Partners in Crime

By Weirdbard

Chapter 1

Your author here: Another new Kim Possible story and a crossover with my other two favorite fictional ladies, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. This story will be a standalone story and has nothing to do with my other Kim Possible stories so no three-way this time with Shego, Ron and Kim. This will be a Ron/Shego pairing as well as an Ivy/Quinn so if either of these are not your thing, then don't read this.

For those that are fans of my Shego/Kim/Ron stories I will go back to them soon. It is just so many of my stories are inspired by dreams I have and this one was a particularly vivid one and just begged me to 'flesh' it out and write it.

Oh! Almost forgot. Disclaimers: I do not own the characters of Kim Possible or Batman. I am merely using them for the purposes of writing a story. No profit is being made and no disrespect is intended.

As Harley and Ivy ran down the narrow dark alley, Harley risked a glance over her shoulder and could see the tale tell dark shadow of a bat above them.

"Never look back." Harley chanted as some kind of mantra as she clutched the latest stolen device closer to her ample chest and redoubled her efforts at running.

It had supposed to have been a simple snatch and run job from Wayne Enterprises botanical labs, a rare genetically altered plant. Harley didn't even like plants that much, a fact she was careful to keep to herself considering her new partner in crime and life, Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy after hearing of this new plant had been hell bent on stealing it but only so she could destroy it. Tampering with plant DNA was her specialty and she wasn't going to let anyone else, especially men do it. The plant in question was supposed to be a voracious killer plant that when introduced to an area would kill off all other plants and replace themselves with it, at which point it was suppose to mutate into a harmless food plant. The ultimate in clear and cultivate strategy but in Ivy's opinion this was a ridiculously highly dangerous and risky concept, one that not even she would have tried. The probabilities that the plant would not mutate or mutate into something even more dangerous were just too high.

But after arriving at the labs where the plant was being developed Ivy and Harley found out that she wasn't the only one thinking that and found the plant prototype had been ordered destroyed by Bruce Wayne so it had been moved to the disposal unit and the scientist who tried to develop it was already on his way to Arkahm for even attempting it. Ivy and Harley had arrived just in time to see the deceptively innocent looking plant in a garden pot slide right into a huge furnace and with a puff of smoke was gone. Harley in annoyance that they had come all that way and had nothing to show for it had grabbed something else another scientist had developed against Wayne's orders and that was slighted for destruction and ran with it. And that brought them back to where they were now, running to escape Batman as he tried to recover something that Bruce Wayne had deemed too dangerous for his pet scientists to have developed.

Reaching a single still working streetlight in the alley Harley glanced down at the device she was clutching and reread the small plaque on its side. "Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer." And once again she wondered what exactly the cylinder shaped device was supposed to do?

Dr. Drakken watched as Shego with a feline grace that bordered on inhuman slipped past the multiple moving laser fields in the top secret government lab that was set up to protect the device they had come to steal. She then avoiding the use of her powers which would have set off the alarms cracked the safe the device was in and quickly obtained her prize.

When would those that were in power realize that he was not to be stopped when he wanted something? He was all powerful! He was a force to be reckoned with! He was… Drakken was distracted from his thoughts as Shego with a final grunt and sinuous stretch landed in front of him clutching the device to her chest.

"Okay. Once again I have stolen this damn thing. I can't believe you wanted it again. Didn't you learn anything last time from Mr. Sit Down?" Shego complained as she handed over the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer to her employer as she mentally added another 20 percent to what she usually received for her services. Re stealing the same thing over and over again was beneath her and especially when the item in question always ended up causing more problems than it could ever be worth.

Drakken stroked the device in a way that was just too creepy for Shego's tastes before tossing it back to her for her to lug out. "Come Shego. With the Pan Dimensional Vortex…um, thingy my plans this time will not be stopped by…."

"Kim Possible." Shego breathed out catching sight of the teenager standing at the entrance to the secret government lab.

"Yes, her." Drakken stated not noticing that the teen in question was standing a few feet from him. Finally looking where Shego was pointing he spotted the teen. "How can you always arrive while we are in the midst of committing a crime? I mean seriously? Even getting a report of a break in it should take you time to get here? Do you seriously not have a life? Are you just waiting around to foil my plans? I mean seriously?" Drakken ranted as he spied Kim and Ron.

"Whoa dude. You've been hanging around your cousin Motor Ed again haven't you?" Ron asked.

Shego rolled her eyes. "You have no idea. They both dragged me to a demolition derby last night and then got so drunk I had to haul both their asses home while Drakken sang he was a little bit country and Ed sang he was a little bit rock and roll at the top of their lungs."

Ron looked at her sympathetically. "That must have been sheer hell. You have my sympathies."

Shego, even though they were about to fight smiled slightly. "Thanks." She then glared at Drakken. "At least someone respects the stuff I put up with that is not in my contract."

Drakken frowned at Ron. "And you are?"

Ron's face flushed red in anger. "Aww come on dude! We've been at this for what now? two years or so? Kim and I show up. Kim kicks Shego's ass and I stop you from stealing, activating a killer weapon or just in general foil your plans! You can't tell me you don't know my name after all that!"

Shego frowned at the mention of Kimmie kicking her ass but sighed. "His name is Ron Stoppable." She told Drakken.

"See? At least Shego shows enough professionalism to remember my name!" Ron stated folding his arms across his chest.

"Ron, stop complimenting the enemy." Kim told him as she lowered to a defensive crouch to fight Shego.

Drakken for his part just looked down his nose at the boy. "I can't be expected to remember each and every single person who gets in the way of my greatness." Drakken decided to ignore the snort from his henchwoman Shego at the mention of his greatness. "Shego… Sic em!" He ordered.

Shego who didn't need to be told to fight Kim Possible rose out of her crouch and turned to glare at him. "You can say attack Shego. Or stop them Shego or I would even accept a simple Shego fight, but I am not some kind of dog to be ordered to sic em!"

Kim snorted. "You always struck me as a slobbering rabid Doberman."

Shego her eyes blazing turned to look back at her nemesis.

"Oh now that was a little uncalled for Kim." Shego was surprised to hear Ron come to her defense. "I mean yes she is our enemy but name calling is a little beneath you and Shego is neither slobbering nor in any stretch of the imagination a dog."

"Ron now is not the time to take a stand for rules of etiquette." Kim growled at Ron.

Recently their on again, off again relationship was off again and Kim didn't appreciate Ron seemingly pointing out her faults. Which as far as Kim was concerned she didn't have any anyway.

"I'm just saying there is no reason to be rude when you don't have to be." Ron stated calmly.

"You only have to be polite when you are dealing with a person. Shego is not a person!"

Shego seeing red leapt across the distance separating her and Kim Possible with the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer raised high to bring it down on Kim Possible's head. Even though they had been arguing, Ron reacted immediately and pulled the distracted Kim out of the way of the blow. The canister went though the space Kim's head had so recently occupied and slammed down hard on a railing.

A loud beeping started and rapidly sped up.

"Uh oh." Shego muttered as everyone froze to look at the now dinged device. "That can't be…."

Finally cornered in a dead end alley, which Harley found herself wondering briefly why the city planners of Gotham had found a need to make so many of them, Harley and Ivy turned to face Batman as he stalked into the circle of light that was being provided by the only working streetlight next to them.

"Give it up you two. You are both going back to Arkham." Batman stated as he pulled out a pair of batcuffs. Oh he knew it wasn't going to be as easy as them surrendering to him. Ivy and Harley never did things the easy way.

"You'll never take us alive copper!' Harley shouted as she raised the device she had stolen above her head to swing it at Batman if he were to come near. Ivy resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Not only was batman by no stretch of the imagination a mere cop but also the fact that Ivy knew Harley would surrender as soon as it looked like there was a chance that either of them was going to get hurt too badly. Ivy felt a brief warmth flood over her as she thought of the fact how Harley was so protective of her. Since Harley had FINALLY wised up that the Joker was no good for her and switched to Ivy, Harley was like a possessed woman when anyone threatened Ivy. Ivy frowned a bit as Batman actually seemed to consider Harley's threat seriously and stepped back a few paces with his hands raised.

"You don't know what you are holding Quinn. That thing is dangerous."

"Then back off and let me and my Pammy go free!" Harley growled at him, not bothering to lower the device at all.

Ivy hated the fact that Harley used pet names for her. Well in public anyway. Privately she loved how Harley would use those names, especially in the throes of passion.

Yes, Ivy and Harley were lovers. Almost immediately after leaving the Joker, a lonely and battered Harley had found herself in Ivy's floral bed, Ivy eager to prove to Harley that love didn't necessarily mean broken bones, lacerated skin and brief hospital stays had attempted to seduce the bubbly young woman and Harley eager to have someone who was willing to hold her and tell her once in a while that she was worth something besides being the punch line to a joke that no one found funny, had been quite eager to be seduced.

"I can't do that." Batman said raising a hand in an attempt to calm Harley Quinn. "As I said that thing is dangerous. Bruce Wayne gave orders when one of the scientists in his employ suggested the design that it not be made but the scientist eager to prove his theories correct had made one in secret. When Wayne found out he gave orders that it be destroyed immediately and it would have been if you hadn't stolen it."

"Finders keepers Bats." Harley taunted him as she raised the canister higher. A slight clank was heard as the cylinder hit the edge of the light pole that Harley and Ivy were standing under. It wasn't even that hard a hit, just a brief contact between the two metal surfaces but the device in Harley's hands immediately began to beep.

Harley lowered the cylinder to look at it. "Um Red?" She asked Ivy standing next to her. "I don't think this can be…."

There was an explosion of light as Batman leapt the distance between him and Ivy and Harley but by the time he reached the space they had been in, they were gone.

"…Good." Shego finished as a bright flash of light blinded everyone in the room.

Kim thought to herself that something had sounded funny about Shego's voice. Almost like a delayed echo as if there was another voice added to hers. As everyone's eyes readjusted they found Shego holding one end of the cylinder and on the other end of it there was a woman standing there that hadn't 

been there before. She was wearing a skin tight black and red outfit and had a hood like thing that covered her head complete with tassels. Standing next to the mystery woman was another surprise guest. This woman had bright flaming red hair and an equally skin tight costume made of green. On her wrist was what to Kim's eyes looked like a miniature crossbow.

Since Shego had swung the device at Kim and Ron had pulled her to the side, Team Possible was closest to the two strange new women.

Ron's eyes briefly examined the two new women until he realized that their costumes were so skin tight he could make out the woman in red and black was not wearing a bra and he could see her nipples straining against the tight material. Blushing bright red he quickly lifted his eyes up.

Harley blinked a few times as she found herself holding on to one end of her canister and at the other end was a woman she had never seen before. Of Batman there were no signs at all and even the dirty alley they had been was gone to be replaced by what looked like your typical high security government lab. In the brief moments of shock on both sides, Harley studied the woman across from her. She had light green skin similar in nature to Poison Ivy's but not nearly as lovely to Harley's eyes and a fantastic flowing mane of black hair but again not as nice as Ivy's red hair, and as Harley's eyes traveled down to Shego's chest region she noted that she had quite a nice rack. Maybe just as nice as Ivy's this time.

"Ahem." Shego said pulling Harley's attention away from her assets. "The eyes are up here."

Harley obliged by staring into Shego's eyes. "Yeah. Those are nice too." Harley replied after a moment and fluttered her eyelashes at the woman.

"Harley!" Ivy growled at her.

Harley shook herself a little. "She won't let go of my Pan Dimensional….um thing Ivy!" She said in way of an excuse for eyeing the dark beauty across from her.

"It's not your Pan Dimensional…" Shego growled in annoyance. "Look I stole this thing for Dr. Drakken. I don't even know where the Hell you two came from. Just let go of it and I'll let you walk away!"

"You'll LET us walk away?" Ivy did some growling of her own.

Ron noticed that in the midst of all this Drakken, perhaps wisely had slipped away. If Ron had been gifted with foresight he might have done the same thing but alas he wasn't. "Wait are you saying you were stealing the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer somewhere as well?" He asked the women.

Four set of female eyes turned to look at him. One in annoyance, which was Kim. Two in appraisals, those were the newcomers and Shego? Shego just looked at him with no particular emotion as she clung to her hard earned stolen item.

"Ooh he's cute." Harley squealed almost causing Shego to let go of the device to clutch her ears.

Ron promptly blushed but continued with his train of thought. "We know from experience that the Pan Dimensional thing opens gateways to other dimensions. If you were to do something that activated yours at the same time Shego accidentally activated hers…" Ron paused as his own mind tried to figure out where he was going with this. "I get it." He finally stated. "The two devices merged into one! Yours drew you here and it merged with the one Shego had!"

Shego blinked at Ron. "When did he get so smart?" She asked out loud.

"He has his brief moments but they are far too brief and very far apart." Kim stated in an offhanded manner.

"Hey." Ron said hurt. Sure they had recently broken up but that was no reason to dismiss him like that in front of Shego and strangers. The recent break up wasn't even his fault! He had found Kim in a passionate embrace with Josh Mankey and when he confronted Kim about it she admitted that she was still attracted to the pretty boy so Ron had gracefully bowed out, again. This was about the third time he had caught Kim with another guy and each time he told her he understood and let her go only to take her back when she once again changed her mind or the guy dumped her for another. If it wasn't for the real good they did in stopping evil doers during their missions together he would have moved away and tried to forget Kim a long time ago but now Kim was even dissing him during missions.

Harley still clutching her end of the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer looked thoughtful. "So you are saying me and Ivy are in another dimension entirely? Torn from everywhere we knew and everyone we have known?" A slow smile started to appear on her face. "Away from Mr. J? Batman? And that stinking hole of a city Gotham?" Harley looked over her shoulder at Ivy. "Red, I think we're going to like it here."

"You heard Ron. Your Pan Dimensional … thingy merged with this one here. So it is mine!" Shego shouted as she tugged on the cylinder

Harley turned her attention back to Shego as she pulled on the item. "Well I guess the only fair thing to do would be to let you have it then…" She said as she suddenly reversed direction and shoved on her end of the cylinder causing it to fly back into Shego's face knocking her out.

"Good thing me and Ivy aren't the fair kind of people isn't it?" She asked the unconscious villainess.

Ivy pulled a round seed out of a pocket on her belt and threw it to the clean white lab floor in front of Kim and Ron. Kim glanced down at it in surprise. "What do you think that is going to…" She managed to get out before a vine exploded out of the seed and without water or soil began to rapidly grown entangling her. Ron a split second earlier as if somehow sensing the seed was anything but a harmless little seed had hurled himself upward and grabbed a hold of a pipe in the ceiling and swung himself out of the way of the vine. Landing next to Shego's prone body he blocked a blow from the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer as Harley tried to bring it down on Shego's unprotected body.

"Harley." Ivy's voice growled out. "Please stop bashing things with a device that can send us places! I would like to get to know this dimension before you accidentally send us to another one!"

Harley winced. "Oops?" She said but then suddenly looked teary eyed. "I just thought of something Red. What about my babies? They are back in Gotham all alone and I don't have anything here to mother!"

Ron held Shego's head in his lap as he tried to judge how badly the green skinned woman had been clocked by Harley, he glanced up when he heard Harley. "Babies? Neither one of you look old enough to have kids."

"Aww isn't that sweet Ivy? He thinks we look young." Harley cooed while Ivy rolled her eyes.

"Her 'babies' are a pair of laughing hyenas." Ivy informed him. "And I wasn't crazy about them in the first place. You got them when you were with the Joker and they were a constant reminder of him to me. That and they stunk up the place and were messy!" Ivy finished looking to her lover Harley.

"But Red! I need something to care for! It's the nurturing instinct in me! It is like you and your plants. I need something…" Harley stopped and shot a glance over at Ron and Shego as Ron tried to surreptitiously pull the unconscious Shego away from the two criminal women.

Harley made her way to Ivy's side and whispered something into her ear as Ron was nearing the door to another lab. The mutant plant clutching a cursing Kim was between Ron and the exit, not to mention the two obviously crazy villainesses so the best Ron could hope for was to get him and Shego under cover until Shego regained consciousness and could defend herself and Ron could go to Kim's aid.

Ivy shot Harley a look as if to say, you are going to owe me big time for this and reaching into another pouch on her belt she pulled a lipstick from it and quickly applied it to her lips. Moving towards Ron she paused as he leapt to his feet to stand over the unconscious Shego as if to protect her. "I thought you were with her?" Ivy said gesturing over her shoulder to where Kim struggled in the plant.

"I am." Ron stated. "But I won't let you hurt Shego either. What kind of person would I be to let someone hurt someone who is unconscious and can't defend herself?"

"Ooh such a big strong brave man you are." Ivy cooed in obvious mockery. Suddenly she closed the distance between them and grabbing Ron by the back of his head she pulled him close and kissed him before Ron could react.

Ron struggled briefly but then suddenly stopped as his arms fell to his sides and he just stood there.

"Ron what the hell do you think you are doing?!" Kim shouted at him. She had nearly gotten her hands to her lipstick laser to cut away the plant holding her when she saw Ron stop resisting the strange green skinned red haired woman and was now seemingly leaning in to the kiss.

"He can't hear you." Harley leaning on the wall next to the plant smirked at Kim. "Ivy's kiss has that effect on guys. They do everything she tells them to do."

Ivy pulled away from a dazed Ron standing perfectly still. "Sorry kid but Harley has decided that you are to be her new plaything to replace her precious babies, so let's go."

Ron nodded his head. "Yes Mistress." He replied as he started to step over Shego to go to his new mistresses.

"Hey wait Red!" Harley said with an evil grin. "Have him take the woman too."

Ivy glanced over at Harley. "Why would we want her as well?"

"Aww come on Red, her skin kind of reminds me of you and our new toy… Um what was his name again?"

"His name is Ron Stoppable!" Kim growled.

"Our Ronnie needs a companion. I wouldn't want him to get lonely when you and I… Well you know."

Ivy shook her head at Harley. "You know my kiss has no effect on a female. Just how do you think you will keep this one in line?" She said nudging the knocked out woman with her toe.

"I have an idea. Come on it will be fun and a great joke."

Ivy shook her head but this time resignedly. "Bring her." She said to Ron. Ron without a comment bent over and hoisted Shego over one shoulder and started to follow Ivy to the door to the lab.

"Ronald Dean Stoppable! You listen to me right this second. You drop Shego and help me get out of here! You hear me?!" Kim shouted as they neared. Ron however showed no signs of hearing her at all.

Harley however was holding her hands to her ears. "Damn she is loud. Can't you shut her up Red?" She asked Ivy.

Ivy glanced over to Ron. "You heard Harley, she is also your mistress and you will obey her as if it were me. Shut that screeching bitch up."

Ron with no expression on his face suddenly lashed out a fist knocking Kim out instantly.

"Gee, that's much better." Harley cooed at Ron. "Thanks my little Ronnikins."

"I live to serve Mistress." Ron muttered in a daze as they left the building.