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Summary: I'm not sure where I'm going with it -- but what happens when Aaron Abbot discovers a secret about Reid Garwin and Tyler Simms? Curious -- well...read this then.


Pale fingers ghosted over tight muscles. Tyler shivered and felt Reid smile against his skin. Soft lips brushed across the taught muscles of Tyler's abdomen, fingers raking across his ribs. Soft nips brought Reid's mouth up Tyler's stomach and a warm mouth covered Tyler's nipple; a moist tongue flickered across the erect nipple followed promptly by a loud gasp. His hands lifted of their own accord and disappeared into the mop of blond hair above him. Reid licked and nipped his way to Tyler's neck and bit down. Tyler gasped again, gripping onto Reid's hair and drawing him closer.

Tyler writhed beneath Reid as Reid sucked on his neck; the movement making Reid hard as he pressed his body hard against Tyler's. Tyler gasped a third time when Reid ground against him. Reid's warm mouth covered Tyler's and his tongue darted in.

Tyler let Reid dictate the kiss, just as he always has. They both knew how dominating Reid could be but Tyler likes it that way. Reid's nails raked down Tyler's ribs and he gripped the boy's hips in his hands, grinding against him. They weren't naked; not yet, at least. Tyler was still clad in the school uniform, his shirt discarded beside the bed. Reid was wearing blue jeans and shoes, his t-shirt forgotten somewhere by the door where Tyler had dropped it. Reid's body covered Tyler's as he stradled the younger boy's waist. He was hungry; he'd been waiting for this moment since puberty.

Reid Garwin had liked girls for as long as he could remember. But in the back of his mind, there had always been Tyler. There was always moments, in the locker room, when he'd noticed how the water glistened on Tyler's chest. He'd noticed the soft flex of Tyler's muscles when Tyler moved, or the pensieve look that crossed Tyler's face when he played video games. He found himself wanting to reach out and touch that face; to run his thumb across Tyler's lips, but he'd always had to restrain himself. There was no restraint now. Tyler was laying beneath him, wreathing, pressing their bodies closer together. His breath was hot, coming in short gasps, tickling Reid's ear as Reid bent his head to lick his jaw line, to suckle his ear and bite his bottom lip.

Reid's hands pressed gently against Tyler's hips, pulling them closer. His hands were kneading Tyler's hips, flexing and unflexing. In the back of his mind he almost worried that he'd leave bruises but all was lost in the heat of passion. And then something moved. Tyler heard it first, jerking beneath Reid's body. He turned his head to the side, pulling his lips away from Reid's mouth. "Did you hear that?" He whispered. But the sound was gone; all that filled his ears was Reid's heavy pants.

"Hm?" Reid murmured against his chin, as he traced the crook of Tyler's neck with his tongue.

"Reid -" Tyler began, not bothering to suppress the shiver that Reid's tongue caused. Reid's body absorbed his shiver and Tyler felt him smile as Reid kissed his neck. But then Reid heard it. Deep breathing that definitely wasn't coming from Tyler. He sat up quickly and spun around, still stradling Tyler's pelvis.

Leaning against the door, head tilted back, hooded eyes, was Aaron Abbot. Reid's breath caught in his throat and for the first time in his life, Aaron realized that Reid was not just shocked but actually worried. The look that captured Reid's face belied an emotion that Aaron hadn't ever seen on the boy before; it made him smile and then laughter filled the tense room.

"I locked the door," Reid commented. The confusion was evident in his voice; a voice that was uncharacteristically soft; almost childlike. A voice that was still husky with lust and arousal. His usually pale cheeks were still flushed with heat, his hands still rested on Tyler's exposed abdomen, and Aaron could have sworn that he saw a twitch in Garwin's hand, almost as if he were stroking the younger boy.

Aaron's heated gaze was drawn to Tyler, who was struggling to pull himself back and out from beneath Reid. Reid's weight shifted and Tyler drew himself up to a sitting position but Reid was still sitting promptly on his legs. Tyler looked concerned, more so than Reid but he was holding his silence, as he always did. "I have a key," Aaron replied. His tone was short, blunt.

Reid's eyes narrowed and then he glanced down at Tyler who was looking at him with a darkened expression. Reid had lost his key earlier in the week. He'd told Tyler that he had it in his bag but it'd just disappeared and Tyler had rolled his eyes. Reid lost things all the time; he always claimed they disappeared and Tyler would wind up coming across the missing items a few days later in places that Reid hadn't thought to look. But neither of them had expected that Aaron Abbot had stolen it.

"What are you gonna do now?" It was Tyler who spoke. His voice was quiet, smooth; his deep eyes were gazing past Reid and right at Aaron. His gaze was heavy, rooting Aaron to the spot. Reid was still staring at Tyler, though, almost as if he were trying to convey a message without having to verbally speak it.

"Revenge," Aaron answered. His voice was light, the smile stretched across his teeth was taunting. And then he lifted his hand and held up his cell phone. "Don't you think Spenser would find this interesting? Especially the female population."

Reid's icy gaze had returned to Aaron's. He shook his head in disbelief. "You wouldn't," he challenged. But his voice was dark with realization.

Aaron's smile twisted until it was a malicious sneer. "For you, Garwin, I would."

Reid huffed, and rose from the bed, turning to face Aaron. "What do you want," he sighed. He sounded tired, but his eyes were ablaze with anger.

"I already told you," Aaron murmured; his voice sounded irritated but even Reid could hear the pleasure in his tone. "I want revenge. I want to destroy whatever reputation, whatever status -- whatever existence you have. And this here," he pressed play his phone and the video of Reid and Tyler shown brightly on his phone, "is my leverage."

"I'll give you two choices," Reid began slowly, his voice holding a dangerous edge. "Delete that video or I break your phone."

Aaron nodded understandingly, as though he were pondering it. His fingers ghosted over the buttons on his phone and then he held it up again for Reid to see. "Message sent," was flashing on the screen.

"Son of a bitch," Reid swore. And then he lunged for Aaron. His hands fisted in Aaron's shirt; he slammed the brunette hard against the dorm door. He lifted a fist and punched Aaron twice before Aaron sank a fist in Reid's exposed stomach. Reid gave a shout and doubled over. Aaron punched him once in the face and then tackled him. He pinned Reid on the ground, stradling the boy much like he had been previously stradling Tyler. He pinned Reid's arms painfully to the ground and hovered above him. Blood colored Reid's lips red.

Reid didn't know when Tyler had moved but he was suddenly standing beside Aaron. "Aaron, let him up," Tyler commanded, standing close enough to Aaron that he could stop whatever Aaron was planning on doing next, but far enough away so that Aaron couldn't strike out at him. "You've made your point. Now get out."

"Shut up, faggot," Aaron spat, but he wasn't looking at Tyler. His eyes were locked onto Reid's.

"Don't call him that," Reid commanded, writhing under Aaron, trying desperately to buck him off.

"Why not?" Aaron sneered. "That's what he is, isn't it?" His gaze flickered up to meet Tyler's. "I always knew there was something off with you. I always knew you like dick."

Tyler frowned but he didn't say anything. Reid frowned too; he'd always told Tyler to stick up for himself. And sometimes Tyler did. Just not often enough. "Don't talk to him like," Reid snapped. Reid had always stuck for Tyler too, but he hadn't ever been so adament before. He hadn't ever been so blatantly annoyed before.

Aaron whistled, a smile spreading across his face. "Soft spot for the faggot?" His grin deepened. "Who knew Garwin would actually defend his woman," he added, throwing a glance toward Tyler. Aaron tightened his grip of Reid's arms, his grip hard enough to leave bruises.

Reid grimaced and Tyler saw it. "Get off of him." Tyler's voice was quiet yet firm. He was shifting his weight from foot to foot uncomfortably. Reid couldn't help noticing the apprehensive look on his face. He'd always teased Tyler about his anxiety, even before any of this happened. It turned him on. Tyler's hand was on Aaron's shoulder and the boy was looking at the son of Ipswich as if he were insane.

"Don't touch me faggot," he snapped. "I don't know how far you and Garwin has gone."

"Oh," Reid moaned. "I love it when you talk dirty." He writhed beneath Aaron for emphasis.

Aaron screwed his face up in disgust. Shooting a glare at Tyler when the younger son laughed. "No, but seriously," Tyler continued as his face suddenly turned serious. "Get off." Reid wanted to laugh. Tyler had the oddest quirks about him. Like how he could go from comical to serious in the blink of an eye. Or how he could seem semi-intimidating while he was just repeating what others would say. Tyler's voice was firm, challenging in a very un-tyler way, while his grip on Aaron's shoulder tightened.

"Or what?" Aaron challenged, cocking an eyebrow at Tyler. "You'll make me?"

Tyler nodded seriously. "Yes." The smile on Aaron's face was defeaning and Tyler's fist tightened on his shoulder furthermore. Tyler jerked back, hard enough to startle Aaron and lift him off of Reid. He heaved Aaron, his free arm gripping Aaron's arm, and shoved him hard against the door. Aaron hit the door and landed in a heap on the floor.

"Damn baby boy," Reid marveled as he climbed to his feet, gently rubbing his forearms. Aaron's grip had left finger like bruises that made him wince. "That. Is. Hot," he added. "Aaron, get out. I'm about to take this man right here, right now." Aaron didn't move, even as Reid's eyes momentarily bore into him. "Fuck that," Reid commented as he roughly pulled Tyler in for a kiss.

Tyler's hands found a grip on Reid's hips, drawing him closer as Reid buried his fists in Tyler's dishelved hair. When Reid pulled back he had a dopey smile on his face. "You taste like chocolate, baby boy."

Tyler wrinkled his nose. "You taste like cheap beer and Funguns. What. The. Fuck."

"I must taste good," Reid purred.

"Disgusting," Aaron spat. Reid hadn't even realized that Aaron had moved, but there he was -- leaning against their door again.

Reid shrugged slightly; he' been called worst. Tyler's hands were still gripping his exposed flesh, gently rubbing random patterns in the flesh on his hip. It was actually kind've soothing. Reid soon realized that Tyler liked touching. He liked running his hands through Reid's hair, almost as much as Reid liked it; and he liked rubbing Reid's back, or stroking his skin. He liked touching Reid in a way that Reid hadn't ever imagined Tyler doing before. Even with Aaron staring at them, Tyler was still gripping Reid's hips close to him. He wasn't as much of a follower as people took him for. But Reid knew that Tyler would go whereever he asked him to; do whatever he wanted him to. And Reid tried his hardest not to abuse this power he had over the boy.

He just really liked how Tyler looked at him -- with conservative want, hunger that no other member of the covenant had ever seen before. He liked making Tyler gasp, or moan, or shiver. He liked making him blush, and he liked how Tyler never resisted his advances; Tyler never shoved him away. He liked how tentative Tyler was in the beginning every time; how he'd touch Reid slowly, as if he expected Reid to shove him away or yell at him. And then he'd become more enthusiastic when Reid didn't resist or reject him. He liked how Tyler always got funnier when he was stoned or drunk; or high on pure lust. It was only after sex that Tyler let down his barriers and said what he wanted to when he wanted to. Tyler could be funny, or honest, or emotional. It just took sex or drugs to tease that out of him; but Reid like drinking with Tyler. And smoking with him. Because he was grateful. He didn't demand it, and he didn't ask for it. And he never took too much of it; it never took much to get him high as it was, but Tyler never expected it out of Reid -- even after seventeen years of coexisting and sharing; he still expected Reid to discard him. Reid liked Tyler. But he feared that it was more than that. More than like.

"Are you planning on staying, Aaron?" Reid asked, tearing his eyes away from Tyler to look at Aaron's look of repulse. His voice was light, casual, even kind. A soft smile was playing around his lips, tilting the ends up, and managing to reach his eyes. There was laughter hidden in those eyes, and suddenly they didn't seem so cold anymore. "I mean -" Reid gestured between him and Tyler, "Do you want in? A three some doesn't sound too bad right about now."

Aaron shook his head, making a gagging noise in the back of his throat. "Your status at this school nonexistent," he swore as he quickly threw open their dorm door and bolted. The echo of the slamming door shattered what little silence had briefly settled between the pair.

Reid was still smiling a goofy smile, but Tyler's soft features were drawn into a worrisome grimace. "What are we gonna do?" Tyler asked, staring into Reid's eyes. Reid's eyes still looked soft, homey like they never had before, and when Reid turned his gaze back to Tyler's he was surprised to find Tyler's usual calm hidden within his gaze.

"I'm gonna tear your clothes off and have my way with you," Reid told him quietly, as he looped his arms around Tyler's neck, resting them on his shoulders and drawing him closer.

"I meant about Aaron," Tyler told him quietly as he wrapped his arms loosely around Reid's waist.

Reid's smile deepened. "I know," he told Tyler gently. "Don't worry about it."

"But you know he's gonna tell everybody," Tyler began. The calm in his voice was ebbing away to fear.

Tyler was cute when he was scared. Reid pulled him closer until they were hugging. "What does that matter?" Reid whispered into his ear. "We've got nothing to be ashamed of."

Tyler pulled back his head so he could see Reid's eyes. Only recently had Tyler realized that Reid's eyes indeed were the windows to his soul; if only to him. His eyes were still laughing. "You sure?" Tyler asked quietly.

"I've got nothing to be ashamed of," Reid repeated quietly, firmly. He shrugged, Tyler's body absorbing this movement. "Sure -- no more one night stands with flavor of the week chicks. But I don't need any of that if I've got you, baby boy. I don't need the reputation I had. Because I've got a better one. I've got you." Heat rose quickly to Tyler's cheeks, coloring them red. He dipped his head and turned away but Reid nudged his jaw with an outstretched arm and Tyler turned his gaze back to Reid. "Are you ashamed?" Reid asked him seriously.

"I've never been ashamed of you," Tyler whispered. His breath tickled Reid's cheek and turned him on. There was this surreal innocence to Tyler that made Reid so hot sometimes. He liked being with someone who blushed everytime he talked dirty to him, or complimented him. Tyler was almost childlike, and it turned Reid on immensely.

Reid dipped his head forward and capture Tyler's lips in another kiss. It was a slow kiss, his tongue darting into Tyler's mouth almost lazily and when he pulled away, he bit down onto Tyler's bottom lip and drew it out. His hands fumbled for Tyler's belt but he batted away Tyler's hands when the younger tried to help.

Reid slowly removed his belt and worked on his button. Before pulling his pants down Reid shoved Tyler back until the younger boy fell back on the bed. Reid knelt in between his legs and Tyler lifted himself up on his elbows, staring down at Reid with soft blue eyes. Reid dipped a warm hand inside Tyler's pants, but the boy still jumped at the skin on skin contact. Reid's hand was soft, gentle as he gripped Tyler's dick. His grip was firm, but gentle, and he ran his thumb the length of Tyler's member. Baby Boy was definitely packing, and hard as a rock. Reid smiled to himself, and flickered his eyes up to glance at Tyler, who was staring back at him with lust filled eyes. He loved how easy it was to turn Tyler on. All it took was affection; just casual groping and wet kisses, really.

He drew out Tyler's dick and quickly dipped his head forward, cover Tyler's length with his own warm mouth. Tyler gasped and Reid flicked a moist tongue across the head, earning another gasp that quickly turned into a soft moan. Tyler was leaned back, his elbows supporting the weight of his upper body, his hands gripping the sheets beneath him so hard that his knuckles had turned white. He watched Reid's mop of blonde hair bop up and down, Reid's cool gaze darting up to meet his own every several seconds. Tyler's eyelids were slowly gaining weight, and he let them slip closed without much of a fight. His head had tilted back, his dry lips parted in a silent moan.

Tyler gasped as he felt the pressure building. Reid picked up his own pace, head bobbing furiously, delightful friction sending sparks down Tyler's member and up his spine. He moaned loudly, as he sat straighter, burying his hands in Reid's dishelved hair. He gripped Reid's hair tightly in his fists, and Reid moaned against his member, ripping a groan from Tyler's dried lips. Reid liked it better when Tyler was forceful. When he pulled his hair in the heat of passion, or bit him hard enough to leave a mark. "Reid -" Tyler gasped, but Reid's name quickly bled into a long moan as the pressure pushed Tyler over the edge and he came. Reid tried to swallow the load, but ribbons of white jizz still leaked from the corners of his mouth.

He almost jumped when he felt gentle hands cup his face and pulled him forward. Tyler leaned back, his hard breathing filling the room, as he pulled Reid onto of him. A tentative tongue darted out and licked away the cum that had seeped from Reid's mouth. Tyler captured Reid's mouth, vaguely tasting himself but too tired to care. "Here," Tyler breathed against Reid's cheek, as his hands lowered to the bulge in Reid's jeans. "You're still hard."

Reid shook his head, blond hair tickling the younger boy's cheek. "You don't have to," he murmured against Tyler's neck.

"You sure?" Tyler asked, his voice barely a whisper.

"Yeah," Reid said dismissively. "I wanna spoon," he added. Reid forced himself off of Tyler long enough for the boy to kick off his pants and pull up his boxers, as he himself kicked off his shoes and jeans.

"Take off your socks." Tyler's voice was low, nearly mumbled but Reid glanced down at him nonetheless. "They make me itch." Rolling his eyes Reid sat as he removed his socks. "Thank you." Tyler's voice was drowsy and it made Reid smile. He had caused it. Reid drew himself beneath the covers and spooned Tyler, wrapping his arms around the younger boy and drawing himself closer. He moulded his body to Tyler's, resting his chin in the crook of Tyler's neck, tangling their legs together, resting an arm beneath Tyler's head and wrapped around his abdomen. Tyler's breathing had grown heavier, less deliberate, as he sank into a peaceful sleep. Reid too closed his eyes, trying to fall asleep against his baby boy. He took a deep breath, taking in the smell that had always been Tyler Simms to him, and promptly fell asleep.