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(A/N: it's like a garden outside a church wedding thing, so they are outside the church in the garden, and there are like buffet tables and a stage cause Yamato and his band are gonna play. And this ending is the one where he DOESN'T leave her at the altar, so Katherine is off somewhere preparing.)

Takeru's POV

"Hey Takeru." Hikari said to me.

"Hey.. "

'What am I gonna do.. Do I tell her? Do I marry Kat?' I thought.

"You nervous?" she asked.

"Yeah.. How did you know?" I asked.

(A/N: imagine Takeru and Hikari standing up and both have plates in their hands.)

"Well one, you haven't touched your food and two it's your wedding of course your nervous.." she replied.

"I guess.."

'Especially when you're in love with a girl and it's not the bride'

"You should try the sushi.." she said.

I took a bite of the sushi, and I almost spit it out, I guess Kat must have picked one of those American caterers.

Hikari started laughing at me, and I took my plate and discreetly threw the contents away in a nearby rubbish bin and Hikari followed me.

"I wonder what people are gonna think when they find out the groom threw away the food he catered for his own wedding.." Hikari said playfully.

"They'll think. "Wow that sushi must be really bad." I replied and we both started to laugh.

'How can you laugh at a time like this?? You're gonna marry a girl who you don't love, and the one you do love is standing right in front of you and you're not gonna tell her??' the annoying little voice in my head said. (Takeru's conscience.)

I sighed, and said " Hey.. umm Hikari.."

"Yeah?" she asked.

"I've got something to tell you.. do you think we could go somewhere.." I said nervously.

"Sure okay.."

Takeru's POV

'Okay.. You have to tell her.'

"Hikari.. You know just now when you asked me why I'm marrying Kat.. The truth is.. I don't want to marry Kat. Hikari.. I .. I still love you Hikari.." I said looking at the floor waiting for her reaction.

"Takeru.. I've always loved you." she said and quickly went to hug me.

I was shocked, and thinking how stupid I was not to tell her earlier. We shared a passionate kiss, and she suddenly asked "Then what do we do now?"

"We could.. " I said thinking, before being interrupted by someone.

"You guys could run away.." Yamato said suddenly coming out from his hiding place.

"WHAT?" Another boy suddenly said, also coming out from his hiding place.

"Taichi! Yamato! You guys have been spying on us all along?" Hikari suddenly asked loudly.

"Err.. Yea.." the two boys said smiling embarrassingly.

Hikari and I started blushing.

"So you guys gonna do it or what?" Yamato asked.

"Do what?" I asked.

"Run away. Before the wedding starts."

"But what about the wedding?" Hikari asked.

"Me and Tai will Tell everyone the wedding is cancelled." Yamato said matter-of-factly.

"What?? Why me??" Tai suddenly shouted.

"Cause I can't do it myself.. Now both of you get out of here."

Hikari looked at me, and I nodded my head. I took her hand and we ran out of the church compound.

"Thanks Yamato." Hikari shouted

"Yeah thanks bro." I shouted as well

"Hey what about me??" Taichi asked

"I knew those two would always end up together.." Yamato said feeling pleased with himself.

Church garden. (If you scroll up I give a better description on it. and if you scroll up I wrote that there was a stage.)

3rd person POV

"What?? Why do I have to go and announce it?" Taichi asked.

"Just go.. !" Yamato said pushing his best friend up on to the stage.

"Err.. Attention everyone.. I would like to inform you that unfortunately the wedding is cancelled because the groom ran off with someone else.."

Gasps could be heard in the crowd. People could be heard whispering, and Yolei could be heard shouting " Go Hikari!" followed by ken saying "Yolei!" Someone ( I think from Katherine's side of the family) asked "Who did he run off with?" And suddenly many people were wondering about it.

Suddenly Katherine's mum went up on stage and fiercely demanded Taichi to tell her whom her daughter had just got ditched for.

"Err.. The groom ran off with my sister.." Taichi accidentally said into the microphone.

Gasps could be heard. And everyone was shocked, especially Hikari's parents.

Katherine's mum went in a rage, and she gave Taichi a slap on the face.

(A/N: sorry Taichi fans.. plus is it kinda weird, I just wanted some slapping action so I added it here. SORRY!)

"Is it true?" A blonde girl in a white wedding gown suddenly appeared running towards the stage. (Katherine)

"Err Yeah.." Taichi said.

Katherine, just like her mum went into a fit of fury, and demanded who Takeru ran of with, her mother informed her, and she again slapped Tai (A/N: Poor Taichi!) and both mother and daughter got off the stage.

Few minutes later, Taichi also got off the stage, and told Yamato "The next time we're announcing the cancellation of a wedding cause the groom ran off with someone else, you do it."

Somewhere not far away.

"So.. Where do we go now?" Hikari asked.

"Well I was thinking we could go and get something to eat. I had a crappy lunch.."

(A/N: note when I say run away, it doesn't mean elope. They are not getting married. Yet. Anyway they are just running away from the church then like they'll go back to normal life. This is so I can do a sequel xD)

THE END (ending number one. Now please go down read ending number two, which is the one where he leaves her at the altar.)


(A/N: still the same wedding setting, garden n stuffs..)

In the church.

Takeru's POV

(A/N: Takeru is at the altar waiting for Katherine to walk in and Yamato is his best man.)

"So Takeru you ready?" Yamato asked.

"I'd be lying if I said yes."

I thought through it, the entire time, and I decided to just marry Katherine, It wasn't something I wanted to do, but what else could I do?

I looked at Hikari, she was sitting on the second row. She looked really happy for me.

Hikari's POV

'This is gonna be the worse two hours of my life, I hope the reception wont be this bad.'

"Hikari you okay?" Taichi asked

"Yeah.. " I answered weakly.

'Of course I'm not okay. How can I be okay.'

I was mentally preparing myself for all the heartache to come. I was holding back my tears. I looked at Takeru standing at the altar he looked happy but nervous.

I really tried to be happy for him, he finally found someone he could spend the rest of his life with, unfortunately, that person wasn't me.

Takeru's POV


(A/N: I'm not sure what the minister says so I kinda guessed. And I just remembered in this story that Takeru and Yamato's parents are divorced, so sorry if I put Takeru Ishida anywhere in this story instead of Takashi)

"Katherine Johnson do you take Takeru Takashi to be you're lawfully wedded husband, for better of for worse, in richer or in poorer, in sickness or in health?" the minister asked.

"I do." she said happily.

"Takeru Takashi do you take Katherine Johnson to be your lawfully wedded wife, for better or for worse, in richer or in poorer, in sickness of in health?"


Eight-year-old Takeru slammed the door behind them shut.

"TK, what are we going to do?" asked a scared Hikari, "All the others have been turned into dolls, we don't stand a chance!" she said, her eyes tearing.

"Hikari don't cry, we still have Patamon." he said trying to console her.

"Yup.. Hey what's this you guys." Patamon said hovering over a basket.

Takeru lifted up the lid, and there was rope inside, but suddenly the rope started moving, but instead of going down, it went up, so Hikari and Takeru had no choice but to climb up.

Suddenly, the door opened with a loud bang, and Piedmon came walking out of it.

"Keep Going... Don't look back! Go Patamon!" the blonde said trying not to panic.

'Patamon digivolve to Angemon.'

"CLOWN TRICK!" Angemon fell over the balcony and sent him falling on to the ground below.

"Well that was fun" Piedmon said with a evil laugh.. Well, Well, Well, the young prince is guarding his little Princess eh?, how quaint."

(A/N: I think that line was in the show.)

Takeru couldn't take it anymore; he was not going to let Piedmon take Hikari.

"Shut up! You've taken everyone, but you're not taking her!"

-End of Flashback-


(This was in the episode 13 that I watched on youtube.)

"Kari I've been looking all over for you. Are you okay?" Takeru asked.

"It was weird, I was at the beach." Hikari said weakly.

"You ditched school?"

"No silly. A beach in another dimension. You saw me in class, I was just sitting there, and the next thing I know I was in the ocean."

"Now you totally lost me."

"Then on my way to the nurses office, it happened again, I was surrounded by water and then I saw one of them."

"What do you mean one of them?"

"Digimon, they keep trying to take me to their world, I don't know if I can resist it anymore."

"You've got to. Where are they Kari? We'll fight them."

"I cant TK. I'm sorry, I'm just not strong like my brother Tai."

"You're gonna quit? Give up? Just like that? Look Kari I care too much about you to let anyone take you away without a fight."

-End of Flashback-

I remembered many other events in our friendship, the first day I met her, our graduation dance, the day I left for France, and many more.

'When the time comes you'll know what to do.'

And then it hit me; I wasn't going to lose Hikari again. I couldn't marry Katherine.

"I'm sorry.." I said running out of the church.

3rd person POV

Gasps could be heard in the crowd, Hikari quickly got out of her seat, and ran out of the church to find Takeru.

He was sitting on one of the chairs in the garden.

"Takeru what's wrong?" she asked.

"Hikari.. I thought about what you said earlier. I don't want to be with Katherine.. I.. I want to be with you." Takeru said.

Hikari was shocked, but in a happy way. She gave Takeru a kiss, which shocked Takeru even more. He couldn't believe Hikari still had feelings for him too. And after awhile the two of them were kissing in front of the church, and everyone who was had came for the wedding were now outside looking at them.

Katherine's side of the family stormed off, and Hikari's parents were shocked. Taichi and Yamato grinned, and Yamato went on the stage and played a song on his guitar while he sang.

What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive
I can't keep up and I can't back down
I've been losing so much time

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

One of the things that I want to say just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words
You've got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you
and me and all other people with nothing to do
Nothing to prove
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you

What day is it?
And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive


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