Never let This Go, Paramore

Please don't read my fan fics if you don't get that this isn't real, ktnx

Two hours, two whole hours.

Adrianna sat back in the chair, running her slender finger over the rim of her wine glass. She would of course never drank wine in front of him, but he didn't show up did he?

This was no surprise. After three years of this shit, there were no tears to hold back. The one surprise she did receive that night was from a completely different man that walked in to greet her.

"He's really sorry Dee…"

"Save it, Cabana…" She laughed, pushing the seat back under the table neatly. She straightened her dress out and proceeded to push past him.

"The bill, sir…" A young waiter smiled, handing Colt the black leather book. "200 Dollars! You spent 200 dollars on fucking wine!" He screamed to her as she walked out the door, completely ignoring the mature patrons trying to enjoy their meals.

He shook his head, throwing down a few bills before handing back to the man. "We went back to your place after the show, we started talking about summerslam and he kinda got caught up in it…" She held up her hand as he tried to catch up.

"You don't have to explain for him Cab, but you can take me home." He rolled his eyes. As much as he loved her, that girl was a total bitch. Adrianna smiled at his annoyed demeanor, opening his car door.

"I don't understand why you're still dating that asshole…" Adrianna grinned, "Neither do I…" She smiled, jumping into the passenger seat, grabbing her best friend and Colt Cabana's girlfriend Sophie into a huge hug. Colt let an annoyed sigh pass through his teeth as he got into the back seat of his own car.

"Your house?" Sophie smiled a cheeky grin colt would be proud of. Adrianna rolled her eyes, "Yes Sophia, my house…" She smiled as the car jerked to life, as she pulled out with a loud screech of the wheels.

Let's just say, Sophie was not known for her driving talents. All that could be heard for the whole drive home was colt in the back seat yelling 'Shit, shit, shit…" or the car horn blasting from under Sophie's lead hand.

"Last stop…" Sophie grinned as if she hadn't almost run over a herd of elderly citizens. Adrianna smiled, silently thanking whichever god there is up there that she was still alive. "I'll see you guys tomorrow…" She smiled, planting a small kiss on Sophie's, then Colt's cheeks.

She smiled, prancing her way up the driveway, and through the front door. She stepped inside and had never felt more hurt in her life. She stepped toward the living room, leaning her head against the doorframe.

There he sat. The love of her life, rewinding and re playing a GTS from last weeks show that he hadn't gotten perfectly right. His left hand holding the phone to his ear and his right hand writing down notes.

"Yeah I know, yeah I heard about that good for you sweetie…

Are they gonna give you a shot?

Well, they should. You look great out there…

Yeah, I'm watching it right now you look beautiful…

Okay, I'll call you later then. Okay, alright bye Maria…"

He set the phone back on the table and smiled, shaking his head. She sighed loudly, turning around to retreat back to her bedroom.

"Dee… Dee!? fine, fuck off!" She shook her head as his voice echoed through the hall she walked down. His voice, the voice she used to swoon over, now she would do anything to drown out…