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Pet Chapter 3 (Cloud POV)

Cloud crouched in the corner of Rufus bedroom clutching his knees to his chest for warmth. Earlier, he had attempted to attack Rufus as he slept, only to be greeted with another shock to his system. He didn't know how Rufus knew he was about to be attacked, but he made sure Cloud knew the painful punishment. Cloud spent the remainder of the night trying to think up a new plan of escape, but the darkness had left him with little to work with. Now the sun was beginning to peek into the room, and Cloud was beginning to feel a sense of dread wash over him.

Why did Reno do this to me? Why does he work for this lunatic? Cloud silently beat his forehead against his knees. No, this is my fault. I should have been more careful. I should have considered Reno more of a threat. Every time Cloud had battled Reno in the past, it had always been the same. Reno would yap too much, make a stupid mistake, and Cloud would overpower him. I'm an idiot. Now I'm paying the price. But why is this the price? Cloud squirmed a little remembering the sensation of Rufus' finger in his body but he quickly shoved the memory away. I've got to get out of here...

"Why Cloud, did you get any sleep?"

Cloud rose his head from his knees to acknowledge his captor, but wouldn't make eye contact.

"Tsk. Staying up all night isn't very healthy Cloud. You have circles under your eyes."

I'd like to see you try to sleep naked on the floor.

"Well, I think it's time for breakfast, don't you?"

Cloud was definitely hungry. I hope he doesn't give me dog food... Cloud shifted to his hands and knees and followed Rufus into a small kitchen. He sat and watched as Rufus prepared an omelette and filled a bowl with water. When Rufus finished with the omelette, he placed it on a small wooden table and laid the bowl of water on the floor in front of Cloud.

"Here you go. Enjoy." Rufus went to the table and began eating the omelette.

This is it? A bowl of water? That bastard is going to eat eggs right in front of me and give me a fucking bowl of water?!?

Rufus gave Cloud a puzzled look, "Something wrong Cloud?" You know what's wrong. "If you don't want any water, I can get rid of it."

Not wanting to lose what little he had, Cloud picked up the bowl of water to drink.

"Cloud, that is not how a pet drinks his water! Now do it right!"

Please don't shock me! The Blonde quickly placed the water bowl back on the floor. He dipped his head down, carefully trying to drink the water without using his hands.

"That's better." Rufus said patting Cloud on the head, "Now I suppose you are probably hungry?"

Don't touch me. Resisting the urge to pull away from Rufus's touch, Cloud looked into the blue eyes. Just give me something to eat already!

Rufus stood again, fetching a jar from the cabinet. He sat back down in front of Cloud, with a smirk on his face. "Don't worry, you'll get your meal if you're a good boy."

Clouds eyes widened as Rufus unbuttoned the fly of his white pajamas, pulling out his manhood. What the fuck is he doing???

Rufus leisurely stroked himself in front of Cloud, not stopping until he had become fully erect. He reached for the jar and placed a small dab of what looked like peanut butter on the tip of his arousal, "Show me how hungry you are Cloud. Have a taste."

No no no no no! Cloud remained still, halfway from shock, halfway from disgust. All he manage to do was stare at Rufus' peanut butter tipped erection. Will he shock me if I don't do this?

Rufus sighed, "Cloud, if you don't show me you're hungry, then you won't be fed. Are you hungry?"

Cloud finally tore his gaze away from Rufus' hard member, wanting just to stare at the floor again and forget he was ever hungry. He shook his head slightly to answer Rufus. No, I won't do it.

"Alright. You don't have to eat if you don't want to. Nobody is forcing you." Rufus got up from his chair, and stood in front of Cloud.

Cloud gulped realizing that Rufus' throbbing erection was now just a couple inches away from his face. He's going to make me do this anyway. He's going to shock me if I don't.

Rufus lowered his hand, wiping the peanut butter of himself with his index finger. Slowly, he brought the finger to his mouth, lasciviously licking it clean. "Mmmm. It tastes really good. You're missing out Cloud." Rufus ran his fingers through Clouds hair gently, "Stay still and I promise I won't shock you."

Cloud ran his tongue over his lips nervously, but kept his body completely still. He didn't want to be shocked, but felt a slight appreciation for the warning. To Clouds surprised, Rufus began to stroke himself again. As seconds of stroking turned into minutes, Cloud began to feel relieved. He's not going to make me put his dick in my mouth. Thank God for that.

Rufus started stroking himself faster and gripped the hair on the back of Clouds head, pulling Clouds head closer, "Uhn..." he groaned, spilling his seed on Clouds face.

Cloud immediately squeezed his eyes shut as the liquid hit his face. It mostly splattered on the left side of his face, hitting his eye and nose, and dribbling down to his cheek and mouth. He fought the urge to immediately wipe the disgusting fluid off his face figuring it would only upset Rufus. Cracking open his right eye, he looked back up at Rufus.

Rufus smiled down at him, "Beautiful." he said, running his fingers through Clouds hair again, "simply beautiful."


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