Takato's Hatchling

By milesprower06


Chapter 10 – Growing Up



"Time to get up, Takato!" Mei yelled from downstairs.

This stirred Guilmon, but Takato remained sleeping. Guilmon climbed up on top of his Tamer and crawled up to his chest.

"Takato…time to get up…" Guilmon repeated, nuzzling his cheek. After several attempts, he got a response, and Takato groaned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"I'm up, I'm up, boy."

Guilmon rolled off of his Tamer, and Takato climbed down the ladder. He rushed down to the kitchen to prep Guilmon's bottle and brought it back up to his room. It came as a surprise that Guilmon was content to hold it himself, laying back on the bed, watching his Tamer as he got ready for school.

Slinging his backpack around his shoulders, he picked up Guilmon's box and held it up to the side of his bed. Then, he noticed that Guilmon was a bit bigger in proportion to the bottle.

He was growing.

Guilmon, having finished the bottle, let it roll onto the bed, climbed over the side railing of the bed, and somersaulted into the box.

"Go school now?" he asked.

"Yep. Let's get you downstairs."

He walked downstairs with his partner, where he was set in his usual place. He said goodbye to his parents, and was on his way.


7:25 AM

Takato strolled into Ms. Asaji's classroom, and made his way over to his desk. Just as he was about to sit down, someone grabbed his shoulder and whipped him around.

"Well well, Chumley, this is your lucky day."

"Um…it is…?" Takato said, once again confused by Kazu's antics.

"Why yes it is. You know why? You have one of those rare opportunities to prove me wrong."

"Uh-huh…" he said, going along with it for now.

"Yep. We know you must be up to something. You haven't been at the park for days, so we're coming over today, so you can show us this real Digimon."

Takato smirked.

"I thought you'd never come around, Kazu."

"Oh I haven't come around. I'm just humoring you. We all know how far you go for a joke."

"Um, that's you, Kazu. And fine. Come on over, and I'll finally prove it."

"Alright everyone, take your seats." Ms. Asaji instructed as the morning bell rang.


Rika kept her usual, steady pace down the sidewalk towards her school. For whatever reason, she couldn't get that boy and his partner off her mind. Digimon were meant to fight, and they seemed content just to…play. From what she saw at the park yesterday, that would no doubt be their undoing.

She didn't get it. Digimon were meant for fighting. It was their main instinct. She could reinforce that with the way his little dino growled at Renamon.

"Maybe it's different for him, Rika." Renamon spoke to her Tamer from the rift in between the visible dimensions. "His Digimon was born into his care. But I still don't know why it said Rookie instead of Fresh or In-Training. Why are you taken so aback because he doesn't want to fight? He just sees him more as a friend than a fighter."

Rika was silent for several moments.

"Then what about you and me?"

Renamon recalled how she sought Rika out.

"You were strong. You wanted me to be yours, and that is all I will ever be."

"So he's the same?"

"No, but he is no doubt strong in a different way; his own way. We should leave him be. If you want to fight, there's certainly no shortage of opposition."

Rika continued her trek to school.


Takato didn't have to wait long out by the soccer field for Kazu and Kenta to show up.

"Ready to prove us wrong, chumley?"

"More than ready. Come on, let's go."

Takato smiled as he walked in front of his two friends. While they remained skeptical, part of them must have believed. Or at least wanted to believe. They were the ones who offered to finally come see, after all.

They arrived at the bakery, and came in through the back entrance.

"Go on up to my room. I'll be up in a minute." Takato said after all of them had removed their shoes at the door. As they headed upstairs, Takato went to the kitchen to get his welcome home.

Upon seeing his Tamer enter the kitchen, Guilmon perked up, even more than usual, and awaited him at the edge of his box.

"I got a few more friends waiting to meet ya, boy. Let's not keep waiting, shall we?" Takato said, picking up the box, and began to walk up the stairs. Halfway up, an idea popped in his head. He leaned down to Guilmon.

"Alright, boy. Here's what I want you to do…"


Kazu and Kenta waiting in Takato's room, Kenta sitting in the desk chair, and Kazu leaning against one of the bed posts. Neither really knew what to expect right now.

Before long, the bedroom door slid open, and Takato came in with a shoebox. As far as they could tell, there was nothing in it but one of his hoodies. They both came closer for a better inspection.

"Alright, Guilmon…say hi!"

It was not that the duo noticed that there was something under the hoody. Their suspicions were realized as a red snout poked up out from underneath the hoody. A split-second later, two leathery claws joined it. Then, the creature leapt out of the box, taking the hoody with it, and latched onto Kazu's shirt.

Needless to say, Kazu freaked. He reeled back, and fell to the floor, cowering, as the red lizard creature lashed as his face with his tongue.

Takato was trying not to fall to the floor in laughter.

Kazu quickly realized that this thing wasn't going to devour him. Takato recovered from his bout of laughter.

"What was that for?"

"For doubting me."

Guilmon whipped his head back to throw the hoody back, revealing his golden eyes and goofy smile.


"Whoa…this is the coolest!"

"We thought for sure you were kidding!"

"Well, I wasn't, and here's the proof." Takato pointed to Guilmon.

"What's his attack?" Kazu asked.

Takato shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, what's he Digivolve into?"

"I don't know. I never really thought of that."

While Guilmon got familiar with the new duo, Takato began to think more about the fact that Guilmon was growing, and what Rika said to him yesterday.

'You better learn to put'em up, or you're not gonna last long…'

As much as Takato didn't want to think about it, he realized Guilmon's infancy may be coming to an end.

'So I have to take him out fighting now? Just what is Digimon 'taming'?'

What was Guilmon to him, really? A pet? A child?

'A partner…'

…but a partner in what?

He wasn't ready to settle on 'fighting' just yet.

Kazu and Kenta spent an hour or so playing with Guilmon before they had to head home for dinner. Before leaving, Kazu at last, gave a sincere apology for doubting him.

"Don't worry about it." Takato laughed.

After seeing his friends out, Takato returned to his room, where Guilmon was nibbling on a shoelace.

Takato smirked at the little dino. He bent over to pick him up.

"You know boy, I don't know about the others, but I don't care what you Digivolve into, or what powers or attacks you'll get."

Guilmon smiled up at him. Takato smiled back.

"I love you just the way you are."