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Letter One - Introduction

It began with a letter, a simple piece of paper wrapped inside paper.

Then with the address, a place of residence in the top left corner.

It began with a girl, a little girl of ten with a wish.

It all began at the park on the morning of April twenty-first.

The little girl looked around the open sunny field. Her black hair blew in the early spring breeze; a short ponytail was pulled to the side. The rest of the thick black hair flowed freely to the mid of her back. She had worn black pants with butterflies up the legs and her black dress shoes. An orange and crème checkered jacket completed her attire.

Brown eyes floated along the scenery checking, looking, and waiting. The trees were placed at random around the area, and couples were sitting under them in the shade from the bright sunlight. A small man-made lake was located in the center of the park a small footbridge created a path across it. This was where the child was standing; the child was looking over the edge of the stone bridge and was watching the north side of the park.

The girl was about to give up for the day when something— someone—she was looking for caught her eye. She quickly crossed the rest of the bridge and then took to a run. She headed towards a blonde hair woman walking slowly on her own. Going with the plan the girl had made in her head, as soon as the little girl past the woman she tripped herself and landed hard on the stone ground, her knees scrapped hard against the ground.

This was fine with the girl, what wasn't good was she didn't expect was to slide and it had hurt her more then she anticipated. So she did what any ten year old would do. She cried, large tears rolled down her small face. The blonde didn't even look to the girl on the ground in front of her, instead she just walked right past, her face set ahead of her.

That was the second thing that had gone wrong with the girl's plan. The woman was suppose to help the little girl and asked her if she was okay. It didn't work and the small child cried harder. Her eyes were blocked by the tears that filled them to the rim and flowed down her cheeks until the finished their journey landing to the ground.

"Now, now, what's the matter?" A mysterious voice in front of her asked.

The child looked up until she met blue eyes staring at her with concern. The girl liked the beautiful woman in front of her. Her black hair so dark it looked blue to match her eyes. The silk material flowed just past her shoulders in waves. Her face was cheery and brightened the child up right away. The woman looked young, very young, but the child liked her.

"I fell." The child answered innocently to the woman as she sniffed and wiped tears off of her face.

"I see that. Are you okay? Where are your parents?" The woman placed her purse on the child's right side and pulled a handkerchief from the deep pockets of her black coat.

She kneeled in front of the girl and rolled up the child's pant leg to dab at the scraped shin. It was lightly bleeding.

"My mom is dead. My dad is working." The child replied as she looked at the purse beside her. There the girl saw a letter sticking out of the edge of the opened purse.

"What? Then who are you here with?" The woman looked shocked to the child meeting her eyes.

"I am here with my nanny. She went to get ice-cream." The girl anticipated anyone asking her this and had a story ready. In reality she had run away from home this morning. Her dad really was at work. She really didn't have a mother. She also had a nanny but she really hated the witch. The woman who cared for the child had the same intentions as the other women her father brought home.

"My name is Kagome. What's yours?" The child watched as the woman looked back at her task of wrapping the injury with the material she had in her hand. The girl took that moment to pull the letter from its already unstable state and putting it in her pocket, the little girl needed the letter after seeing what was written on the front of it.

"I am called Rin." The little girl replied with a large smiled on her cute face. "Thank you Kagome, you are very kind." Rin smiled and stood when Kagome pulled her pant leg down.

Kagome grabbed her purse before straightening up and looking down at the girl, Kagome didn't even notice the missing letter. She too smiled and looked around.

"So where is your nanny? I will take you to her." Kagome asked facing the child again.

"Oh, she's..." Rin looked around quickly, pretending to search for her nanny.

"Oh, right there. Thank-you I can go by myself. I hope I can see you again." Rin took off running toward a person the opposite way Kagome was going to be going. The person turned a corner and Rin continued to follow pursuit until she was out of sight.

Rin slowed down and started for home. She couldn't be away for too long or her nanny would call her father at work. He never liked being disturbed at work. She did everything she could to not disappoint him too much. Still, it was hard when your nanny was after your dad and didn't care at all about the child she was supposed to be caring for.

This was why Rin had to find her own mom, it had to be someone who would love Rin as much as they loved her father, and would have to work even harder for her dad to pick her too. Rin picked up her pace and headed out of the park to home.


"Where were you?" Kagura asked the little girl. Her short black hair was pinned at the top of her head. Red eyes boring into Rin's. Hands on her hips and toe taping on the marble stone floor of the hallway that sat just in front of the two large double doors to Rin's house.

"We were playing hide and seek. You were seeking, I was hiding." Rin replied. It was her job, as a kid, to make everything difficult for any woman she didn't like. In Rin's case there were very few people she liked. Kagura was the worst of the worst.

"Hiding? I highly doubt that." Kagura snorted.

"I was in the gardens hiding. It's not my fault you suck at this game." Rin retorted as she glared at the woman—her nanny. She wasn't prepared for the hand that came and slapped her across her face. Rin took a step back—her hand on her already burning cheek—and stared up at Kagura in shock.

"Watch your mouth." Kagura hissed to the girl. "Now go and clean up and I'll meet you in the kitchen. Your father is coming home for lunch today."

Rin grinned. Lunch was in a few minutes. That would mean the mark would still be there when her dad came home and she could finally get the woman she despised fired.

"You'll regret that.' Rin whispered before breaking out in tears crying at the top of her lungs. It wasn't the first time she had been hit by Kagura but it was going to be the last.

"Hey wait, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it you know that." Kagura kneeled trying to calm the girl down, her red eyes slightly wide with fear.

"Go away I want my daddy!" Rin screamed as tears fell from her eyes. She wasn't normally one who cried to get her way but at times like this it was best. This technique always worked better. Results came faster as well.

"What's going on?!" An angry voice interrupted the scene, yellow eyes were narrowed at the two girls before him.

This was not what he had expected when he came home. He was planning on spending some time with his daughter since he was leaving for some important business. He would be away for a week including the weekends when he spent most of his time with Rin. Normally, Rin would greet him by clinging onto one of his legs. He did not anticipate seeing her crying while her nanny whispered frantically to her. Rin did not cry. She was a quiet girl who expressed herself well through her words.

"Rin what is the matter?" Her father asked as he walked forward and pushed the nanny away with one hand. He kneeled slowly down beside his daughter.

"It's nothing Sesshomaru-sama really. Rin just wanted..." Kagura tried to step in.

"I do believe I was asking my daughter," Sesshomaru spoke sharply as he glared up at her. "You will watch your tongue when you are around and will not speak to me so formally," Sesshomaru turned back to his daughter and pushed Rin's hands away from her face. He wanted to soothe the child quickly. He hated to see her cry. Her tears were a sign she was in pain or need of something and he felt obligated to get whatever the child wanted.

Sesshomaru looked to the right side of Rin's face and his brow furrowed. There was red mark left that was not from the child's tears, and it looked slight like the outline of a hand. "Rin where did you get this."

Now Rin had planned it this far as well. Kagura had told her many times not to tell her dad what went on between the nanny and the girl. So Rin would use this also to her advantage. She hated to do this to her father. She knew he would worry but it was for the best in the end.

Rin shook her head and covered her cheek before attempting to take a few steps away from the kneeling man. His rare golden eyes were glazed over in concern. He reached for her and one of his arms wrapped around her back to stop her retreat.

"Rin, tell me what happened." Her father was not always one to ask twice. He was a little more lenient on his daughter but he always kept his stern face. Even with her. Rin wasn't afraid of it though. She knew her dad would never hurt her.

Rin lowered her head, hand still on her cheek, before she replied: "It's nothing dad."

"How did you get that mark?" Sesshomaru let a finger push her chin up so her eyes could meet his. Brown met gold. Rin had anticipated this also. No one could lie to her father.

"I can't say." Rin told him quietly.

By this time Kagura had had enough. "It was an accident. She ran into ..." Kagura wasn't allowed to finish.

Sesshomaru had stood and walked over to the door pulling Kagura with him. He opened the door and through her out.

"She ran into what? Your hand? You're fired." Sesshomaru stated calmly. He wasn't an idiot. He had watched as Rin glanced to Kagura when she had answered his question about what had happened to her. Rin wasn't scared of him but of her, the woman he had hired to take care of his daughter, not hurt her. Well the child wasn't afraid of Kagura as much as she was letting on; she wanted her father to be as angry at the woman as he could be.

Sesshomaru slammed the door in Kagura's stunned face and turned to Rin. "Are you hungry?"

Rin grinned to him and held out her hand. "Yeah!"

Sesshomaru took the child's hand and they walked to the kitchen. He would have to find another nanny. He was also going to have to find one that would care for his daughter properly instead of going after him. He also had to talk to Rin. She was too intelligent for her own good and he knew she had planned most of what happened this morning. However, the child never did anything without a good reason so he couldn't decided if maybe he should overlook it this once.

"After lunch you will come to the office with me. I will have my assistant have Kaede's schedule changed so she can look after you until a more suitable nanny is found." Rin nodded to her father and sat in her seat. Sesshomaru placed a bag in front of Rin. She hadn't noticed it in his hands before but it was from one of her favorite restaurants. It was really rare to eat take out food so she bounced in her chair upon seeing the bag.

"Oh thank-you!!" Rin began to pull the items out of the bag.

"Rin." Rin looked up to her father from her task.

"Yes?" She replied.

"You remember I won't be here until the following weekend." Sesshomaru said sternly so Rin would remember. Rin had remembered and was one of the reasons why she has executed her plan now. It gave her free roam of the house for her next steps in her wish.

"I know." Rin looked back at the containers holding various items and picked out her favorites.

"You probably won't have a nanny for the first few days, so please be good for Kaede during the time she is watching you. She has many other things to take care of as well as you."

"I promise to be on my best behavior." Rin replied. She really loved the old lady. She wouldn't do anything to her.

Sesshomaru nodded and began his own meal. There were many things to do and he wouldn't worry about the girl's motives right now. He understood there were difficulties between her and Kagura he just didn't realize how bad things were or he would have fired the obnoxious woman sooner, he never really liked her anyway.


Dear Kagome Higurashi,

I am pleased to say that...

"Ah how do adults write these things all fancy?" Rin mumbled to herself.

She was in her room. Her dad had brought her home for supper and then left once more to finish things up before his trip. Now she was trying to write a letter to the lady she met in the park. It was harder then she assumed.

Surprisingly enough there was a résumé in the envelope that Rin had snatched. Rin had only taken it to have the address but couldn't resist opening it when she saw the letter was addressed to a male. She wanted to make sure the woman was seeing the person in question and instead of some lovey dovey letter, but it was a résumé.

That meant the lady was looking for work and Rin had seen there were some pretty interesting part time jobs she had done revolving around kids. Well that was good proof to Rin that she was worthy. Now who was Inuyasha? Was he helping her get a job? Maybe he was an employer or someone with 'connections' as some of the adults said around her.

Rin sighed and looked down at her notebook. She would write her rough draft and then type it using her father computer when he wasn't home. Then send it. Come Monday she should have a new nanny. A lady that would hopefully be her new mom.

Dear Kagome Higurashi, Rin began writing down on the notebook that lay in front of her.


"Now where is it. I checked before I left the house. It was here, I know it was." Kagome whispered frantically as she rummaged through her purse. It was the only object around; other then the mailbox it was perched on, she had been planning on mailing her résumé today, that was until she lost it.

"Come on. Don't tell me I lost it." Kagome was desperate for a job. Inuyasha, a friend of hers was going to try and get her one with a person he knew. Sango had helped her make a resume that would impress any person looking for basic skills in technology, English, or kids. That was all she was good at. Kagome was really great with kids for some reason and she would love to have a job with them. However, those jobs just didn't pay too well.

With an apartment and classes on the weekends, Kagome needed a good paying job that would only want her on weekdays. It was proving to be harder then she thought. Most jobs were okay with weekdays only but their pay would be crappy and then all the other jobs were week day work but good pay.

Kagome was just going to go home and print up another copy and send it after her classes on Sunday. Kagome whacked her head with her palm. There was no mail on Sunday. So she would have to do it Monday.

"Ah, what a day!" Kagome sighed as she slung her purse over her shoulder and headed back inside.


Rin had finished. Now all that there was left to do was: wait, type it, print it, send it, and wait for her new eventual mom to come.

Her dad would be leaving in a few hours. He was in his office downstairs talking to his personal assistant. Rin was happy to say that he had fired the horrible woman who was working for him and now one of his close friends, whose name escapes her, was taking over while he was gone. Rin really did hate all the women who didn't care about her and only cared about her daddy's money.

At them moment Rin was sitting on her bed cross legged. The purples and blues of the fabric matched her curtains hanging around her queen bed. Pillows were piled on her bed of all shapes, but kept to the color scheme of the room. Her bad attempts of writing a letter were in a neat pile. She was shredding the evidence of practicing the letter. The good copy to be typed was folded and hidden under the corner of her mattress. When she finished typing it then it would also be shredded into tiny little bits of scrap and through into the fireplace in the den or even her dad's study.

She picked up the pieces of paper, and then she placed them in a small wooden box that sat on her desk. She would hide them until she had a chance to get rid of them. Caution was an importance when it came to situations like this. Her father had told her it was important to be patient and to be cautious when entering any state of affairs.

Well, Rin was through being patient when it came to her dad picking someone she liked. Though she did know her dad was not looking for someone permanently to be in his life so her opinion about his partners was not an issue. Still Rin was patient enough so now she would patiently take care of things on her own.

She would give it her best shot and if it didn't work. Well, Rin would keep trying because she never gave up. It wasn't in her nature. Her dad never gave up, so neither would she. Therefore things just had to work out.

Rin took out the letter on more time to read it over.

Ms. Kagome Higurashi,

We have carefully gone through the many applications presented to our establishment. It is our pleasure to say that it is not very often a person would find themselves in a position such as this. We have looked over submission and are happy to inform you that your entry fills the requirements we are searching for...


Kagome spent her weekend in class as always. Come Monday she was exhausted and desperately wanted to do nothing more then go to the park and spend some time outside then in searching for a job. Her mother's money would only last so long and she was getting tight. She might have to accept any job right now. Just until she found a better one.

Kagome stretched in the kitchen, finished off her cappuccino then, still in her slippered feet, made her way to the first floor to retrieve her mail. She had run out of ink and would have to buy some today for her résumés. She opened her mail box and pulled the many items out. It was the end of the month so she was sure she was getting many bills.

Kagome began her climb upstairs to her fourth floor apartment. She had to say for such a cheap place it didn't look so bad. It was a bachelor. When you opened the door you were greeted to a walk entry way that led into the kitchen/ living room/ bedroom. There was a bathroom to the right and just past that a small closet. It was perfect to a single person and she wasn't one for having too many people over. The only ones to really visit were Sango and Miroku. Inuyasha was off on tour with his band and girlfriend, and everyone else went to post secondary schools outside of Japan. This left Kagome lonely in her downtown apartment. But she never let it get to her.

She dropped the mail on the small table acting as her kitchen table and barrier between the living room/bedroom and the area set off for her kitchen. As the envelope slide over the surface a design caught her attention and she did a double take.

What's this?

Kagome pulled a letter out that read it was from Taisho Corp. She had no idea what Taisho Corp was but it would hurt to open and read whatever it was.

Probably junk mail. Kagome thought with a sigh. Her life was too boring. She really needed a new one.

Whatever Kagome was expecting it certainly wasn't what it had said. She read it over twice to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

Ms. Kagome Higurashi,

We have carefully gone through the many applications presented to our establishment. It is our pleasure to say that it is not very often a person would find themselves in a position such as this. We have looked over submission and are happy to inform you that your entry fills the requirements we are searching for. If you could call and set up a time and place at your convenience we would like to go over some minor details. We trust to hear from you soon.

Taisho Corp.

There was a sloppy signature that Kagome could not read and a phone number. Kagome sat down on her bed, she had yet to make and fold it into a couch.
It seemed she had found her job. But just where was she working? What was she expected to do? How had she gotten the job anyway? How much was the pay?

It seemed to be a decent enough job, considering the fancy paper and design, but maybe it was a hoax.

There's only one way to find out Kagome. Stop arguing with yourself all the time and do something spontaneous.

Kagome reached over for the phone and began to dial the number given.

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