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The aftermath

Zoro woke after a quick nap on the deck of the Thousand Sunny, glancing around it would appear that everyone had calmed down after the mornings hectic events. Just to be sure though he thought he better take a quick look around.

Rising slowly to his feet he popped his back and neck before heading off towards the kitchen. Before he entered however the sound of pans, glasses and tempers breaking erupting from the small room. Erm perhaps he'd check on the cook later he thought. Before he could turn to escape however, a long nosed blur sped at break-neck speed from the confines of the kitchen- several knives following not far behind!

'Ouf!' The sharpshooter and the swordsman collided in a pile of limbs.

'What the hell did you do?' the green haired man demanded.

'I may have just made a few select comments and erm … I was just telling of how I the great Captain Usopp once survived for ten whole weeks without any food at all and …'

'Usopp! You know better than to piss Sanji off, common I'm the only one who can get away with that. Just stay away from the kitchen for a while baka!'

'Roger that' And so saying he turned tail and fled.

'Baka' Zoro sighed. Continuing his rounds Zoro went to inspect the infirmary next, only to find that the door was barded.

'Common Chopper it's me,' only silence greeted these words, 'I promise Luffy is nowhere near me and I'm NOT going to eat you,' further silence. 'Do you want me to break the door down because I will you know!'

Slowly the door opened and the small doctor peered around the handle.

'Z…z…zoro!' Overcome with relief the reindeer quickly jumped forward and took up residence in his favourite 'Im soooooo scared' place – Zoro's head!

'Oi Chopper! Get off!'


'I'm not offering free piggy back rides today!'

'Baka I'm not a pig I'm a reindeer'

The swordsman sweat-dropped, 'Yes I know but that's not the point …' he began but gave up. 'You all right' he asked? A rear display of concern edging into his voice which he saved only for the fuzzy little doctor.

'I'm okay, I'm just … scared … I don't want to be eaten!'

'Don't worry you wont be'

'But I still have teeth marks in my fur!'

Zoro looked down at his own Luffy bite mark on his hand made from when he'd tried to separate the two.


'MEEEAAAATTTTTTTT' Luffy dove screaming on the ship's doctor as the little reindeer ran tears streaming down his face in abject terror.

The cook and the swordsman leapt into action pulling the two apart as Luffy managed to stretch his arm around the table plucking Chopper from his hiding place behind Robin and was now attempting to eat him.

'Luffy no!'

Finally securing his grasp on the rubber boy, the swordsman tried to lecture him, waving his hand as he did so, as he'd seen Nami do many times before (and that always seemed to work for her!)

'We don't eat crew members okay, we do not eat …'

This attempt at non violent jurisdiction was cut short however as Luffy bit down on the outstretched palm.


-End flashback-

'Well look, Brook's been down with Luffy for the past hour playing him so music and he's bound to have calmed down by now so you just go back in your room and rest, kay?'

After removing the tearful Chopper from his shoulder the swordsman then headed for his final port of call, the Lower decks and Franky's workshop.

'Oi Franky!' Zoro was greeted by the back of the Speedo wearing mechanic painting what looked like large red and brown splodges on the back wall of the ship.

'Erm Franky …. What are those?'

'Its meat can't you tell. I thought that if Captain-san looks at some pictures of meat it might subdue him. Pretty SUUUPPPPAAAAA idea don't you think?'

'Errrr yeah sure, why not. Where is Luffy by the way.'

The blue haired carpenter suddenly donned a grave expression on his face.

'It's not good I'm afraid, he's still … in there.'

Franky indicated towards a hastily (and yet beautifully) constructed cage in the corner of the room. Hesitantly Zoro made his way over to it and peered inside.

Crouched in the corner was Luffy, eyes wide, teeth chattering, rocking backwards and forwards slowly, clutching boshi firmly in both hands and muttering under his breath 'Meat, meat, meat, no meant, where's the meat? Why no meat?'

One day, thought Zoro with a slight smirk, this mad-eyed, salivating man is going to be the next Pirate King. And I for one am going to make sure to remind his 'royal highness' (and whoever the poor baka is that he defeats to obtain the title) of this behaviour when that day comes!

Sufficed to say Luffy was eventually let out of the cage and kept subdued by Zoro giving up half his supply of Grog witch the Juice drinker found highly intoxicating and therefore spent most of the two weeks in a comatose state until they docked at the next island and bought at least 10 tons of meat to keep him happy! Oh and Chopper also eventually recovered several therapy sessions later!

The End