Cracked Filament

Pairing: Narcissa/Bellatrix

Word Count: Around 300, not counting author's notes, I think

Disclaimer: All these characters belong to JK Rowling, not me. Alas.

Note: This was originally a regular drabble that I modified for April Fool's. Not so much a parody of Harry Potter, but of some of the more informal writing styles that I've come across in this fandom. I love this holiday too much. Honestly, though, what if I always wrote this way?? (pales at the thought)

For the "'original" drabble (of which only some sections exist in this version), please refer to: http (colon slash slash) la-dissonance (dot) livejournal (dot) com /2008/03/29/ (paste into browser & remove spaces).

Warnings: Implied blackcest, angst, interior author's notes, condescending author's notes, overabundance of author's notes...yeah...

These things happened, they said. It had all become too much, she cracked, they said. Too bad about her sister, they said. (They whispered - but better death than life in Azkaban, surely.) Narcissa didn't listen to what other people said, finally. Her whole life had been made up of listening to what other people said - life was over now. It had ended the moment she saw Bellatrix crumple under the Weasley woman's wand. (A/N: lol alliteration! did you catch that? it wasn't even on purpose! XD)

Now. Ah, now…

But let me collect myself. I can still do that, though I want to less and less. (A/N: lol sneaky POV change! It's Cissa talking, now, guys)

Now, I am burning with all the feelings that life muted. There is a delicious freedom, in madness. It is so much unlike Bella's madness (even I cannot deny that she was mad, but I love her nonetheless. Now that I am mad too – so people say - we're finally the same. We were always such opposites, as sisters – the blond and the brunette). My madness is like purifying white heat, whereas hers is cruel, dark, and sadistic. (A/N2: i always get 'sadistic' and 'masochistic' mixed up in my head, but i think this is the right one?)

I think it would hurt to love someone who is gone, to love someone in this way.

(Backstory: Narcissa has loved Bella since pretty much forever, but she never felt free to express her love for her, because the one time she did, when they were younger, Bella told her to never say something like that again, and Narcissa promised not to. Not because Bella doesn't love me back, but because she thinks that love is a 'weak' emotion, and she fears and doesn't understand it. Narcissa never tried again because she knew that Bella didn't want to hear it, and she was a little bit afraid of what she would do to her if she broke her promise to her. And then they both got married and Narcissa started to worry a lot more about her public image, but she never ever stopped loving Bella anyway.) (A/N did I mention I love the black sisters like soooooooooo sooo much?? (especially when they're having angsty sex! or any kind really! omg! fangirls)

With her gone, I am free to feel what I want, so I do. It is too much; such exquisite intensity cannot be sustained. One day, I will burn out.

Then. Ah, then… (A/N: this is a stylistic repetition which I hope will give the story some atmosphere or something. see paragraph 2 for ref. but honestly, stop getting distracted like this and pay attention to the story!)

She will be mine, and I –


A/N: See it cut off like that at the end because Narcissa finally did burn out, get it? And now she's dead of a broken heart or whatever, and hopefully she and Bella can be together forever!! :) (dies at the pure emo goodness of it all)

So yeah, happy April Fool's! Please do not feel the need to review or anything, this has probably wasted enough of your time already.