I LOVE Back To The Future 1, 2 and 3. This takes place a year after the Doc leaves Marty and Janet in his time machine/ steam locomotive, with his wife Clara and two kids.

The Doc came back to 1986 to invite Marty to come travelling with him, Intestine and his granddaughter, Maria. Threw there travels Marty becomes more and more curious about what happened to Clara and there sons. When Maria is kidnapped, the Doc tells Marty everything. When they find her they think she is dead, but little do they know that it was all part of an apparently impossible change she has gone threw. And her kidnappers aren't who Doc feared they were, but he didn't know if they were any better or worse.

Back To The Future 4: Meet my granddaughter.

(Doc's P.O.V)

"Maria, stoke up the fire so we can get that speed meatier up to 88MPH. We have the whole of this rail road to run on so we shouldn't need to worry about running out of space." I called to my granddaughter. She was a beautiful 11 year old girl, she was the first person to be born in the far future, 4th November 3012 to be exact. She had long black hair like her mothers down to her knees, which curled a little at the end. She had the strangest, but most gorges dark-purple eyes and she ware a black and purple sci-fi skirt with black and purple stockings, a plane black shirt and a 'life preserver like' jacket that was also like the skirt. She had a single streak of silver in her hair which seemed to be effected by static electricity in an odd way, instead of it going frizzy it conducts the electrical power and gives her momentary control of things like lightning.

"Ok, you got it Doc." She smiled at me before leaving into the boiler room with Eneiy and her pet lynx Kumi hot on her heels, but shortly Eneiy came back, although he loved Maria he was still very loyal to me. Maria was bound to be happy. I used to take her travailing with me before the accident happened when we last visited he old west when she was 8, and we've been stuck here ever since. She'd normally wear black cowboy gear, she would get laughed at for dressing like a boy, but these who know her now know that making her into a joke is way too risky, especially when she finds out who said it. She was considered the sheriffs daughter, she was a bigger local hero than the sheriff himself and he was proud to lose his crown to such a brave and daring girl.

"It's done." She said as she sat beside him. "Doc, are we rely going to 1986? Are we going to see Marty McFly?"

"Of course we are, but we need to wait till morning. It's too dark to see the rail road as it is now, and we don't want history to repeat itself do we?"

Maria looked as if she were about to cry. "No. I never want that to happen again…… Do you think that mom still thinks of me?" She asked.

"I know she does."

"And even when you and Eneiy leave you two will still think of me, right?" she curled up on the sofa close to the fire place, trying to hide her tears.

"Of course we will, but your not getting rid of us that easily." I joked, and she beamed at me threw the tears on her face.

"I never said I wanted to." She smiled and curled up into the sofa. She liked to make pictures of people and places from the flickering fire. Every night we would sit together and she would whisper to me what we could see, when she was first able to talk, and have done so every night since "I can see a boy. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he's dressed in a totally fake cowboy costume. He's talking to a man who looks like you, but he's wearing a Yellow shirt that has dark green squiggles all over it and some sort of strange straw-like hat." she grinned, and that's when I realised she was talking about me and Marty!

Eventually she had fallen sound asleep. She looked so sweet and harmless, just curled up like that. But I knew she's not to be messed with, she's one tough cookie, especially for a girl her age. As I gently put some blankets on Maria, to keep her warm, I watched Einstein and Kumi snuggle up to each other and fall asleep. Then two were the strangest animals I had seen, a big cat (a Lynx to be exact) and a dog, both the same size but completely different and there the best of friends. Now there's something you don't see every day.

Were all needed our big sleep, we were going to have a big day the next day. But little did I know that all hell was about to brake loose.

This is my first go at a Back To The Future fanfic so pleas tell me what you think.