Disclaimer: LOST is the property of ABC. This fic written per request on my livejournal.

Feature Film

This feels a little too much like high school all over again -- sitting in your friend's parents' basement, so you're a little uncomfortable anyway, not even being in your own home, with a gorgeous girl sitting next to you who for some reason doesn't think you're too weird, and watching some movie you've seen a million times with a crappy VCR and even worse television, wondering if it would be appropriate to put your arm on the back of her chair, maybe around her shoulders, but the fact that there are so many people around makes you feel just a bit too awkward...

Yeah. A little too much like high school. Dan would've hoped that he'd outgrow this by his thirties.

The boat heaves violently, just once, and the television slides across the metal table with a loud squeal, slamming against the wall and drowning out several lines of dialogue.

Charlotte leans close to him to murmur into his ear, "I guess we know why the picture quality's so pathetic."

He laughs a little and nods, then catches her eye, and he wishes he had the guts to just reach out and pull her close to him.

It would definitely be nice to outgrow these sorts of things.