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Rating: NC-17
Pairing (s): Bakura/Ryou, Marik/Malik, Yami/Yugi.
Spoilers: I only just noticed that this spoiler warning doesn't make sense in the previous chapters. I'm sure you've noticed, but this story doesn't actually give away Marik's Battle City plans...it doesn't give anything away, really...
Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh or any of the characters...sadface...
Summary: When Ryou first got his scholarship to a private magic school, it seemed that all he had to deal with was a new form of magic - but soon he has to contend with unforeseen problems, from romance to wing rivalries to something altogether more sinister...

Warnings: Shounen-ai (Male/male relationships), Yaoi (Male/male sexual relationships – though there will be forewarning of the chapters that contain the explicit stuff), Language, plus if you see it as a warning, OOC-ness.

Yami Marik = Marik, Marik = Malik, Yami Bakura = Bakura, Bakura = Ryou.

WARNING! This chapter is the reason for the M rating – Lime ahead!

Chapter Twelve –واحدة إلى الأبد

When he opened his eyes a fraction, all he saw was a blur of grey, spotted with reds, greens and blues here and there. It took him a long moment to realise that he was staring at a wall, moving too fast to make out the tapestries and artwork as he passed. But he wasn't walking...how was he moving?

His body wouldn't respond to his wish to function – he couldn't even open his eyes any further. Soon enough, he was abruptly jolted in a new direction, slamming him into a new, very painful reality. His head was pounding, his wrists burned, his knees throbbed – what on Earth had happened? For the life of him, he couldn't remember what was going on.

Heavy breaths filtered through his thoughts, letting him know that it was a person that was making him move – carrying him? Maybe. That was probably why he was facing the wall – his head draped backwards over this person's arm as he was carried bridal-style. He wanted to cry in pain as his head bounced in time with what he assumed was footsteps, but his body even refused to let him do that.

The journey seemed to last a lifetime of twists and turns and pain, but the bright light of the end eventually appeared. "Ryou!" This time, he was able to groan in pain as the voice sliced through his skull like a blade. "What happened to him?" He felt cool, soft sheets beneath him as he was carefully placed down on a bed.

"You don't want to fucking know." Whoever was speaking sounded pissed.

"Marik, what happened?" The other person sounded concerned but firm at the same time – he was determined to know what was going on.

"Bakura, seriously – you really don't want to know."

There was a pause, a growl and a scuffle. "What the fuck happened?"

A frustrated sigh. "I was on my way to class – it's damn lucky I took the hidden route, or who knows what would have happened..." A tense silence followed as Marik tried to ignore the horrific possibilities. "I walked through the door and found him on the floor damn-near unconscious, half naked with that Kaiba kid leaning over him, about to..."

An infuriated roar cut him off. "What? He was about to...!" Something shifted and was slammed back to where it was instantly.

"No – Bakura, he's pretty hurt. You've got to stay with him – I'll deal with Kaiba."

The conversation barely registered in Ryou's shaken mind, but at the mention of Seto, several things began to slot into place. Then..."No!" His voice was much weaker than he thought it would be, but both of the other boys heard him and froze.

"Ryou?" Bakura's blurry face came into his line of vision, giving him something to focus on.

"Not...Seto. That woman...took over...Yami." Marik came slowly into view, looking confused. "Bakura...she killed...Bakura."

White hair fell into his eyes as Bakura shook his head. "I'm here, Ry – definitely not dead. Don't worry yourself."

Ryou groaned in frustration – he just couldn't make them understand with his head in such a frazzled state. "No...that woman...from before...the memories...because of her. She killed...you. Have to give...myself to you...to make her go."

Marik frowned and glanced at Bakura. "Any of this make sense to you?"

Slow comprehension was beginning to appear on Bakura's face. "Yeah, kind of. Um..." He glanced at Marik and briefly explained how the woman had appeared in his room when he and Ryou were being intimate. Marik just furrowed his eyebrows throughout the explanation without interrupting. "I don't know what she wants, but it's something to do with those memories I've always had."

Ryou tried to nod, but grimaced at the pain it caused, instead opting to speak. "Yeah...she lives in...telepathic...frequencies – she's lived in yours...since your past life. Moved to me...when you kissed me at the lake." He was becoming more and more aware of his surroundings by the second.

Bakura nodded, a small glint of recognition in his eyes – did he remember her? "Where is she now?"

Ryou frowned – did he not hear him before? "In Seto...or Yami. One of them...at least."

Marik frowned. "Yami? Does that mean...?"

"Yeah...it wasn't him who...kicked my broom."

He nodded slowly, a small smile of relief on his face. "I thought he'd been acting weird lately – even before all that happened."

"Marik...can you go and distract her...for a while? She can be...stopped, but we need...some time. She'll get in...the way otherwise."

He nodded. "What are you going to do?"

Ryou blushed a little, hoping that the other's would assume it was from the exertion of talking or something. "It's kind of like...a ritual...from our past lives." Not technically a lie, but Ryou still felt guilty.

Marik seemed to accept this and took off out the door, in search of Seto. Bakura watched as the door shut behind him and turned back to the smaller boy on the bed. "So, what do we have to do for this ritual?"

Ryou took a deep breath and reached up to him, gripping onto his shirt. Without a word, he pulled him down for a kiss, opening his lips in invitation. Bakura kissed back for a few moments before pulling back and smiling lightly. "Wow – you must have been scared." He laughed a little, making Ryou frown – he thought that he was only kissing him out of...what? Relief? "So what's this ritual?" Ryou shook his head and pulled him down again, resealing their lips and wrapping his arms around Bakura's neck to hold him there. This time, the kiss lasted a little longer before Bakura pulled back again, keeping his face close. "You're affectionate today."

The smaller boy bit his lip and stared him straight in the eyes. "This is the ritual."

"This?" Bakura smiled and pecked him on the lips. "Well, I wouldn't have thought that getting rid of her would be this easy..." He froze on the way to peck him again. "Wait..." He met Ryou's gaze steadily. "You don't mean...?"

Ryou looked away and nodded. "Yeah, I mean that."

Bakura shook his head and went to move away completely, being prevented from doing so by the arms circling his neck. "Ry, I'm not going to let you give up your virginity like this – no, it's not right."

Ryou's heart squeezed in panic – if he didn't do this Bakura would have the same fate as that woman...his sister. Would he become as sick and twisted as she had? Maybe not, but he just couldn't risk it – he would lose him forever either way. "Kura...please. I don't want...her to win. If she does..." Tears slid down his cheeks as he tried to steady his already frail voice. "I can't lose you again." Ryou blinked at his own words – where did that come from? Lose him again? When did he lose him before? Regardless, Bakura's will was wavering at Ryou's desperation.

"But...you'll regret it if your first time is put under these conditions." Bakura rested his forehead against Ryou's own, breathing deeply.

Ryou frowned and brought his hands down to cup Bakura's face. "I would never regret being with you." He could tell that he was still hesitating, so he sighed and grabbed the other's left hand, guiding it down to rest on his stomach, above the tattoo. "We were together before – in our past life – and we were so in love. That's why we made this pledge to each other, sealed by the tattoos. This...ritual...it will complete it and get rid of her." His voice had regained enough strength to talk almost normally now.

Bakura frowned, staring at the space beside Ryou's head with unfocussed eyes. "I...remember." His eyes flickered a bit, back and forth, like he was watching a movie. Suddenly, he was looking at Ryou again, complete understanding in his eyes. "Ry...are you sure?"

Ryou just smiled, pleased that, even though Bakura remembered what would happen if he didn't do this, he still showed concern for Ryou's feelings. He squeezed the hand on his stomach and smiled nervously. "Completely."


"Marik?" The man in question skidded to a halt from his sprint, looking around wildly before spotting a confused Malik. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Marik motioned him to follow and explained what had happened as they jogged. "Holy shit – are you serious?"

"Serious as a heart attack." He turned the corner, his feet guiding more than his mind and, soon, he found himself heading towards the private dorms which only members of staff and privileged rich kids were entitled to. Of course – Seto would have one of these rooms. He slowed to a walk and turned to Malik with an apologetic smile. "Uh...you have any idea which one of these is Kaiba's?"

Malik grimaced and reluctantly pointed down the corridor to a secluded door with a shiny brass number '13' nailed to it. "Thirteen, huh?" He squared his shoulders in anticipation – he had no idea what was on the other side of that door. "Unlucky for some."

Malik rolled his eyes and pressed his ear to the door, dropping his voice to a whisper. "I can hear someone – no, two people – talking. Wait...one person...no...Oh, whatever, I'm confused – it's like one person talking with an echo."

Marik nodded. "Sounds like Ryou wasn't making it up when he talked about this woman." He motioned Malik to move away and braced himself, ready to ram the door down. "Ready? 1, 2, 3!"


"Kura..." It was just a sigh, but it was enough to make Bakura glance around the room in case the woman appeared upon hearing it. He internally berated himself and turned back to Ryou, continuing his nibbled path down his chest, tensing at every little noise the one beneath him made. Ryou sighed and looked down with amused eyes. "You're making this really bloody awkward, I hope you know."

Bakura frowned and glanced up at the smiling boy, incredulous that he could be so light-hearted after such events. "You're the one who's making all the sound."

Ryou blushed and shrugged his shoulders, well aware that he was laying on a bed, almost completely naked and talking. "If she's going to appear, it's not going to be because of noise, Kura. Besides, Marik's keeping her away."

"That's if he can find her."

"Kura." Ryou pulled him up for a kiss – still unable to move his head too much from the abuse it had received earlier – and massaged the nape of his neck, relaxing him as it always did. "I just want you."

That did it.


"What the fuck?" Marik stood in the doorway, staring in disbelief at the sight before him – the apparently 'great' Seto Kaiba was whimpering in the corner of the room, cowering away from the figure towering above him. The figure whipped around at the sound of the crashing door, making Malik gasp. "Yami?"

"What are you two doing here?" Yami snarled at them, malice clear in his voice.

Malik stepped into the room, raising his eyebrows at the hunched teen in the corner. "Seto?"

Marik stuck an arm out in front of Malik, preventing him from approaching. "You're not Yami."

The shorter boy looked disinterested at Marik's revelation. "Very perceptive. I ask again, what are you two doing here?"

"We're here to stop you from possessing our friends."

Suddenly, Yami stumbled back, eyes wide, teeth bared. "Liar!" His head snapped up towards the ceiling. "They're sealing the bond."

Marik blinked in confusion. Say what now? He shook off his thoughts and growled, approaching Yami before he could do anything else. "Don't touch her." Marik paused mid-stride and looked towards Seto, who had spoken. "She'll be able to take you over if she touches you."

Marik hesitated, unwilling to take advice from the guy that treated his boyfriend like shit for so long, but he knew he was right. He grit his teeth and drew his wand from his back pocket to aim directly at Yami. "Don't move or I'll be forced to take action."

Yami smirked and drew his own wand. "Take action? I have seen your magical ability through this boy's eyes and I know that you will be unable to defeat me."

"Try me." Marik's stomach twisted in anxiety – he hated to admit it, even to himself, but she was right, he wasn't very good at duel magic. But Ryou had a plan to get rid of her – he just had to pray that it would work before this got out of hand.

Without warning, Yami's hand darted forward as he screamed a curse, the green flash barely missing Marik when he dived out of the way. "Hey!" A red flash flew over Marik's head, scraping Yami's cheek. "Don't you start on my man, bitch." Marik rolled onto his feet, glancing to the side to see Malik standing tall and tense, feet apart and arm outstretched holding his wand. "Bring it, girl."


Caution be damned. Bakura drank in the almost feminine moans and gasps Ryou made as he fisted his hair, encouraging him to continue his ministrations between his legs. He shifted himself slightly, changing the way he moved, intensifying the sensations for his little lover. He revelled in the loud cries that this instigated, feeling Ryou's thighs draw up to clench around his shoulders. "K-Kura! N-no...stop...We don't have much time!"

Bakura frowned, remembering why they had to do this so quickly and sighed against Ryou's hip. He nibbled the sensitive skin there. "Next time, we're doing this properly."

All Ryou could do to respond to that was swallow around his suddenly dry mouth and wrench Bakura up to lock him into a fierce kiss, breathing deeply through his nose to soothe his nerves as he felt the fingers being removed to be replaced with something much larger. Bakura caught his chin and stared directly into his eyes. "Ready?"


Marik coughed as the wind was knocked out of him after being slammed into the wall with a repulsion charm. Malik screamed in fury at this, retaliating with a curse of his own, hitting Yami squarely in the chest.

The teen coughed and sputtered, stumbling backwards into the still-trembling Seto. Suddenly, Yami stilled and Seto rose, smirking as he drew his own wand. "Round two."

Malik huffed through his nose. "What the fuck – respawn? That can't be fair."

Marik rolled his neck and stepped back next to Malik. "We are duelling two on one, you know."


Marik laughed and aimed at Seto, side-stepping and flyaway curse. "Bring it."


"Ah...God..." Ryou's face scrunched in pain as Bakura entered him slowly, peppering his face with kisses in an attempt to soothe him. Once fully sheathed, Bakura stopped and waited for him to adjust.

Ryou sighed and felt a bubble of pleasure through the whirlpool of pain when Bakura shifted slightly. He squeezed his eyes shut and took in deep breaths, calming down a little, ignoring the nagging in his mind telling him that it wasn't over yet – they had to complete the pledge, and that meant carrying on to the end.

After a few moments, Ryou nodded and rolled his hips experimentally, telling Bakura to go.


Seto's face paled abruptly, his gaze directed at the ceiling. "No!" He screamed and attempted to run past Marik to the door, only to be rammed back where he came from and pinned with the same repulsion spell that he used against Marik, being disarmed at the same time by Malik. Two wands pointed at his throat as his wild eyes sought escape. His long fingers stretched out desperately towards the blonds before him, trying to touch one of them – there was nothing she could do to stop them in her frequency form, so being physical was her only chance!


He could barely breathe – he'd never felt anything so wonderful in his entire life. Bakura pounded mercilessly into that spot deep inside of him, making him squirm at the sensation. He almost choked when a hand began to pump him in time to their passionate rhythm, not caring if he woke up the whole damn castle – it just felt so good.


Fingernails racked the wall as Seto slid down it, face contorted in agony. Malik bit his lip, reminding himself that this wasn't really Seto – sure, he hated the guy, but he wouldn't wish that amount of pain on him. The two wands followed his descent, not looking away for a moment – this was taking too long. Come on, Ryou.


"Ah, shit." Bakura groaned, burying his face into Ryou's hair, losing the steadiness to his thrusts as they grew faster and harder, becoming animalistic and desperate. "God...Ryou...Ry-oh!" He turned his head to press his lips against his ear. "Akemi..."

Ryou's eyes widened at the familiar name, whining at the hot swirling sensation forming in his stomach as he gripped tighter. "Ah..." He bit his lip, digging his nails into whatever they were closest to, his moans growing more and more breathless. "No...ah!" Suddenly, white stars flashed in his eyes as he released, screaming to the ceiling. "Touzo!"


Seto grew still, gazing blankly at nothing in particular. "You still choose him..." And then she was gone.

Malik dropped to a slow kneel, reluctantly ducking his head to meet the other boy's gaze. "Seto?"

He blinked and focused on Malik's face, wincing at the realisation of what he had almost done. "Fuck." He brought a hand up to his head and stumbled to his feet, glancing down at the slowly rousing form of Yami. "What...?" He blinked and shook his head, staring at Malik. "Is Ryou okay?"

Marik slung one arm over Malik's shoulders, almost possessively. "He'll be fine."

Seto nodded again and met Malik's eyes, his expression serious as he said the two words that neither of them had ever thought he'd say to him. "I'm sorry."


All was quiet as they lay in each others' arms, revelling in the afterglow and letting the knowledge that that psychopathic woman had gone forever sink in. Bakura sighed happily and brushed his hand against Ryou's naked stomach affectionately. It was only then that it occurred to Ryou. "Oh, God – I'm so sorry!" He sat up, covering his mouth with his hand.

Bakura leaned up on his elbows quickly, worried that something was seriously wrong. "What? What is it?"

Ryou shook his head and looked down at him sadly, taking his left hand and tracing the tattoo. "We completed the pledge."

Bakura frowned, watching his lover's fingers trace the design. "Wasn't that what we were aiming to do?"

"Yes, but..." Ryou swallowed nervously and looked down, ashamed. "I didn't explain everything before I got you to agree to it."

Bakura sat up fully, cupping Ryou's face lovingly. "It doesn't matter."

"It does – it does..." He pressed his hands flat against the other's broad chest, breathing in his scent deeply. "There's a reason the tattoos say 'Eternally One'. By completing the pledge, we've been bonded – for eternity."

Silence. "Well..." Bakura's face was blank for a minute before he grinned and pinned the smaller boy to the bed. "I guess I'll have to introduce you to my dad then!"

A small chuckle forced its way past Ryou's lips as he stared up at him in disbelief. "You're not upset? I mean, we've not even known each other a week."

"That may be so..." Bakura pressed in close so that they were chest to chest, feeling each other's every movement. "But you've made this heart beat for decades."

Ryou's breath caught, tears rolling down his face. "So, you don't mind being bound to me?"

Bakura laughed at Ryou's timidness, brushing away his tears delicately. "Not at all – I'll be yours forever."

Cheesy ending alert!

If anyone is interested, the title of this chapter is what Ryou and Bakura's tattoos look like – technically, it says 'One Forever', but in Arabic 'forever' and 'eternally' can be translated to mean the same thing.

This isn't the end of Izumi Academy – look out for Izumi Academy – From The Ashes, the prequel (in which you will get to see why 'the woman' received the fate that she did), and Izumi Academy – Into The Embers, the sequel (in which they all graduate from Izumi Academy and begin their lives as qualified wizards – I'm probably going to focus on Marik and Malik in this one). Those two are going to be the properly M-rated series – not like this barely-there one ;P

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