Summary: Every girl wants to be Alice, Bella, and Rosalie. They have the looks, boyfriends, and are the most popular girls in school. However, incredibly good-looking Emmett, Jasper, and Edward move to Forks, and instantly gain the spotlight. Will the girls let their status be changed? Hell no!

Disclaimer- I own nothing by Stephenie Meyer.


School, I loved it! And not because of academic reasons, but social reasons. Alice and Rosalie were my two best friends, and we knew everything about each other. Sure there were other girls that we liked, but they only hung out with us because we were the top girls.

I went up to my mirror, and put on the perfect outfit. Alice had the best sense of style, and she had taught me how to dress in an outfit worthy of the red carpet. My cell phone rang, and I danced across the room to get it.


"Hey Bella, it's Rosalie. I just picked up Alice, and we're on our way to your house. Did you dress for the weather today?"

"Yes, it's sunny, my favorite kind of day. Thanks for picking me up." Rosalie laughed.

"No problem, see you later. We'll honk when we're outside." I smiled as I ended the call.

Pretty soon, I heard Rosalie honk, and her beautiful red BMW sat in my driveway. Rosalie was probably the prettiest of us all. She was currently dating Mike Newton, the most popular boy in the school.

"Hey Alice, hey Rosalie," I greeted them happily.

"Ready Bella?"

"Am I ever anything but?" They both giggled, and we sped off.

"I have a test today, you think I'll get a good grade?" Rosalie asked.

"Of course, you always get As." Rosalie, however, didn't seem cheered by the idea.

"I didn't study for this one, and I wasn't paying attention in class." I sighed.

"One B isn't going to bring you're A average down."

"I guess you're right." She sighed.

Entering the halls at Forks High always made us smile. (In this story, the high school is a lot bigger.) People stopped what they were doing, and stared, probably looking at our clothes for the newest style. The boys looked at us lustfully, sometimes it was very embarrassing.

"Hi girls," said a boy that we didn't know. Everyone stared at him. They thought that he was either brave, or stupid.

"Hi," Alice said. "What's your name?" He blushed.

"It's Henry," he said confidently. I honestly didn't know why he would even think that we were interested. Did he not know that we had boyfriends?

"Well, it's Alice. What do you want exactly, I have to get to class," she said brusquely.

"Well, I was wondering whether any of you might be interested in having coffee?" Alice wrinkled her nose.

"Coffe, ewww. I hate it, it tastes disgusting." He looked shocked.

"Well, d-dinner." He stuttered.

"I'm taken," she said simply. He looked at me and Rosalie.

"Sorry," I said. "I'm already going out with someone." He walked away.

Why did boys even come up to us? They knew that we had boyfriends, and that we would refuse. I saw Tyler, and smiled. He grinned in response.

"Hey Bella," he said happily. His lips found mine, and we briefly kissed, and then he put his hand on the small of my back.

"Let's go to class," I whispered.

"So, I saw the show this morning." I giggled.

"Yeah, like I would ever go after him, instead of you," I said sweetly. Evidently that comment brought on another kiss. I truly loved my boyfriend, and life.

"You don't know how happy that makes me," he said.

"And you don't know how happy it makes me that you care," I said right back. I rested my forehead against his. He took my hand, and walked me to my next class.

"Bye Tyler, love you."

"You too Bella, see you at lunch." He gave me one more peck on the cheek, and I waved. God, he was so nice.

I slid in the seat next to Alice's, and we started texting while the teacher droned on about the Civil War.

Alice: That guy was hilarious this morning. Eric got all defensive and wanted to punch him.

Bella: Lol. Sometimes people truly amaze me.

Alice: No kidding.

Bella: They're completely clueless.

Alice: What part of boyfriend is too hard to understand?

Bella: The whole thing apparently. Teacher coming.

Alice: Thnx

I snapped my phone shut. We never got caught, or the teacher just simply didn't care.

The rest of the day went by quickly, and it was time for lunch. Whenever we came in, it was like in the morning, everyone looked at us.

"I think I aced the test," Rosalie squealed.

"Good job Rosalie, I told you that it would be fine."

"Yeah, I should listen to you more often. Where is our dear friend Henry?" She wondered. I looked around the cafeteria, and saw him staring at Alice lustfully.

"He never gives up, does he?" Alice muttered. I hadn't seen her coming, and she scared me to death.

"Sorry Bella, I just got held back by a teacher," she said grimly. I was shocked. Alice never got in trouble with teachers. She saw the bewildered expression on my face.

"I got caught texting," she mumbled. I sighed.

"Which teacher?" Rosalie asked.

"Ms. Janette." Alice said a little harshly. Rosalie laughed, and Alice glared at her.

"I had her, she yells at anyone for the smallest things. It's not that big of a deal, let's get lunch, and go sit down." I followed her, and we bought lunch. Alice went off to sit with Eric, and Rosalie went to Mike. It was nice that our boyfriends got along with each other, and sat at the same table.

"Hey Tyler. How were your classes?" He sighed.

"Not very interesting, yours?"

"Boring," I said simply. He laughed, and I gave him a kiss on the cheek.


I looked at Bella and Tyler. They were so good for each other, and it made me jealous. I loved Mike, but it just didn't feel right for some reason. We kissed, and he treated me kindly, but something was missing.

"Rose, you alright?" He asked me tenderly.

"Yeah, just thinking about life in general." Mike didn't ask, and I liked that he wasn't nosy. Did I love him? I thought so, but I wasn't sure. Was it right to keep dating him if I wasn't positive? Maybe time would tell.


School was what I lived for. Everyday I could wear a new outfit, and have people copy it. The boys were a little annoying though, like that Henry person. Why didn't they just give up? I would be lying to myself if I said that I didn't like the attention, but still.

"Hey Rose, do you want to go shopping?" I asked. It was kind of hard to see her face since I was sitting on Eric's lap, but it didn't really matter.

"Can't, I have to work on a project," she said dully. Bella heard our conversation.

"Why can't you go Rose?" She asked curiously. Usually Rosalie was a huge shopper.

"I have to finish a project for school." Since when did Rosalie have to worry about school?

"Rosalie, you get straight As."

"That's when I work hard. I've been procrastinating for a while, and the project is due in two days."

"Alice, what exactly do you want?" Bella asked, maybe she could come with me.

I couldn't sit on Eric's lap anymore, it was annoying to talk across the table.

"Excuse me Eric, do you mind if I go talk to Rosalie and Bella really quick? We have some girl issues to discuss." He smiled at me.

"Go ahead Alice, and I miss you already." I smiled, and kissed him briefly.

"You're too sweet," I said.

Once I got to where Bella and Rosalie were sitting, I demanded more information. Shopping alone would be no fun. My sense of style was gone without them.

"I need a new purse, and I don't know where to go. Bella, will you go with me if Rosalie can't go?" Bella thought for a minute.

"Yeah, I'm not doing anything. And I think I need some new clothes too. What day?" I smiled at Bella, but glared at Rosalie.

"That's so kind of you Bella, and thanks a lot Rosalie. Can we go Saturday?"

"That sounds good Alice. I need to be home by six though, Charlie and I are going out to dinner." Rosalie looked sad.

"Honestly, I wish I could come. Wait, did you say Saturday?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Oh, I can come then, I thought you meant tomorrow or the day after. Okay, count me in." I squealed with delight, and we were going to go to Port Angeles.


"Alice, where do you want to go exactly?" She shrugged.

"I don't know, here and there." Rosalie shook her head.

"No, we should get you a Coach purse. Bring a lot of money." Rosalie emphasized the "a lot" part. Alice grinned.

"No need, come into the girls bathroom with me. I need to show you something." We exited the cafeteria.

The bathroom was empty, and Alice giggled. She looked so excited for some reason, and had her wallet out. Alice's energy always amazed me, she never stopped.

"What is it Alice?" Rosalie and I asked.

"You'll never guess what my dad gave me yesterday. I was just eating, and he came in and gave me a big lecture about what he was giving me." We kept staring at her. Alice already had a blackberry, cell phone, laptop, ipod, and a ton of other things.

"He gave me a credit card," she just kept bouncing around. Rosalie looked at her, and was happy. She pulled out a silver card, and Alice grinned. I was the odd one out. Charlie would never give me one, he thought that I spent too much. I had pointed out to him that it was my friends who were spending, and I was just socializing, and occasionally buying something that I liked.

"Wow Rosalie, when did your parents give it to you?" Alice said.

"They saw that I was carrying around a lot of cash, and decided to give me a credit card. I was kind of surprised, but excited too, of course."

"Cool," I said, "when are you taking your first shopping spree with it Alice?"

"This Saturday of course, I've been bursting to tell you."

"Do you want to go back to the cafeteria? I honestly don't want to go," I told them. They nodded in agreement.

"Where do you want to go then?" Rosalie asked us in a bored voice.

"I don't know, the gym, as long as we don't stay here, I'm fine," I said.

"We forgot about Eric, Mike, and Tyler." I giggled at Alice's comment, and pulled out my cell phone.

Bella: Tyler. Not coming back. Luv u.

They both did the same, and we mindlessly walked around the halls. The occasional freshmen saw us, and stared. We just gave them a small smile, and they smiled back, so cute. Teachers didn't care. They knew that we didn't cause trouble, and we were left in peace. My phone beeped, and I assumed it was Tyler.

Tyler: No prob. Can't see u after school, soccer practice.

"What was that?" Alice asked.

"Tyler telling me that he can't see me after school, oh well. Do either of you want to come over?" They said yes, and I called Charlie.

"Chief Swan. How may I help you?" Whenever he said that, I wanted to burst out laughing.

"Hey dad, it's Bella. Can Alice and Rose come home with me after school?"

"Yeah, no problem. Are they staying for dinner?" I mouthed to them, and they said no.

"No, when will you be home?"

"I'll be home around seven, and then we can eat."

"Cool. Looking forward to it," I told him.

"I just have something to give you Bells, and I think you'll like it." Okay then.

"Thanks dad, see you at seven." I snapped my phone shut, and turned back to Alice.

"You're lucky Alice," I sighed.

"Maybe your father will give you a credit card tonight," she grinned. I couldn't help smiling in response.

"Yeah, only in my dreams."

At the end of the day, Rosalie drove us to my house, and we just started our homework. The day went by too quickly, and it was close to six.

"Bye guys," I sighed. They waved, and I closed the door. What did Charlie have planned? Something that I would like? As far as I knew, I was happy, and didn't need anything else. I had a good group of friends, a good father and mother, good grades, and a good reputation at school. What more could I ask for?

"Hey Bells," he called once he was in the house.

"Hey dad, what do you want for dinner?" He grinned at me.

"I brought a pizza." He seemed very happy, but his face abruptly turned serious.

"Now Bella, I don't know if Alice and Rosalie already have one, but I want you to be very careful with it," he said in a no-nonsense voice.

"Be careful with what?" I asked. He took out a blue discover card, and handed it to me.

"You may shop with this, but don't overdo it." I stared at the little card in my hands, it was beautiful! I jumped up, and hugged him. He looked a little taken aback, but returned the hug.

"Thank you, thank you dad! I love it!" He smiled at me.

"I'm glad, just be careful Bella." I nodded we ate dinner, chatting about our day. He heard about Henry, and how boring my classes were. Nothing really exciting happened to him at work, and we discussed where to eat Saturday night.

Once we were done eating, I flew up to my room, and picked up my phone. Alice was ecstatic about my credit card, and we had a three way call with Rosalie. Yes, I enjoyed life!