked, I wouldn't look at me that way if I were you, Cloud."

Cloud open and closed his fist, feeling his strength beginning to return. A few more minutes, and this asshole will be history.

Rufus leaned down, sniffing the air near Clouds neck. Grimacing, he backed away. "When the hell was the last time you bathed Cloud, you smell terrible."

Prissy little bitches like you wouldn't understand what it's like to actually sweatCloud held his tongue, waiting for his strength to fully return. He could feel he was close.

"I think I'll give you a bath first, then we'll work from there. How does that sound Cloud? Then I won't have to suffer with your terrible smell."

Time to wipe that grin off your fucking face Rufus. Cloud sprung up to attack Rufus, but quickly doubled over in horrific pain, onto the floor. Almost as quickly as it had started, the pain subsided. Cloud raised his hand to the object wrapped around his neck.

Rufus stood over Cloud. "Rule number one Cloud, don't attack your Master."

To be continued..

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