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Rating: NC-17
Pairing (s): Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, Yami/Yugi.
Spoilers: Marik's plan in Battle City I guess...
Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh or any of the characters...sadface...
Summary: I never thought that Izumi Academy would change me so much - I mean, who would have thought that I, of all people, would fall for a guy? And all of these things that have been happening...if I didn't know better, I'd swear someone was out to kill me!

Warnings: Shounen-ai (Male/male relationships), Yaoi (Male/male sexual relationships – though there will be forewarning of the chapters that contain the explicit stuff), Language, plus if you see it as a warning, OOC-ness.

Yami Marik = Marik, Marik = Malik, Yami Bakura = Bakura, Bakura = Ryou.

Chapter One – My New Life

Today, I start at a new school. Izumi Academy, it's called. Before, I just attended a normal public magic school, but, a few weeks ago, my father helped me apply for a scholarship and I got it; I'm now a student at a private wizardry school! It's a shame that they don't accept witches, but, I suppose, it's easier this way. It's not as though I was popular with the girls anyway. I mean, who would want me? With my ghost-pale skin and white hair; I have eyes the colour of mud. Yuck.

Anyway, I drove my Land Rover down the huge pebble road toward the colossal castle-like building that was the academy. On either side of the brown-orange road were gigantic stretches of brilliantly green grass and tall evergreens and pines; a wooden shed, that was, presumably, for the gamekeeper's tools, was perched at the edge of a vast, smooth lake. At the side of the main entrance was a car park where I parked alongside a sleek red sports car; I've never had a clue about car's names or which one was better that which, but I do know that that one was a nice car.

I trudged up the stone steps toward the main entrance doors and pushed them open. A tall, strict-looking man with a strong jaw, a clean-shaven chin and poofy black hair stood there tapping a golden stop watch attached to a chain producing from his robe pocket; he had a silver eyeglass in his left eye.

"Your late, boy!" He barked in a deep, croaking voice."That does not bode well on your first day here at Izumi!"

I blinked and placed my large suitcases on the ground to offer my hand to the man,"Sorry, Professor. I'm Ryou Bakura. Traffic was a nightmare."

The man grasped my hand firmly and used his eyeglass to examine it closely. Letting it go, he replaced the eyeglass and glanced back at my bewildered self before him.

"You have a weak handshake, Bakura. Very weak." He cocked his head to the side and regarded me again."A couple of weeks in with your new wand and you will have a nice strong grip."

My eyes widened,"A w-wand?" The man nodded,"But, I've only ever practised raw palm magic!"

"Well, here, we concentrate our magic into a wand with a specific core." He smirked,"It's a lot more controlled and powerful."

"Oh..." A wand! Jesus, that's going to get some getting used to. I find raw palm magic so much easier. Oh, if you're wondering, the crazy guy is the headmaster: Professor Tatsuya.

"Well, we can't have you dawdling around here!" He slapped a piece of paper in my hand,"Go and unpack! Everyone else is in their last lesson, so you can use this hour to settle in and sort out the forms in your room. Your room number is on that piece of paper. I have a school to run, so I shall see you later, Bakura."

With that said, he went up in a cloud of baby pink smoke and disappeared. "Show off."

It took me absolutely ages to drag my suitcases to room 2116. Seriously, thirteen floors and no elevator. Mad. Well, I finally arrived at floor twelve in the west wing at the dark wood door with brass numbers '2116' nailed on it. I put the small key, that had been attached to the piece of paper as well, into the little brass lock and turned it to open the door. The room, once revealed, took my breath away! It was huge; well, big on a bedroom scale. All of the wood inside was as dark as the door. Opposite the door was a double, four-poster bed with an emerald green comforter with a folded over bit at the top the colour of cream; the sheet and pillows were also the same cream colour. The wallpaper and carpet were just plain emerald with the bottom half of the walls panelled with wood. On the right side of the room were a large wardrobe and chest of drawers; on the left was a wood-framed fireplace with cream marble on the inside, above which was an antique, ornamental cuckoo clock. A large, cream rug was in the middle of the room; next to the chest of draws were French-doors covered with thin cream curtains that opened to a small private balcony. At the end of the bed was an emerald chaise lounge.


I dragged my suitcases to the chest of draws and unpacked all of my casual, weekend clothes and underwear; I then tacked my poster of the West Ham football team to a wall and hung up pictures of me, my family and my friends up on the various hooks on the walls and set some on the fireplace shelf and chest of draws. All of my treats were stored in my navy-blue mini-fridge. I also found Lexxi a home on the pillows; Lexxi is my old, scruffy brown teddy with one eye missing and a few stained patches of fur, but I still love her; I've had her since I was a baby. My mother named her. I put my mobile phone on charge and put my now-empty suitcases in the bottom of the wardrobe.

On the chaise lounge was a small stack of paper that seemed to be forms, a pile of new robes, shirts and trousers and a large, round metal scanner-like device with a small bit of paper on it. I walked up to it and picked up the device to read the paper: 'Mr Bakura. This is a cordiactior; it calculates the core that your new wand will need. Please place your most functional hand on the shiny surface and wait ten seconds to then remove your hand.'

"O...kay..." Seeing as I'm right-handed, I placed my right hand on the shiny bit of the cordiactior and used the cuckoo clock to time the ten seconds; I then removed my hand and nearly screamed over what happened next. Brown smoke erupted around the device as it slowly melted into a long, thin stick-like shape; when it stopped the small bit of paper's words changed to 'Mr. Ryou Bakura: Wand: 7 inches, Mahogany. Core: Tail-hair of a Daemon.' "Woah." I blinked at my new wand."That was weird."

I put my want on my bed and hung my new uniforms in the wardrobe before filling out the forms; they were basically asking what classes I wanted to take and whether I want to dine in my room or in the hall. I chose to eat in the hall; it would give me a chance to meet new people, right? Well, anyway, when I filled in the class forms, they merged together and turned into my timetable:

Monday: P.E, Flying, BREAK, Potions, History of Magic, LUNCH, Ancient Runes.

Tuesday: Ancient Runes, Charms, BREAK, Foreseeing, Transfiguration, LUNCH, Magical Model Making.

Wednesday: Telepathy, Foreseeing, BREAK, Potions, Ancient Runes, LUNCH, Flying.

Thursday: Transfiguration, Flying, BREAK, P.E, Potions, LUNCH, Magical Model Making.

Friday: Telepathy, Charms, BREAK, Charms, History of Magic, LUNCH, Transfiguration.

Well, it looked like it was a good lot. I was especially looking forward to Magical Model Making. Just then, loud clangs were sounded, signalling the end of class. I wonder what kind of people are residing on the west wing too...