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I know this plot is overly used, ect. But hopefully I made this story original enough for you excellent readers.

This is a rework. I had some small problems and with the help of one author, I reposted this story.

Here it goes.


Eyes of an Angel

You should have heard her scream as it pierced through the air. It could be heard through out the whole tower, breaking the hearts of the ones there to listen. A true scream of terror. Her high pitched scream vibrated the people's hearts, burning the horrific sound into their minds.

You should have seen her fight until the very end. Never giving up, and never giving in. Even though she stood no chance, she fought with the same determination and energy even when she breathed her last breath. She did not back down, even when the final, deadly blow hit her chest.

You should have felt the tension in the air as the two were fighting. One big, one small. The tension was thick, you could almost taste it. Almost feel as though you were the one in the fight.

You should have seen her eyes as she laid there in her lover's arms. So clear and so bright. When he looked into her eyes, he could see himself reflected in her green orbs. They were wet with tears. The end was coming near.

You should have felt what Robin felt as she brought her hand to his face. He brought his head down to kiss her chilling lips, fearing that he was too late. Never wanting to pull away, he rested his head in the nook of her neck and cried away his pain.

You should have seen her eyes as they started to dim into death. You should have heard her dying breath as she said her final words. I love you all so much.

Her body went limp and breath became no more. Everybody watched in fear and shock. Were their minds playing tricks on them? Or was what they were seeing truly, really real?

Even Robin looked up to see this glorious scene. A white light floated from her body came into view. The white ghost of light floated in the air, two feet above the body. Everyone could have swore they seen her face. Her brilliant eyes twinkled and she looked unharmed. But with a blink of an eye the angel like image disappeared and their Star was gone.