Partners in Crime

Chapter 39

Shego watched as Ron returned to her and the others via the portal. Her joy at his safe return was tempered by the fact that Kim Possible had returned with him. Her temporary bad mood was instantly erased however, as the Bebes threw Kim into the portal and Ron turned it off without once having looked in Kim's direction.

He was treating Kim not unlike how he had treated the crazy ninja woman earlier.

As soon as Kim was gone Shego rushed to Ron's right side, only to find Bonnie had beaten her to it and was now plastered to Ron's side as if she was trying to crawl inside him. Shego frowned but then with a shrug just started to Ron's left side, only to find a Bebe that had traveled with Ron was there as well. The Bebe wasn't hugging Ron but just standing extremely close to his side. The Bebe met Shego's glare and for a moment Shego thought the Bebe was going to fight her for the right to be there. With one final glare the Bebe stepped away and allowed Shego to take her place by Ron's side. Shego watched the Bebe like a hawk but the metal woman seemed to be content to just stand a few feet away from Ron and watch him... And her.

After a moment Shego realized the Bebe was the one that had went with Ron to the Tazo capital and seemed to have assigned itself as Ron's personal guard and perhaps the machine was just being cautious about the Bebe Leader's safety but Shego immediately dismissed the idea. Surely the machine knew Shego was no threat to Ron so why did it seem to resist for a moment letting her go to him?

Shego wrapped her arm around Ron's back only to run into Bonnie's arm already there. With another frown Shego forced her hand under Bonnie's arm taking her place in hugging Ron and smiled at him.

"You won Ron."

Ron didn't return Shego's smile and looked to the Bebe she had replaced at his side. "Have the Bebes maintain a watch on the borders of Ethioswana. The surrounding countries might decide the destabilizing of the government is an invitation to invade and claim the rich diamond and gold mines for themselves. Also have your sisters keep an eye on the citizens of this country. The population might decide to attack former military or government officials and I don't want this to become a bloodbath because of personal vendettas."

Ron started moving towards the village and Bonnie and Shego rushed to stay at his side. "And have the hive mind monitor the internet for conspiracy theories about the Illuminati. We need to learn who our new enemy is and what they might be capable of. At this point I will even take wild theories."

Ron nodded at Ivy and Harley as he neared them and they fell in behind the group. As Ron neared where Drew Lipsky was, he nodded at the portal device and reluctantly Drew picked up the metal cylinder and followed along as well. Ron continued with his thoughts and instructions to the Bebe. "If the Illuminati is all about wealth and power I think I may know someone I can ask about them but I would have to do it personally and I would rather not leave the village at this time."

"You are thinking about Senor Senior Sr. Aren't you?" Shego asked.

Ron nodded his head. "If the Illuminati are movers and shakers in the finance world, he would at least have heard of them."

"If this guy is so rich and powerful how do you know he's not already a part of them?" Harley asked.

Ron frowned. "Hiding in the shadows and manipulating others isn't Senor Senior Sr.'s way of doing things. He likes to handle things personally."

Shego nodded her head in agreement with Ron. "I've known the Senor's family for a while and one thing they don't do is subtle. If they were part of a shadow organization like this Illuminati is, they would have blazers with their symbol on it and wear them everywhere they went."

"If this Illuminati organization is so cloak and dagger and in the shadows, maybe your ninja buddies would know something?" Ivy asked.

Ron felt Bonnie stiffen beside him and he frowned at Ivy. "I would rather not contact Yamanouchi for a while."

Ivy sighed. "I'm sorry. With all the talk of new enemies I forgot our brush with the recent enemy."

"Yamanouchi is not an enemy of ours." Ron replied a bit sharply. "Yor... That ninja woman was acting on her own and I'm certain that the Sensei wasn't aware of what she was going to pull. Still it would be best to give some time before contacting them again though."

Later that evening:

The group had a meal with the villagers, whom still didn't have television or radio reception and thus far were unaware that Ron had already defeated their enemies for them. Something Ron wanted to keep from them until at least he was satisfied that things were going to stabilize. That no rogue military factions were going to usurp power and cause even worse problems for everyone. No sense in getting the villagers hopes up that their loved ones would be returning from the mines until Ron was sure it was going to happen. Also Ron didn't want to have to deal with their demands for retribution or revenge they were sure to make for the children that had been lost before he came to the village and saved them.

Ron said and ate very little at dinner that night. A fact noticed by all his ladies and Rufus.

Returning to the house that all of them except for Lipsky and Dr. Mozenberg stayed at. Lipsky and Mozenberg having their own homes inside the village. Ivy, Harley and Bonnie had their own places as well but tended to stay almost exclusively with Ron. Ron immediately started talking to the Bebe that continued to follow him.

The other Bebes, the ones that were the personal guards of Shego, Bonnie, Harley and Ivy stopped outside the door of the home and were content to give the group their privacy but not Ron's personal guard Bebe. She remained always with seeing distance of Ron.

"Are there any signs that the United States, China or Russia are going to use the recent events as an excuse to invade?" Ron asked the Bebe.

"The Hive Mind is monitoring all governments communications and so far they all seem content to watch to see how things are going to resolve." Bebe # 47 told Ron.

Ron nodded his head and with the palms of his hands scrubbed at his face and eyes. He was exhausted. It had been a full and fateful day and he wanted nothing more than to sleep for a week. However, he couldn't allow himself the luxury of rest yet. Things were still too hectic and in motion for that.

Eventually all the women sensing Ron's near collapse dragged him to the bedroom.

But Ron was tense. Too tense. He knew it, the Bebes knew it and his ladies were keenly aware of it. The ladies, the organic ones anyway, wanted to celebrate Ron's victory. He had faced down a evil government and won without firing a shot or causing any bloodshed. The President had been killed but it hadn't been by Ron at all and what was more was it had been broadcast to the world so everyone knew it hadn't been by Ron's hands and for once they couldn't paint him as the devil in this.

Indeed Ron had never planned on the woman president being killed at all. He had planned for her to be tried by her own people and had supposed she would be sent to a country club like prison in another country for the rest of her natural life. Ron certainly hadn't planned for the President's own mother to gun her down like a dog on global television.

Not that Ron felt any great remorse for the woman's death. She had starved and mutilated children and for what? A quest for more power when she already ruled a country. She really was no better than the Joker.

No her death didn't bother Ron as much as how it had happened. To be gunned down by one's own mother? What power did the Illuminati have that they could force a mother to kill her own child rather than face their wrath?

That was why Ron felt that the fall of the Tazoian government hadn't ended the threat to the village but only increased it.

Ron's ladies had wanted fun time but even though Ron had tried to rise to the occasion, he just couldn't relax enough. Bonnie was disappointed the most. Her Master had brought her back from the dead and she wanted to show just how much she appreciated him but it was all too obvious his mind was elsewhere and this devastated her.

Fortunately, Ivy and Harley managed to distract her enough that Ron was able to slip out of their bed and make his way back to the living room of the house. Shego and Rufus followed him as he tiredly sat on the western style couch that was in the room and once again asked for updates from Bebe #47.

"Are there any signs of civil unrest or terrorists using this as an opportunity?" He asked.

"No Leader Ron. Everything is quiet. The world seems content to just wait and watch." Bebe #47 replied.

"And that scares me more than anything." Ron sighed. "A country having their leader gunned down on television should be causing all sorts of reactions in the world. The fact that everyone seems to be holding their breath just makes me think something is going on in the shadows even more."

"Ron don't go paranoid on us. Maybe the world is still dealing with their preconceived ideas about the leader and what we were doing over here and still trying to determine the truth before they act?" Shego said.

"Ron is correct in being cautious. It makes him the best leader for us." Bebe #47 said defending Ron's behavior.

Shego shot the machine an annoyed look. "Cautious yes but not to the extent he ruins his physical or mental health." Shego noticed the Bebe using more and more personal pronouns and relaxing her rigid grammar... And that was a good thing in her book but she didn't like how the machine seemed lately to be so fixated on her Ron.

"Ladies ladies. The Ron man is fine. I'm just worried a bit that is all. I'm not going to ruin my health or mind over this. I just want to check a few more things over with the Bebes and then I'll come to bed. I promise." Kissing Shego, Ron then nodded at the back of the couch where Rufus was lying sound asleep. Shego gave Ron one more warning look about overdoing things before picking up the naked mole rat and returning to the candle lit bedroom. She would give Ron one more hour and then whether he wanted to or not she was going to drag him to bed and tie him down if she had to.

Shego gently placed Rufus on a dark wooden chest that was in the room with the bed and covered him up with a small scrap of cloth. The naked mole rat remained sound asleep. It had been a long day for him as well. Shego felt a almost motherly instinct to bend over and kiss the small rodent's head but she resisted the temptation and instead made sure Rufus was tucked in once more before she crawled into her own bed already occupied with the other women. Bonnie was already asleep at the edge of the bed next to a wall, having been worn out by Ivy and Harley's distractions but Ivy and Harley were wide awake and watching her.

"You are too tense Blackie." Harley told her as Shego lay down on the bed next to her. "We managed to get Bonnie to relax and now its your turn."

Shego raised up on one elbow to appraise both of them and raised an eyebrow at Harley, which Ivy and Harley barely could make out in the dim room. "I love you two like sisters... Really kinky and wrong kind of sisters but I think I'll wait for Ron to come to bed before I relax."

Harley rolled/flipped over Shego and pushed her to the side next to Ivy. In effect sandwiching Shego between the two former Gotham City criminals. "You know as well as Ivy and I do that Ron won't rest for probably the rest of the night. We know there is nothing that we can say or unfortunately do to make him take it easy until things are calmer but that doesn't mean we can't help you to unwind."

Shego swatted at Harley's hands as the blond tried to remove her blouse. "I said no. What are you trying to do?"

"Get you naked." Harley replied honestly. "Look. If nothing else this blasted country is so hot. Won't you be more comfortable with nothing on?"

"Next to you? The poster child for nymphomania? Let me think about it. No."

"I resent that." Harley told her. "I'm not a nympho. I only have three out of four of the symptoms for that condition."

Shego blinked at her. "What is the fourth one that you don't have?" She asked.

"I'm not having sex right now with a hot guy or gal." Harley said with a grin as she placed her hands under Shego's blouse and then brought her hands up and outward causing Shego's blouse to burst its buttons freeing Shego's breasts to the warm night air.

"Ivy." Shego called out careful not to raise her voice too much so as not to waken Bonnie. The poor kid had a hard enough day dying and coming back to be woken up. "Can't you control this crazy blond of yours?"

Shego felt deft hands quickly undo the pants she was wearing and start to slide them down her legs. Since Harley's hands had started kneading Shego's breasts that could only leave Ivy. "Ivy." Shego said with a bit of warning in her voice.

"Oh just relax and enjoy this. Think how much more fun it will be when Ron does come to bed and we are all fully relaxed and ready for him." Ivy told her as she began to run her hands up and down Shego's now bare legs.

Shego sighed and resigned herself to being Harley and Ivy's plaything but she still resolved that in an hour's time she would drag Ron to bed no matter what... And she had to admit the two ex-criminals had deft hands and knew what they were doing.

Near dawn.

Ron woke up suddenly. The way of people who have drifted off to sleep without meaning to do so. The last thing he remembered was discussing world politics with his Bebe. Well more like asking what the Bebes thought countries might do under various scenarios he kept thinking up.

Opening his eyes Ron saw the Bebe was about three inches away from his face staring at him. Most people might have freaked or at least pulled back in surprise. Ron merely blinked and smiled at the Bebe. "Sorry I fell asleep. Guess I was more tired than I thought."

When the Bebe didn't pull back and give Ron more personal space Ron grew worried. "Has something happened?"

"No Ron. Things are still relatively quiet in the world. There are no new incidents to report."

"Um... Okay." Ron replied wondering what was going through the metal woman's 'mind' as it still refused to pull back.

"Do you know who I am?" The Bebe suddenly asked him.

"You are Bebe." Ron replied instantly.

Even though the metal women all had the same sculpted non-moving faces, all that is except for the prototype Bebes that Lipsky had made in the beginning that is, Ron still sensed a feeling of disappointment coming from the Bebe. Just as if he had said the wrong thing to a flesh and blood woman, he tried again. "You are Ultra Bebe number 47. You have practically been with me from the very beginning. When I fled my ladies fearing that I would only bring their destruction about, you were with me. When I was at my lowest point in my life and refusing to eat, you were there with me pushing for me to not give up and eat. You were with me when we rescued Mrs. Dr. Possible and Monique from the Joker. You were blinded and I brought you home to get you repaired. You were with me when we faced the President of the Tazos. You are my personal guard that has always cared for my well being and I don't know what I would do if I were to ever lose you."

The Bebe face didn't change expression. It couldn't after all but now Ron was picking up a joyous feeling coming from the Bebe. "You do know who I am." The Bebe replied and there was no way anyone could miss the happiness in her voice. The metal woman reached out slowly, almost hesitantly with a metal hand towards Ron's face. Again, most people would have flinched or tried to pull away. Those metal hands could slice through steel like a hot knife through butter after all, but Ron remained still and waited to see what she was going to do.

The Bebe gently caressed the side of Ron's face with her Luna stone enhanced fingers before reaching around Ron's head and pulling him towards her. Tilting her head slightly to the side the Bebe brought her cool metallic lips into contact with Ron's warm flesh ones. Holding the kiss for several long moments the Bebe then released Ron and pulled back a little.

"Did you think I needed a kiss?" Ron asked remembering the time this Bebe had suddenly and out of the blue had hugged him and when he had asked why she had replied she just thought he needed one.

"No Ronnie. I needed the kiss." The Bebe replied in a noticeably huskier voice than usual.

"Ah-hem!" a voice called out to the side and Ron quickly looked towards the bedroom doorway to see Shego, Bonnie, Harley and Ivy standing there. Shego and Bonnie had their arms folded angrily across their chests. Harley had a stunned look on her face with her mouth hanging open and Ivy just seemed amused by what they had just seen.

Although Ron didn't know why, he still felt like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar for some reason. He was glad to see the women were all dressed. His mind was threatening to short circuit anyway. The last thing he needed at this moments was to see his ladies in skimpy lingerie or worse yet nothing at all.

"What the Hell is going on?" Shego asked. Beside her Bonnie was nodding her head in agreement.

Before Ron could even think of what to say, Bebe #47 casually replied. "I was spending some quality time with my Ronnie." She then turned and with a bit more sway in her walk than usual for a Bebe strolled over to the door of the house and opening the door she left the building. Nodding in passing at Drew Lipsky who was about to knock. Taking the open door and the exiting Bebe as meaning everyone inside was awake and ready to start the day, Drew walked in.

He looked at the obviously confused Ron Stoppable and the angry Shego and Bonnie and feeling like he missed something apparent he said. "What? Too early? Did something happen? Should I come back later?"

Shego looked at him with a glare that made him both nostalgic for the days when Shego was his hench woman and at the same time made him terrified that she was going to play Dr. Drakken goes ouchie once again. "What? What did I do now?" He asked nervously.

"You made those things. You can explain what they think they are doing!"

Lipsky at a loss thought for a moment. The only thing he ever really created on his own were the Bebes but that would hardly explain Shego's obvious anger. "The Bebes?" He asked deciding to take a shot that was what she was referring to.

Bonnie her face still red with anger nodded her head vigorously. "Yeah the Bebes. Or to be more specific, just one. We came in this morning to find a Bebe trying to make out with my Ronnie!"

"Our Ronnie." Shego growled at her. She had already noticed that not only Bonnie kept making that mistake but the Bebe had did so too.

"Actually..." Harley said drawing attention to her. "They weren't making out, well at least it hadn't gotten that far yet but yeah the Bebe was kissing Ronnie."

Lipsky felt a smile cross his face. "The Bebes emotional development is continuing! They are becoming more and more like a true life form and not just pale replicas of humans. I'm so happy!"

"Well we're not!" Bonnie said gesturing at herself and Shego. "If that metal woman had a tongue it would have been half way down my Master's throat!"

Harley whom had been looking slightly amused suddenly had her eyes widen and she gasped. "Oh... This can't be good. Nope. Not good at all."

Lipsky frowned at her. "Why can't it be good that the Bebes are evolving and developing?" He asked slightly annoyed.

"Yeah. You are the shrink. Tell us what is going on." Bonnie said turning to her.

"I was taught psychology for humans not machines." Harley stated. "But...If the Bebes are developing true human emotions... You have to consider the bad as well as the good."

"What do you mean?" Ron asked getting worried.

"Well... Your personal guard Bebe apparently has developed feelings for you Ron. Not surprising as much as you two have been through together and the fact that from day one you addressed every Bebe as an individual instead of just looking at them as if they were mere machines like washing machines or T.V.s. It is only natural that the Bebes would start to feel close to you..." Harley could feel the glare that Shego and Bonnie were giving her all the way to her bones. "Um, starting to feel affectionate towards you?" Again the glare. "Oh hell suck it up you two. That Bebe has fallen head over heels for Ron and it is only a matter of time before the rest do too. And does that surprise you? We fell for him and Ivy's Baby nearly jumps for joy every time he goes near her. If a plant can fall for him why does it surprise you that intelligent machines can to?"

Ron accepted her statement calmly, even if Bonnie and Shego were having problems with it. "So how can this be a bad thing?"

Harley sighed. "Ronnie you have to look at this from their point of view. That Bebe..."

"Number 47." Ron corrected.

"Okay, number 47 has fallen for you. Again, I'm not that surprised. You treat all of them with respect and tell her that the Bebes are as much your ladies as we are. I've heard you say that."

Bonnie shot Ron a hurt look at that but didn't say anything.

"So the Bebe appreciates you. The appreciation develops into a fondness for you. The fondness deepens to attraction and attraction becomes love."

Ron nodded his head to show he was following Harley's reasoning.

"And... Then what? Of course the Bebes have seen us being affectionate with you. They have even watched us a time or two when we have fun time. So of course the Bebe is going to want to have that with you too... Except it can't! Its a machine. It doesn't have the necessary soft squishy bits and pieces for intimacy with you. Not too mention that the machines weigh a ton and are all hard surfaces to them. The Bebe could crush you to a pulp without meaning to if it even tried to be intimate with you. So... Sooner or later sexual frustration is going to set in. And jealousy of us that can share our bodies with you. And what about the other Bebes?" Harley looked to Lipsky. "Can they share emotions over their network thingy?" She asked him.

Lipsky blinked. "I'm not even sure how they are developing real emotions on their own in the first place." He thought for a moment. "But I would say... No. They can share data and real time experiences but its not really the same thing. No, I am fairly certain they can't share emotions as in one Bebe's emotions suddenly become every Bebe on the network's emotions. That would be imitating not real feeling and all of them feeling the same emotion would be the same as them feeling no emotion. There would be no individuality to them and we all have seen they are developing their own personalities."

Harley gave a nod. "I thought about as much. But still the other Bebes are going to pick up 47's sudden interest in Ron and the 'data' of the kiss she gave him. They are going to get curious. They'll want to meet Ron in person individually and see why 47 kissed him and what it was like personally and if they feel the same way she did when she kissed him."

Now Ron started to look nervous. "There are hundreds of Bebes." He nearly croaked.

Harley nodded her head. "And more being cranked out every hour at the production lines. And that is another thing. If the Bebes develop real emotions of their own, how are the standard Bebes going to feel about the Ultras keeping Ron to themselves? And the new flying ones you are creating. Are the ground based Ultras going to resent their being more useful to you by being able to fly when they can't?"

Bonnie grew pale enough to draw attention to herself. Also the fact that she was starting to breathe rapidly as well.

"What is it Bon Bon?" Ron asked getting up from the couch and going to her and taking her in his arms.

"If the Bebes can develop resentment for other Bebes cause of improvements they can't have... Won't they start to resent and maybe even hate us?" She asked gesturing towards herself, Shego, Harley and Ivy.

Harley started to look nervous as well. "Yeah. We're able to give Ron intimacy they can't. He's closer to us than he ever could be to them cause we're flesh and blood like he is." Harley looked at Bonnie. "And one of us can even give him a child."

Bonnie began to shake.

"Bon Bon. The Bebes will never harm you." Ron said trying to calm her down.

"But they could take you away from us! When we were in high school, the Bebes made me their queen. Remember? They isolated me from everyone and put me in a box. What if they decide to do the same to you? They could decide to separate you from us! Since they can't be intimate with you, they may decide that no one should be able to! I don't want to lose you Master!" She started almost sobbing.

Ron shot an annoyed look at Harley. Who gave a half shrug in apology. She didn't want to upset Bonnie either but as far as Harley was concerned it was a valid fear on Bonnie's part. As she knew more than anyone. Love and obsession had a very thin line between them. The Bebes as a whole were already totally devoted to Ron as their leader. What if the Bebes all decided to go totally obsessed over Ron as a object of their newly developing emotions and lusts? There was almost nothing her or the other girls could do to stop them. The machine women were frightfully strong and nearly indestructible. If they wanted to seal Ron away from them, they could do it. Harley was never much of a religious gal but silently she prayed that the machine women never thought of it.

Outside the house, Harley, Ivy, Shego and Ron's number 47 Bebe stood. Even the 'guard' and now companion to Drew Lipsky's Bebe waited. All of them could clearly hear the voices inside the house and their eyes began to glow as they considered the women inside statements.

At Kim Possible's uncle's ranch:

Kim woke up after crying herself to sleep the night before. She felt horrible not only emotionally but physically but crying yourself to exhaustion will do that to a person. Rolling out of the bed that belonged to her cousin she decided to herself that maybe Ron had been right. Maybe it was time to finally accept that what they had had together was now over and it was time to move on like he seemed to have done. Looking up Kim found herself staring into a full length mirror that her cousin had in her room. The first thing to impact Kim's mind was how horrible she looked in the rumbled clothes she had fallen asleep in. The next thing was that her cousin had various photos of Ron around the mirror reminding Kim that her cousin had been infatuated with her best friend.

Kim could see her reflection in the mirror start to tremble and her eyes welling with tears again. Clenching her fists she hissed at her reflection. "Stop that! We are a Possible! Nothing is impossible for a Possible and that means even getting over someone we lov..." Kim stopped and her eyes grew wide.

Her face turned stony and she glared at her image in the mirror. "And now that we have completely and totally lost him, now you want to admit to yourself how much he meant to us?" She asked. "Not that we are trying to get him back to keep him from making a fool of himself or that the women with him are just using him for their own purposes? Not that we want him back cause we are in lo..." Kim couldn't saying the word. "We were searching for the perfect man and he was always right at our side through thick and thin?"

Kim sat back down on the bed and held her head in her hands. Even though she was trying not to cry again she could feel tears slip past her eyes. "I am a perfect." Kim muttered. "A perfect idiot but its time that changed."

Mrs. Possible down in the kitchen of the rambling ranch house kept glancing up at the ceiling as she prepared breakfast for everyone. Her husband's brother had mechanical help that could do the cooking but she needed something to do to keep busy to keep from worrying about how all their lives had been turned upside down. That and home cooking just tasted better than something prepared by a machine.

She was deeply worried about her daughter. She hoped that Kim had finally accepted that things were over between her and Ron and maybe could start putting her life back together and stop hounding Ron before they both became irreparably harmed by it.

Ann sighed and placing a hand over her eyes she tried to hold back her tears. She had practically raised Ron as his own parents were always too busy to do so and she had dearly hoped that him and Kim would marry and she would someday have little Ron and Kimmy grandchildren running about but now it seemed that would never be and it hurt her almost as much as it must be hurting Kim. Wiping at her eyes she vowed to herself that she would not let Kim see her cry, it would only make Kim feel even worse and maybe reignite her obsession to get Ron back again.

"You miss Baby Boy don't you?"

Ann spun around to see Monique standing in the doorway to the kitchen watching her.

"I do too." Monique admitted.

"We can't let Kim hear us talk like this."

"I'm not going to suddenly act like I don't know Ron or that I don't miss him just for Kim." Monique replied. "Its not fair to Ron and its not fair to me. Kim had her chance and she threw it away and stomped on it and I'm not going to pretend for her sake she didn't."

Monique could see Ann looking past her looking horrified. "And Kim is right behind me right now. Isn't she?" Monique turned to find a stony faced Kim standing there. "Hey girl. Feeling better?"

"As if you care." Kim said as she tried to brush past her.

Monique grabbed her arm. "Oh no you didn't." Monique said turning Kim to face her. "You are my friend Kim but so is Ron. I'm here for you but I'm not going to act like Ron is the enemy in this. You had a relationship and it has ended. That's sad and I hurt for you but it happens to a lot of people and I won't write Ron off just because of that."

Kim continued to glare at her for a moment before drooping her head allowing her hair to hide her eyes. She sighed and said so softly that her mother and Monique almost missed it. "You are right. What I had with Ron is truly over and done with and it was fault. It is time I accepted it and moved on."

Monique studied Kim for a moment before taking the redhead in her arms and hugging her. "Thatata girl, I will always be here for you. Now what are we going to do next?"

Kim looked over to her mother. "I think its time we went home don't you mom? Get the dweebs back in school? Get everything back to normal? Maybe I can even mend fences with Global Justice?"

Kim could feel Monique stiffen as she continue to hold her. "If you ask me, I think you need to tell Global Justice that they can go f..."


"Find someone else to use as their puppet." Monique finished but in a way that showed that was not what she was originally going to say.

"Global Justice and myself have had our differences but I still believe they are a force for good in this world and we may need them even more than usual with how Ron is stirring things up."Kim raised a hand to stop Monique's rant that she could see coming. "I accept that Ron is not doing evil but there are going to be a lot of people trying to take advantage of the world in the wake of what he has done and he can't be everywhere at once."

Global Justice:

Dr. Director sat at her desk and tiredly rubbed at the eye patch over her missing eye. She had been given orders to go after Ron and had announced the directive as ordered to her team but she was damned if she knew how to go about it. The boy... No, man was surrounded by some of the cleverest and determined ex-villains, not to mention the unstoppable machine Bebes. How to even get close enough to attempt to capture... Dr. Director rubbed at her eye patch even harder as if unconsciously trying to cause herself pain.

Dr. Director frowned and angrily pulled open a drawer on her desk and grabbed a bottle of pain killers and quickly swallowed two of them without water. Her orders were not to capture the man but to exterminate him. In cold blood as if he was a cockroach and not some nice guy trying to do nice things in a world filled with corruption and greed. Exterminate him and all those that were with him and those orders sat in her stomach like lead. This wasn't the goal she had set out for when she took over as head of Global Justice.

Sure, she had done some things before that had not settled well with her conscious while heading Global Justice and she was aware of even more things that had happened within her organization that while she hadn't ordered herself, still reflected badly on her but killing a young man that she had known and called friend? And all just because a group of mystery men held the financial reins of her organization?

And she still had no idea on how to go about it anyway.

The woman tiredly lifted her head and stared at the goldfish swimming in its bowl. "You don't know how lucky you are Elsa." She told the fish not for the first time. "No moral dilemmas for you. Just swim and eat. I wish sometimes I could be as free as you."

The fish turned in it's swimming as if to look at her and then turned away and continued swimming.

"Even a fish knows how far I've fallen." The woman sighed to herself.

The phone on her desk rang and she picked it up. "Yes?" She asked.

"We have Kim Possible on the line. She says she wishes to speak to you maam." One of her subordinates stated.

"Tell her I'm in no mood to talk to her at the..." Dr. Director paused and rubbing at her eye patch again she reconsidered. "Belay that. Put her through. I'll talk to her after all."

"Hello Dr. Director?" Kim's voice asked.

"Yes Kim. You wanted to talk to me?"

"I just wanted to tell you that my family and I are returning to Middletown. Am I going to have to worry about a squadron of Global Justice waiting to arrest me?"

"No. I think all things considered we can forget about everything. Including the theft of my car."

"Technically Batman stole your car. Monique, Mom and I just left with him."

"And where is Batman now?"

"Um Ron sent him back to his own dimension using the Transdimensional Vortex Inducer."

"I see. Is this by chance the same way you got from an African country back to where your family is staying so quickly?"

"How did you know?" Kim asked surprised.

"You said your family and you are returning to Middletown. That implies you are with them now. Also my team would have told me if this call was originating from Africa. Ron has mastered a way to use the portal device in this dimension as well I take it?"

"Yes but I couldn't tell you how he did it."

"Couldn't or wouldn't?"

"I resent that." Kim said angrily. "I finally accept that Ron isn't doing evil but if I had information that Global Justice could use I would tell you."

"I take it the reason for this call is you plan to use Global Justice in an attempt to get Ron back again?"

"No maam. I've accepted what I had with Ron is over with. I still want to do some good in this world and I think I can accomplish that with Global Justice is all. I mean I understand if you don't want to have anything more to do with me but I was hoping that..."

"That doesn't sound like the Kim I knew." Dr. Director said with a frosty tone. "To simply give up on freeing Ron from those criminal women that have him under their control."

"Its not like that. Ron... Ron isn't being controlled. Him and the... others have a genuine relationship. They aren't holding him like I thought."

"Sounds to me like Ron Stoppable isn't the only one being duped by those criminals but that you have as well."

"Its not like that." Kim said in exasperation. "I mean for the longest time I managed to convince myself that was what was happening as well but now I realize that Ron is making his own choices and..." Kim audibly swallowed. "That I'm not one of those choices."

"We will discuss this in more detail when you get back to Middletown but I am still quite surprised that you are so easily and willing giving up on your partner. You have known him since you were children. I expected better of you than to just abandon him." Dr. Director said and before Kim could answer she hung up the phone.

"Who better to get close to Stoppable than Kim. Their relationship maybe over with but I'm sure Ron still has a blind side when it comes to Possible. I can use her to get to him." The Director looked up from the phone to see Elsa the goldfish swimming up against the bowl staring at her. The fish slowly turned and swam to the opposite side of her bowl away from her and didn't turn back.

"Don't judge me." Dr. Director told the fish. "I have an organization of people I have to worry about and I will use anyone or do anything I have to keep it going. No matter what I have to do." She said the last softly as if trying to convince herself.

Kim hung up the phone and stared at it for a moment.

"Is there going to be problems?" Her mother asked her.

"Um, no. Its just that it seems Dr. Director believes that Ron is being controlled by Shego, Harley and Ivy and that I'm giving up on rescuing him too quickly?" Kim half asked her mother and Monique.

"Don't be silly Kim. You were there. You saw." Monique told her.

"Well.. Yes. I thought..."

"Thought nothing. You know girl."

"But why would she say..."

"Kim. I don't trust that Dr. Director or Global Justice. Just look how they manhandled your mother and me! We were victims of an attack in your mother's house and without even asking at the time if we were alright they just shoved us underground and were not even going to let your mother let your dad know she was okay! They were going to happily let Ron take the blame for that Joker character and who knows how long they planned on keeping us imprison in that bunker thing they call a headquarters! Have you already forgotten all that stuff Wade dug up about them?" Monique calmed down a bit and tried a different tact. "Look Kim, I know you think a lot of that organization but step back and look at it critically for a moment. If nothing else the secrecy and paranoia they inspire cause that Du character to go off his rocker and kill that reporter. Its not healthy to have something that super secret that it inspires such lengths! What do you really know about them?"

Kim bristled. "Dr. Director is a good woman and she is doing the best she can to manage the organization and make sure they accomplish good!"

"Kim, do you know where they get their funding from?" Ann asked suddenly.

"Um, from the government I would guess. I mean who else?"

"That's the point Kim. You have no idea where all the millions that it must take to keep that organization funded. And it is called Global Justice. Are you sure they are even a branch of the U.S. Government?"

"Well maybe they are part of the U.N. Then?" Kim asked realizing how very little she did know about Global Justice.

Africa with Ron and his ladies:

Ron had finally gotten Bonnie to relax from her fears by taking her to the couch and softly kissing her. He could sense Shego's growing frustration that it wasn't her he was kissing and he planned to take care of that as soon as Bonnie stopped shaking from her emotions but before he could, the door to the house opened once again and Bebe #47 came in.

The Bebe stared at Bonnie in Ron's arms and her eyes glowed briefly. Bonnie began shaking once again but tried to act as if the robot wasn't unnerving her. "Yes?" She asked.

"What are you doing with Ron?" The Bebe surprised them all by asking.

"I'm spending quality time with my Ronnie." Bonnie replied throwing the machine's own words back at her. The two stared at each other long enough that Ron was starting to feel uncomfortable himself.

"Has something come up?" Ron asked drawing the Bebe's attention to him.

"Yes Leader. There are reports from Bebes near the border of this country stating that high altitude aircraft are approaching at a rapid rate of speed. By their direction it is apparent they are headed to this location." The Bebe stated becoming all business like.

"Which direction are they coming from?" Ron asked as he gently disengaged himself from Bonnie's grasp and stood up from the couch.


"Can the Bebes identify what type of aircraft they are?"

"Yes. They report a form that is identified as stealth equipped bombers."

Ron breathed out a long sigh. "Damn, I was afraid this would happen. Do our Northern neighbors have such technology?"

"No Leader. While they have jets, they do not currently have such advanced technology as stealth systems."

"How did the Bebes find them?" Harley asked.

"The Bebes on the border, as per the Leader's orders were visually scanning the skies. They spotted them as they crossed the border."

Harley blinked. She knew the Bebes were amazing but to spot aircraft at high altitude flying in at supersonic speeds?

"How long till they reach here?" Ron asked.

"At their current rate of travel it is estimated to be within 2 hours."

"Well we've got time at least." Ivy said.

Ron headed for the door. "How many flying Bebes do we have?"

"At the current time 125. More would have been built but resources of necessary materials are taking the Bebes farther and farther to reach."

"Does Hive Mind think we can take down the aircraft spotted with only 125?"

The ultra Bebe just stared at Ron as if he had said something very silly.

Ron nodded his head. "Okay. Dumb question. Of course the flying Bebes can handle the planes. But can they do it without killing the personnel inside them?"

"You still want to save people who are coming to bomb us?" Ivy asked amazed but at the same time not all that surprised.

"Not only am I averse to killing people on general principles." Ron said. "But I would also like a chance to question the crews to find out who sent them and where they came from."

"It maybe impossible to preserve the lives of the crew of the bombers." Bebe #47 stated. "To gain access to them the flying Bebes will of course have to breach the aircraft's hull and at the attitude and rate of speed they are traveling, explosive decompression results will happen. Even with Bebe speed it will be impossible to rescue the crews."

Ron nodded his head. "I was afraid of that. I may have a solution but I don't know if it will work." Ron nodded his head at Drew who was still standing by the door. "Go get the portal generator and meet us at the landing field."

One hour and forty five minutes later at the outskirts of the village, Ron and his group watched the flying Bebes launch and soar into the air to quickly become nothing more than glints of light in the air.

While their human eyes couldn't detect the incoming aircraft, the Bebes assured them that the planes would soon be in a position to bomb the village.

Off to one side Drew Lipsky sat on the hard packed ground cradling the portal generator. He had no idea what Ron wanted with the device unless it was to use it as a emergency escape route in case the Bebes' defense of the village failed.

The other Bebes had already evacuated the villagers into underground bunkers the Bebes had prepared earlier for their protection but Ron refused to go to one while his Bebes were in danger and his ladies refused to seek shelter as long as Ron was in danger hence why Drew thought maybe the portal generator was present as a last ditch escape route.

At one point when they had first arrived at the landing field Ron had taken the portal generator from Drew and walked a short distance away. Drew and the rest could see the portal generator open a few portals one at a time. Some showing scenes of fields of flowers and other showing what looked like a lava field but none of them were close enough to hear what Ron was asking of the device so they were confused about what it was all about. All they knew was that Ron had returned with the device five minutes later nodding his head at some thought he was having and returned the machine back to Drew and went to stand with his ladies as the Bebes launched.

A few minutes later Ron's personal guard Bebe #47 standing next to Ron' shoulder spoke. "It is time leader. The flying Bebes have reached the airplanes."

Ron nodded his head but to everyone's surprise he didn't look to the skies but knelled down next to Drew Lipsky and addressed the portal generator. "Okay Portal, just the way we discussed it."

The device kicked on with a whine and Drew cringed but continued to hold the device upright and facing Ron.

"You talked to the Portal Generator?" Harley asked. "It can speak now?"

"Well it really can't speak." Ron replied not taking his eyes off the generator. "It more like showed me scenes of flowers when the answer was yes and a lava field when the answer was no." Ron glanced up at them. "Well I at least hope that was what it was doing and not just showing me random scenes or that it meant yes for lava and no for flowers." Ron replied unsure. "We'll know if we got our wires crossed in a moment."

Shego frowned at Ron, whether it was for trying to have a 'talk' with the generator or for taking the machine's 'word' on something wasn't known. "So what is the portal generator supposed to be doing?" She finally settled on asking.

"She's going to..." Ron got as far as replying when the portal generator suddenly opened twelve floating portals parallel to the ground and at about six feet above said ground.

Drew stared open mouth at the sight and Ron's ladies were as equally stunned. No one knew the portal generator could open multiple portals at the same time or that it could change the orientation of said portal to be horizontal as well as vertical.

Moments later twelve men dressed in high altitude flight suits fell through the portals to land on the hard surface of the landing field. Instantly they were surrounded by Bebes.

Harley was the first to glance away from the flight crews on the ground back up to the skies. She saw sudden bursts of light in the distant sky.

"The bombers have been dismantled and their content has been recovered by the Bebes for our use." Bebe #47 stated.

"That's it? It's already over with?" Bonnie asked in shock.

Bebe #47 turned to look at her. "Bebes are highly efficient and are capable of doing everything better than humans." The robot stated causing Bonnie a shiver.

Ron glanced over at 47 and the Bebe stepped away from Bonnie a short distance. "When the Bebes told me it was nearly impossible for them to stop the planes without killing the pilots, I knew that wasn't good enough so I talked to the Portal Generator here and asked if it could open portals so we could rescue the crews. It 'told' me it was and as you saw, it did it."

All the Bebes glanced at the generator and their eyes flashed. It was apparent to the humans watching that the machine women didn't like the generator being able to provide service to Ron that they could not.

The flight crews on the ground finally rose from their stupor of being suddenly removed from their planes and stood to face Ron. Standing at attention, they removed their helmets to reveal... Men of all different nationalities. A few were blond haired and blue eyed, some of them were Asian and one was very dark skinned and obviously of African nationality. If Ron was hoping for some clue on what country sent them from their appearance, he was disappointed.

"Gentlemen. I can assure you that you are in no danger and once we learn what country has sent you to attack this village we can make arrangements to send you back home." Ron told them.

The flight crews looked among themselves for a moment and then nodding they spoke in unison. "Only the strong may stand in the light of illumination. Hail Illuminati!" Raising their right fists they then promptly struck themselves in their jaws. Almost as a single unit they fell to the ground where they began to thrash. White foam appeared on their lips and before anyone could move towards them, they grew still.

"What just happened?" Harley asked in shock.

A Bebe moved towards the bodies and checked them.

"They died from cyanide. Didn't they?" Ivy asked.

The metal woman looked up at her. "Yes. Examination reveals that all the flight crews had a glass ampule inserted into their jawbones that contained the poison. Striking their own jaws released the poison and death was nearly instantaneous."

Bonnie stared at Ivy. "How did you know it was cyanide?"

Ivy snorted. "I'm an expert on poisons and toxins, remember? I recognized instantly the signs of cyanide."

"But.." Ron stuttered. "I wasn't going to torture them or anything like that. The only information I was going to ask them was where did they come from? I would have sent them home! Why kill themselves?"

"Sounded like zealots to me." Harley replied. "They are probably indoctrinated, maybe even hypnotized that upon capture to off themselves. We at least know one thing about them."

"What?" Bonnie asked.

"They were Illuminati." Shego answered for Harley. "No single government sent an attack against us. Just this mysterious organization we've recently heard about."

Ron stood stony faced as he stared at the dead men. Men whom had been in the prime of their lives and were now rapidly cooling piles of meat on a landing field in an African country. He wondered how many of them had even heard of the village before being sent to their deaths? Deaths while Ron hadn't committed by his own hands had still come about by his actions.

Bebe #47 came up by his shoulder. "These men were not innocents Ron. Their aircraft contained enough bombs to destroy this village five times over. If they had succeeded in their attack everyone in this village would have been dead. The destruction of their lives was justified."

Ron turned to look at her. "The loss of life is never justified." He stated. "I thought you knew me better than that." To himself he said. "There had to be a way this could have ended with no one dying. I just failed to see it."

"Hey can't you just do that mystical thing and bring them back?" Harley asked him.

Ron slowly shook his head. "I have no idea how I did that with Bonnie. I just knew I couldn't let her go and the power just took over. I'm sure if something similar happened to any of you I could do it again but I just can't summon it for someone I don't know or don't care that deeply about."

Shego nodded her head. "And it is far too late to try the Mantis on them."

Bonnie frowned at her and went to Ron's side. The one not occupied by the Bebe that gave her the creeps. "Ron couldn't have known they were going to pull something like that."

"I didn't say he did... Or should have known they would have." Shego began in annoyance. She hadn't been criticizing Ron, only pointing out that it was too late to try the medical robot.

Ron slowly turned and began walking back to the village. "Maybe I could or couldn't have." He muttered to himself. "But now I do know what they will do and have to find a way to prevent it next time."